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Little Women, you guys. Little Women.

Although I watch the (1994) movie at least once a year, this was the first time I’d read the book since 3rd grade. It was still great. Jo March, you are my hero! Check out the column here.

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  1. Lucy

    I adore this book! Read it and watched the movie multiple times…it’s one of my all time favourite comfort reads šŸ˜‰ I still have to read Little Men, always been curious about it. Hooray for Jo!

  2. Amy

    I have a theory that my parents named my sisters and I all after little women…here’s the explanation:My first name is Amy, my middle name is Beth, My sister’s first name is Hannah (the name of their cook), her middle name is Jo, the next sister is Meg, and the youngest sister is Abby (Abigail was the name of Louisa May Alcott’s mother).
    So yeah.


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