Lady Tip #5: Start A Blog

Seriously. Just start a blog.

I could go on all day (or, okay, for a few minutes) about the things this blog has done for my life. I started it last May when I decided to take writing seriously, and my life is now exponentially better. I’m not saying that’s all because I started a blog–I made a lot of other changes at that point, too–but the blog was a jumping off point. Here are the main reasons I think you should start one:

1. Practice makes not-perfect-but-at-least-a-little-better.
If you’re writing everyday or every week, you’re going to get better. I’d recommend establishing some sort of blog schedule for this reason, and sticking to it. I used to be very rigid about having something up every day. I’m a little looser about it now, but that’s mainly because now I have other writing to do. If you want to become a better writer, the only way to really do it is to write. Probably, I don’t know, I’m not a writing teacher. Guys, don’t take any advice from me! Here’s more advice.

2. Internet friends!

Sometimes people leave me nice comments. Sometimes people send me nice e-mails. I love, love, love this. There is no better feeling in the world than when someone says your writing was funny/touching/entertaining/whatever. And most of the time these people will be interesting, and they will have funny blog, and now you have an internet friend!

3. Ready-made portfolio.
If I ever need a writing sample, I have a whole year’s worth of blog posts. Okay, so I might not ever use my story about Lenny Kravitz or that weird fan fiction I wrote about being married to Gordo (for your sake, I’m not linking to either of those. I never said I was a normal person, okay?), but there are lots of posts I’ve reused for other things.

4. Sense of Purpose.
Listen, I’ve had a few “down days” over the past year, and you know what? I could always say, “Well at least I have the blog,” which might sound depressing. But it’s better than, “And I don’t even have a blog!”

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7 Responses to “Lady Tip #5: Start A Blog”

  1. Fiona @ lifelyricslemoncake

    Yay, all great reasons. I love my blog, too. I try to keep it positive even when I’m feeling negative. I still haven’t sorted out a schedule yet, which I really should. And I’m looking forward to making more internet friends.

  2. abilancini

    You are seriously full of good advice, lady. I think I might have to give this blog thing a fullstop try. Also! I think I owe you some snail mail? Or do you owe me? I’m not sure! Either way, mail is owed! :)

    • heykerryann

      PLEASE start a blog. Although then you will have to contend with my constant demands for updates (Lauren knows all about this).
      Yes! Mail! I am already a negligent penpal and I have barely even started yet…let’s say you send the first one, and then hopefully that will get my rear in gear.


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