Blue Valentine: Haiku for You

Lexie and I had Brother-Sister Double Feature Movie Night last weekend, and we watched Blue Valentine. Afterwards I fell into a deep depression fueled by the squandered promise of love and too much Ben and Jerry’s Bonnaroo Blur. Hoping to make myself feel better, I suggested we make a list of all the couples we knew who’ve been happily married for awhile. This was actually a bad idea, because we only came up with two (our parents and Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson), and one of those couples we don’t even know. I mean, can you ever really know your parents?

If you’re interested in Blue Valentine, you’ve seen it by now, so I’ll spare you my Deep Thoughts. Accept this haiku instead.

This film was too real.
I thought I would cry. Instead
I just died inside.

I learned a lesson
About not getting married
to guys you don’t know.

Also don’t have sex
with Bobby Ontario.
That’s a stupid name.

Oh, Ryan Gosling.
Receding hairline still looks
pretty good, you know?

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