The Gilmore Girls Finale Was the Worst Finale Ever: A Reflection

When the series finale of Gilmore Girls originally aired, I was prepared to cry. I was ready for an emotional outburst and I had my metaphorical box of tissues at the ready (but not a literal box of tissues, because who am I, your grandma?). As I’ve mentioned time and time again, I react very viscerally to my entertainment and I don’t like to reign in my feelings. So when Alex* and I sat down on the couch in our parents’ basement to watch the very last episode of GG ever, I knew I’d feel things.

But you know what? I didn’t. I didn’t cry. I didn’t do anything. When it was over, I just said, “That’s it? That’s it?”

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to give it another shot. Perhaps I’d judged it harshly. Perhaps time had been kind to it. I don’t enjoy being what the kids call a “hater,” so I went into this experience with a generosity of spirit heretofore only seen in Mother Teresa.

And guess what? IT STILL SUCKS.

If you aren’t up on your Gilmore Girls trivia, you should know that the show’s creators/head writers/visioneers Daniel Palladino and Amy Sherman-Palladino (she of the big hats) left in the final season because of contract disputes. So the last season was overseen by someone who, from what I can tell, had no idea why the show was so good in the first place. In my opinion, there are three reasons why Gilmore Girls was a truly great television show:

1. Witty, fast paced dialogue: The quick-talking is something people often made fun of, but it kind of made the show. But they weren’t just talking quickly; they were making jokes quickly. Gilmore Girls was laugh-out-loud funny at times. Watch any episode from seasons 1-6 and see what I mean. Lots of pop culture references that typically didn’t feel gratuitious, lots of wordplay, lots of silliness.

2. The drama: There was the family tension (Loralei vs. Emily, Loralei vs. Rory), but the real excitement was in the romance! Luke and Loralei are one of my favorite TV couples (in their pre-April years), and while most of Rory’s boyfriends sucked, they were at least always interesting. Especially when she started sleeping with them.

3. The warm fuzzies: Just watch the intro. No, seriously, watch it. Those sepia tones! Those hugs! That Carole King song (oh, oh, OH!). I watch Gilmore Girls all the time, no matter what mood I’m in, but I really need it when I’m at my worst. Just seeing Stars Hollow is like sinking into a warm bed, covered in blankets, completely comforted. I literally don’t know if what I’m saying makes any sense, but when I see the twinkle lights in the town or that last shot of Loralei and Rory in Luke’s diner, I can feel what I’m trying to say. Something about Gilmore Girls actually makes me feel like we are not all destined to die alone.

Take away any one of those three elements and you wouldn’t have the same show. AND YET! That’s exactly what whoever was writing the finale did. They seemed only to understand the “comfort” aspect of Gilmore Girls, and even that they didn’t really grasp. The finale resolved every single plot line, but it did so methodically, unrealistically, and, what’s worse, boringly (not a word, but I think we should make it one).

The biggest crime of the finale, by far, was the complete lack of jokes. Seriously, there were no jokes. I only laughed twice during the entire hour, and that was because of jokes Alex made (one involved creating an alternate version of Keiko Agena named Kelko Agena and is very hard to explain; the other was when Alex reminded me of the Gilmore Girls fanfic he read that hypothesized that Taylor secretly had a huge penis. I’m sorry for telling you about that). There were entire scenes where two actors did not move or make a single joke. “Hey, do you want to plan a party for Rory?” “Sure, I want to plan a party for Rory!” THAT WAS THE LEVEL OF DIALOGUE I’M TALKING, HERE.

So, if the episode was entirely plot centered, at least it was a good plot, right? No. No it was not. It was a terrible, unrealistic, unsatisfying plot. Listen, in general, I don’t think television writers “owe” anything to the people who watch the show. David Lynch didn’t need to tell viewers who killed Laura Palmer at the end of the first season, you know? But when a show’s been on the air for 7 seasons, I would appreciate conclusions that didn’t feel like they were written immediately before they were shot. I would appreciate feeling like the writers had a modicum of respect for the viewers.

Here are the worst parts of this terrible episode:

1. Rory meets Christiane Amanpour?

Why did this need to happen? It didn’t need to happen. You know what ELSE didn’t need to happen…?

2. Rory gets a job on Barack Obama’s campaign bus?
Like, what? This seemed so out of place.

3. The party. Just…ugh.
So the people of Stars Hollow decide to have a going away party for Rory. That’s a nice idea, I guess. But I don’t need to see them procure the vegetables or set up the tables for the party, because that’s hella boring. Also, Luke’s solution when it starts to rain is to collect all the tents and tarps in the town and then sew them together to create one giant rain guard. Seriously? First off, I hope you guys didn’t want your tents back, because Luke Danes just ripped them apart to create a very inefficient tarp. Secondly, this would not work. Unless he’s using a machine (which he is not), those stitches are going to be pretty far apart, which means they’re going to be letting in ALL THE RAIN. ALL OF IT! The lack of logic here actually makes me angry.

4. Everybody loves everybody.
“They’re tying up these plot lines as clumsily as Luke Danes sewed together those tents,” I told Alex. Everyone told (not showed) each other how they felt in a very clear, boring manner. “I don’t know what it’s like to have a sister, but I feel like I do, you know?” Rory asks Lane. “I would rather these relationships had no resolution than see this scene,” Alex said.

5. Lane.
Still pissed Lane has babies. I’m not getting over that one.

6. Rory is so whatevs about Logan.
So in the second to last episode, Logan proposes to Rory after graduation. Marry me, we can get an avocado tree, blah blah blah. She says no so he breaks up with her. You’d think she’d be the slightest bit emotional about the end of her years-long relationship. So how does she express this in the last episode? “It comes in waves. Big ones. Close together,” she says about her grief. And then she leaves it at that. I call bullshit on this, Rory Gilmore! No one acts like that in a breakup.

7. The Travesty of Luke and Loralei.
Okay, this is by far the worst transgression. The big conclusion that (presumably) everyone was waiting for consists of Luke saying, “I just…wanted to see you happy.” And then they kiss while “Inside Out” by the Mighty Lemon Drops plays. That is the worst. That is not what you wait 7 seasons to see.

After we watched this, Alex asked me if I wanted to rewrite the finale. I said he couldn’t write about Taylor’s penis and he said never mind.

So…what about you guys? Did you hate this shitshow of an episode as much as I did? I am just assuming you’re all extremely invested in Gilmore Girls. If you aren’t, then I’m sorry. Sorry for you.

*If you don’t watch CW dramedies with your brother, then I pity you.

79 Responses to “The Gilmore Girls Finale Was the Worst Finale Ever: A Reflection”

  1. Lucy

    I wholeheartedly agree…actually it was kind of heartbreaking to see a show that I loved so much fall apart and turn into everything that I didn’t like instead – so mega disappointing and frustrating!!! And it wasn’t just the finale but the final season in general…and even before that. The first three seasons were amazing, I really wish things hadn’t gone downhill from there.

    Back to the good stuff – I know exactly what you mean about the intro. I sometimes felt really homesick and lonely this past year in Korea and the intro alone made the world all better again šŸ˜‰

    I really wish Laine could have stayed together with Dave (and no superfluous babies…or any babies in general).

    • heykerryann

      Yeah, there are so many weird plot lines in the later season that I just thought were boring. Like, the Loralei/Rory estrangement and the April thing were interesting at first but they both dragged on for SO. LONG. But will I still rewatch them? Yes, of course.

  2. Jayne

    Preach it, sister! Just last week I put my Girlmore Girls DVD on. The remainder of my summer is going to be consumed by that show and I don’t even care. The warm bed/blanket feeling you described-100% accurate. I love Stars Hollow and I love the feeling that town gives me. The series finale was shit. I mean, at the time I thought it was cool Rory was going on a campaign bus for Obama, but now I’m like “wtf?” The show certainly lost it’s charm in the final season. Every episode had to RESOLVE something. I would have been fine *hoping* Rory would get a writing gig; I would have been fine *hoping* Lorelai continues her dinners with Richard and Emily. As for the kiss… I needed that. I needed to know they were getting back together. As for Taylor’s penis…thank you.

    • Marissa

      Just finished rewatching for the third and I think final time. Simply because I loved the show so much I don’t think I can watch it again. Each time I get more passionately angry about how it ended—and that it ended it all, it should totally just never end, amirite?—so I’m going to try to hold on to the good parts that I can still remember so clearly. I’ve always felt that this show paralleled my life in so many ways and taught me so many things and for that I am grateful. I’m going to miss that warm bed feeling, which is most definitely the best way to describe it. Yes, Season 7 was wack. Rory and Logan ending was so abrupt and unemotional it was almost like it didn’t even happen. I think Rory ending up with Jess somehow would have been a bit far-fetched so I’m fine with her ending as a single woman, but please give her a better job!! Rory on Obama’s campaign bus?!? Come on. And overemotional Richard at the goodbye party…not sure why that was necessary at all with Lorelai not going anywhere…If anyone was going to say something nice to her it should have finally been Emily! I also agree that the tent thing was totally unrealistic and whatever but it was Luke’s gesture and we all know he had to do something to rekindle the fire with Lorelai. I don’t know what I would have done if the show ended without them reconciling. Despite Season 7 sucking, though, I cried in the finale. How could I not? Listening to everyone saying goodbye to each other felt like they were literally saying goodbye to me, telling me that it’s over, to move on. Well, GG, I’m going to try—but you made it awfully difficult!

  3. L. E. M.

    After waiting many long years to finally get the balls to watch the final season (because, of course, I didn’t want it to end), I recently did and was so incredibly pissed that I just sat there, staring at the TV, waiting for some after-credits blip like they do at the end of super hero movies. Is there more? No. Is there anything that will EVER make this ending better? No. Will they get together for a spin-off mini series that will relieve our head and heartaches? Nope.

    1. Luke and Lorelai
    Despite being overjoyed when they kissed, Luke and Lorelai getting back together is so simple. It didn’t resolve a thing. They’d split up and gotten back together enough to make it clear–at least from a writer’s perspective–that something more needed to happen. Luke couldn’t get his crap together and marry Lorelai… his surprise shouldn’t have been for Rory, it should have been a proposal, on one knee (the one we never got to see), and a date for the wedding.

    2. Rory (and Logan)
    So the description of this episode states that Rory lands her dream job. False. Since they felt the need to put Amanpour in there, why not stick with the idea of Rory getting a REAL job in NY as she wanted, with a little help from Christiane?
    But if we stick with the idea that she’s leaving for this Obama job, why not this: She gets on the bus–teary-eyed–looks out the window at Lorelai, both of whom can’t break focus, and then hears, “Is this seat taken?” from LOGAN! Hello! Wouldn’t that make everyone feel better? Since when was Logan the all or nothing type? And who can believe that Rory not accepting his hand in marriage would drive him to break up with her immediately? He loves her SOOOO much he wants to marry her, but she’s not ready, so he doesn’t stay with her? That makes sense.

    3. Lane
    When all is said and done, Lane’s existence is sort of so-so. She’s happily married and has two babies, but… She tries her whole life to be herself, hides her dreams from her mother, takes risks and falls deeply in love with music… and then gets pregnant and can’t tour? She has finally gets what she’s always wanted and then we’re left with this feeling of wanting to be happy for her, but knowing that her character was in some ways pointless as all that she worked for is erased in one night of awful honeymoon coitus. I would have at least made reference to a label taking interest in Hep Alien or Mrs. Kim pushing Lane to continue on with her dreams. “I’ll watch the boys, Lane. YOU PLAY MUSIC AND MAKE HIT SONG!”

    The final season was so irritating in so many ways. Liz and T.J… ugh; the lack of humor; the awkward we-know-this-dialogue-sucks moments between Rory and Lorelai; the insanity of Stars Hollow going beyond quirky and bordering on WTF; lack of emotion from Rory; lack of emotion from Lorelai; April existing; Jess appearing for no reason whatsoever; Luke selling the boat; Sookie getting pregnant again (why?); Michele being more of an ass than ever; strange shots of people that made it look like a soap opera (beginning of Rory’s going away party?); less banter, more filler; Paul Anka; Emily never getting over herself and showing actual love for Lorelai; AND my biggest gripe: people rarely or never using the L word.

    There is more I can say, I know, but it’s too irritating to wait for more to come to light in my mind. R. I. P. Gilmore Girls, I hope your murderers know they committed such a heinous crime.

    • Kirsten

      YES! YES! YES! All of that. Especially the part about the L word. I haven’t heard anyone mention that before, but I totally agree. Drove me crazy that they’d always end phone conversations without saying it. It just doesn’t seem right to me.

      • Corinne Smith

        I know! I am on episode 12 of season 7 right now bc ive been rewatching on netflix the last few weeks and i can honestly say with certainty, i can remember no more than 4 times where any phone conversation between all characters, ended with an ‘i love you’
        The last phone call that ended with an i love u before the episode im on now, was when rory and her friends, lucy and that other chick, go back to logans apartment after the art show, and they r drunk, rory says i love u to logan. That was like 8 episodes ago! How pathetic!

        • Kirsten Reeder

          Ha-ha, I know, right!? It’s seriously weird. Hopefully that will be fixed in the reboot : )

    • Corinne Smith

      You said there wont be a mini series to relieve our heartbreak… But as im sure you know by now, netflix is filming the 4 episode revival right now! So excited. And Amy Sherman-Palladino is writing it so it will be sure to fix everything that was wrong with the series finale, as well as the entire last season! Yay!

  4. Jorda

    You’re so right. If any fake tv place should have had a Happily Ever After, it was Stars Hollow. But no. That finale was more of an I-don’t-know-you-anymore break up.

  5. Jamie

    You just made my day. I couldn’t agree more. Season 7 was a fluke, no break-up is like that. Especially when it’s such a long and happy relationship. Rory had stated that she was extremely happy with him. Where did those feelings go? And the finale was a complete upset. I expected a more heart-felt episode than what was delivered. The last scene hurt me most. 7 seasons and that’s all we got. Well, up theirs for that one.

  6. chisom

    I totally agree with you all, after watching the finale I was so shocked, personally I would have loved to see rory end up with jess but even logan would av worked just not empty handed…..*bleh* finale. Sad that it’s over though *crying*

  7. sarah

    Totally agree. I was outraged. There are sooo many other better ways to end that. Its sad really

  8. Suzanne

    I agree 100%. I was just watching a rerun of the 2nd to last episode (when Logan proposes) and remembering how completely unsatisfying the series finale was prompted me to Google it and see who else felt that way. It is gratifying to see that others have commented here over the past years – shows that the annoyance has not abated with time. We loyal fans deserve a follow up movie special that rights the wrongs of the finale – perhaps even the season. I’d be willing to accept the lame and unbelievable gimmick of “it was all a dream” – Rory wakes up and she’s happily married to Logan (with babies) and Lane is a rock star (without babies) and Lorelei finally got that she is a complete train wreck in all her relationships (and that it is her issues, not theirs that cause the problems) and got therapy or an epiphany and is on track. (And btw, in Parenthood her character is exactly the same as it was as Lorelei and she is making all the same mistakes).

  9. Rona

    I can’t believe I’m watching another replaying of the entire Gilmore Girls show. As a single mother of a beautiful daughter, I watched the show when it first came on, and strived to have a relationship similar to Lorelie and Rory. Every time I watch the last few episodes, I hope by some “magic”, that they would be different. If only the fans could have written a new conclusion, I think Rory would have ended up with Jess, and Luke would have begged for Lorelie’s hand. Why on earth did they have Christopher and LG marry and then quickly dissolve the marriage, which no true fan wanted to occur anyway. I really enjoyed reading all the comments from other fans. I guess I should disclose that I’m 65, and my terrific daughter will turn 34 next month!

    • Heath

      GLAD YOU MENTIONED THE MARRIAGE I was so disappointed by the marriage I almost quit watching. As I watched the proposal scene I thought this strong beautiful woman would never marry this weak spineless loser. I will never understand, or be able to comprehend how the writers of the show put this in. I found this to be so disappointing, I almost quit watching. I argued with myself about allowing a television program to effect me this way but that is how much I enjoyed this program. Lor was always strong, independent, and it was like Chris pushed her into marrying him. She undoubtedly wasn’t over Luke, was still very much in love with Luke. She didn’t let people push her around, she was head strong, she was a self made person. The writers took everything I had come to respect about this character and squashed it in a matter of seconds. I am not a writer and don’t want to begin criticizing this writer. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to follow up behind someone who had written a wonderful show for so many years. The real truth to it is, I don’t think season 7 was intended to be the final season. It would appear to me the decision to end was tossed around throughout season 7. When the final nail was struck there was no way to end all that was going on in the life of Stars Hollow. The real travesty here was the original writer walking out. Unfortunately the entertainment world is fueled by money. Many writers write because it pays the bills, others write for the prestige, unfortunately there are far to little who write for the passion of writing. In the case of the Gilmore Girls, who knows. I can only imagine the writer was not a passionate writer, the writing was fueled by money or prestige. A passionate writer would not have walked out and allowed what was a masterpiece to be destroyed by incompetence. Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not saying the final writers were incompetent, the whole production became incompetent.

      I would also encourage others who were so disappointed such as I, be a little more understanding of the final writing. The production was poisoned somewhere along the way and the final writers may have been a blessing.

      The entertainment community is much like the sports community today. Writers don’t write for passion, football players don’t play because they like the game, and race car drivers don’t race because they like to drive fast. They do it for the same reasons you and I do our jobs.

      As for the Girls and Stars Hollow, yes a spin-off would be great, with a great writer of course. However the big question is, the most important question is, would it be profitable?

    • Allie

      That’s what fanfiction is for. After finishing Gilmore Girls on Netflix and feeling like someone just murdered my soul… I am forever grateful to talented devoted fans who know how to give Luke and Loralei the ending they deserve.

  10. amber

    Let me say this: The finale * was * kind of thrown together, because , if i remember correctly, the writers found out late in the process that it would be the series finale.
    That being said, when ASP left the show, the writing took a nosedive; the punch was gone; the humor was gone; the heart was squished. The whole Christopher marrying Lorelai thing? Total waste. April as a shield for Luke from Lorelai? C’mon. They were totally fine before then.
    Logan and Rory breaking up should have caused big sobs. Nothing. C’mon. The love rocket? Nothing? Really? Sheesh.

    We got resolution. We — and the characters — deserved better, regardless.

  11. Ryan

    The ending should of been roru and jess end up together he is the reason why she went back to Yale. And Lorelai always was meant to be with Luke. The ending should of been a wedding and she’s having a baby. And there is a moment with her and her parents. And Emily and her finally have a heart to heart moment at her wedding.

  12. Tracy

    I am SO glad I found this article! I couldn’t agree more, the finale was by far the biggest TV let down I’ve ever had to endure. I hate the way everything wrapped up, I hated that poor Lane ended up stuck at home with her drums in the wardrobe, I HATED the Logan thing! Seriously, there needed to be something in there that gave us at least a glimmer of hope. AGH! So disappointing.


    I am a very strong supporter and fan of THE GILMORE GIRLS. Yes, the FINALE did not tie up all loose ends happily. To a large degree this is the reality of the Gilmore clan and associates. No wedding for Lorelai and Luke is probably the way their relationship would play out, anyway. They never were capable of actually tying the knot. ‘ The only defense I have for Christaine Amanpour is maybe she was In town that week. I have to admit, Rory joining the Obama tour is pretty much of a stretch. Rory breaking up with Logan may be good for her in the long run so she can get settled in a writing career. Lane’s mother was so protective of her sexually, it’s no wonder Lane didn’t know how to keep from becoming pregnant the first night of her marriage.. Poor Richard and Emily epitomize money doesn’t make happiness!!!
    I feel there were no jokes because in reality, in the last episode in the GILMORE FAMILY, not a whole lot is funny. I still love the show, but the reality is the Gilmores are pretty dysfunctional.

  14. Pat

    It’s great that a lot of people feel the same way as I do. I just finished watching the series finale. I really hoped that it would get better if I watched it again but the truth is: it keeps getting worse everytime I see it. It just feels so wrong. Gilmore Girls used to be so heart-warming in the early seasons, and everything of the magic got lost during the last two seasons.
    When I watched the final season for the first time, I didn’t know that ASP had left the show. And after watching a few episodes I just felt that there was something different, that something was missing. It was the heart of the whole series that was just gone. I remember an episode in the 7th season when Lorelai’s car broke down and she needed a new one but she couldn’t find a new one. Luke showed her the new model of her Jeep but even if the car looked the same on the outside, she noticed that it was different on the inside. It just didn’t felt right for her because she knew that it was not the same car.
    I think this was a great metaphore for the series. On first sight the last season may have still looked the same, but when you looked closer it was totally different because all the memories were missing.

  15. Miranda

    I just finished re-watching the series and I totally agree!! I was very disappointing and wished I didn’t watch it and instead imagined a different ending. I really wanted Rory to end up with Jess as well (a few others commented on that). I agree with Suzanne – we need a movie to right-all-the-wrongs from Season 7 to satisfy us loyal fans!

  16. Laura

    I would probably agree with everything you said if I had actually gotten to the end of the show. Sadly, I became disillusioned with GG when Roy decided it was OK to sleep with a very married Deab. This just bothered me beyond belief and I couldn’t continue with the show. Not to say people can’t change or don’t make mistakes but this was incredibly out of character. I always think back to the episode where Jess had tried to sleep with Rory during a party and she had acted as though he had committed some great offense. But then, she not only sleeps with Dean in her bed she tries to justify it by stating that he had been her boyfriend first. That was a complete WTF moment. I’m going to stop before this rant gets out of control and simply state that I had loved the GG. Too bad the writers couldn’t keep its essence all the way to the end.

  17. davina

    I loved…adored….lived to watch GG… and to see it massacred like that at the end…yes…truly sucked…sucked the life out of me…
    Then AS-P had the Bunheads… and life was redeemed… then it was cancelled…and life as know it thru tv is now at the ultimate standstill. The more reality tv that seeps into the airwaves, the dumber I feel myself getting.
    Good thing I have GG dvds to keep me on my toes. And prevent more brain rot.

  18. Krista C

    “Just seeing Stars Hollow is like sinking into a warm bed, covered in blankets, completely comforted.”

    Yes, yes, YES! It’s like coming home!

  19. Aleha

    I’ve rewatched the series about 5 times now and even though it’s been a few years since the show ended, I still feel so incomplete. But to clear up why Christiane is in the episode. If you recall in season 1×2, Rory tells her headmaster that she wants to be a journalist like Christiane Amanpour. Maybe if they had had put that small clip in the “previously on Gilmore Girls” it would have been more clear.

  20. Duderina27

    I agree. In fact, I wasn’t enthused about Season Seven as a whole. I really dislike what they did to Lane. What they did to Sooki wasn’t much better. Soooo many babies were born on Gilmore Girls, yet not one single mention of abortion…..not even as a possibility to consider. Typical American tv show, but taken to an extreme level. In fact, even though the show is supposed to be about strong female characters, there is so much misogyny, it hurts sometimes. Lane had a miserable upbringing. She never got to go to college. She worked for what one can only assume must have been minimum wage for four years, as a diner waitress even 8 months pregnant on her feet all day, shared an apartment with two slobby guys, picking up after them. She got no enjoyment from physical relations with her husband and got pregnant the first time. Then if all that isn’t bad enough, she has to have twins, and doesn’t get to go on tour but stays home to take care of the babies, while her dumb husband goes off to have fun. One of the last lines she says gives us the impression that she is good with sacrificing her whole life for her babies and husband. So wrong! and frankly unrealistic. All the good things happen to Rory. I think the writers were downright mean-spirited when creating Lane’s life. I won’t even go into what I think about what Jackson did to Sooki. But there again, misogynistic and unrealistic. I hated season seven the first time around. And after watching the show again on Netflix, I hate it even more. And I am a fan of the show, overall, which makes it so disappointing.

    • Kitten Diotima

      I know this comment is a hundred years old, but you are so right about some of the hidden misogyny in this show. What happened to Lane was awful, just awful, and the fact that no one EVER considers abortion on America TV shows just how much the Christian Right in this country control what we watch on television, and they partially do this by claiming TV is liberal. Ha! There was no reason for Sookie to have so many babies as far as plot goes, it made no sense to write this into the show, other than to underline that women are created to make babies apparently, because it doesn’t effect the show’s overall plot very much, and Jackson was totally overbearing by the end, i couldn’t stand him sometimes. But, back to Lane, you are just so right about how tortured that character was – and how on earth did these writers think that ANYONE wanted to see Lane pregnant instead of out playing music following her dreams? Why would we want to see this character, whose spirit had been crushed by her puritanical mother, be further crushed by life itself. It’s easy to make excuses for how Lane didn’t know anything about sex or contraception – but her best friend and “sister” Rory was sexually active, and it was made clear from the first season that Lane lived vicariously thru Rory. There is no way that Lane didn’t grill Rory about sex the way that she grilled Rory about kissing Dean in the market. Especially when Lane got to a point in her life when *she* was about to have sex. And really, her good-for-nothing husband doesn’t know how to use a condom either, seriously? But, whatever…there’s just no excusing writers doing this kinda thing to a character on a dramedy. This isn’t supposed to be a tragic television show where people come to terrible ends, it’s supposed to have a feel-good ending, not a feel-so-wretched-for-this-poor-girl-i-could-die ending. This comes back to your misogyny comment also, in all likelihood, the writers didn’t think Lane’s life was an unbearable tragedy the way we do, the way anyone who thinks women are people, rather than baby making, cleaning, cooking, laundering machines who are all perfectly happy helping their men to be great while they do stay home and do all the work. Personally, i couldn’t strike the keys on my computer to write such a horrible ending for Lane, my fingers would refuse to work – but the men who wrote the final episodes, mostly David S. Rosenthal, probably thought this was a perfectly fine ending for Lane. She will be perfectly happy becoming…her mother – which she out and out says she will do. Yech, blech, bark, yuck.

  21. Amanda K.

    110% agree. This episode and a majority of season 7 was a huge and total disappointment. So boring. I’ve been waiting for Luke and Loralei to get back together since the first split and it ends with a kiss in the freaking rain and then thats it. Nothing more just okay it’s all better. And Logan and Rory are just done? She doesn’t even care? Really? Such a disappointment.

  22. James

    My girlfriend LOVES Gilmore girls. With it recently being released on Netflix, and having only one TV in the apartment, I sat for hours (whether I liked it or not) watching all the episodes. That being said, though it is not my kind of show exactly, I certainly enjoyed most of it. Having seen nearly every episode of the show, the last season was markedly different, and altogether unsatisfying. It feels as though the writers, actors and the characters they play all knew it was coming to and end and just solved all the plotlines as quickly and blandly as possible. For true fans of this show that spent months and years watching this show in it’s original run, I can see where the anger and disappointment comes from. One gets the feeling that they’ve been had, somewhat. It took seasons to get to know these characters, to watch them grow. And the final few episodes just end everything, resolving one story arc after another with a “so-and-so got (or didn’t end up) with so-and-so and that’s the end, so there you go.” Wham, bam, thanks for seven years. Goodnight everybody. The whole thing seemed hurried, contrived. Logan and Rory; spending several seasons in a relationship, ups and downs and all around, just to have a “You won’t marry me? K, bye.” And Rory’s character, knowing she has only one episode left, doesn’t even seemed phased, is like “K, bye.” Luke and Lorelai, same deal. Again, we spent seasons watching these characters navigate the paths of life and relationships, fight, make up, fight again, miss each other, etc. but in the end nothing gets RESOLVED, which cheapens the journey and all those seasons that came before it. The fans are left feeling…empty.

  23. lea

    I think Rory ending up alone really was great, she’s focusing on her career instead of getting engaged at 22. yes, I would have liked her with Logan or Jess, but I think it kind of sets a good example to go after your dream. That’s all Rory was working towards the whole series. Lorilei was more focused on love and finding her partner.

    That being said, I’m not happy with the last season at all. Rory just showing no feeling for the loss of her three year relationship is unrealistic. And Lorilei and Christopher getting married, was a horrible plot. It really reflects poorly on Lorileis character, not being able to make a decision.

    Rory going on the campaign trail is awesome, but for an online paper!? I’m sure Chilton and Yale weren’t necessary for that job, making the whole thing LAME.

    • Carolina

      Totally agree about Rory’s lame job. Seriously, being a Yale grad with the red of having been editor-in-cheif of the YDN, she could have landed a way better gig. I mean she was offered the staff writing job from the Providence newspaper, and I’m certain another paper would have given her a similar offer. (ahem, like a paper in SanFran, cough!)

  24. Rachel

    I’m so glad to find this post and read how many of you are out there, just as disappointed as me! I just finished watching all 7 seasons on Netflix, for the first time. I fell in love with the characters, dialogue style (quick, joking banter), Stars Hollow, the storyline….all that going into season 7, I was sad that I knew it was going to end, for good! But I was hopeful that they would all end up happily ever after! And I nearly screamed (excited) when Logan asked Lorelei for Rory’s hand! I personally liked them the best, he treated her the best and pursued her. The proposal was a letdown (writing could’ve been WAY better!) and after 3 years of Logan and Rory working through so much, overcoming family drama (his rich family issues and jerk father, for example), he wouldn’t just let her walk away! He would’ve compromised, they would’ve figured something out….left us with hope! After she said no, I was done with season 7. It was so frustrating to even finish watching!! And the whole finale, please. No emotion!!?? Rory was not even sad about Logan! That isn’t even realistic! And the random job offer to rush off and work on Obama’s campaign? Please. Lame and barely believable. I wish they would’ve given her the Fellowship or another offer…something that she had applied for.

    Anyway, I feel way better now, more vindicated (haha!) that others share my disappointment of such a huge letdown of a finale, after so many seasons of building up to it!

    It’s interesting (as another commenter posted), that Lauren Graham plays a very similar role on Parenthood, of the struggling-to-find-and-keep-love single mother who keeps making the same mistakes over again.

    I also noticed that she is listed as a producer in the last season of GG, at least in some of the episodes! I wonder if that was a new change near the end or if she was doing it all along?? I didn’t go back to re-watch the earlier seasons to find out.

  25. Mishaal

    I completely agree with you (even though Im 2 years late at reading this) I just re watched the whole thing and I’m so upset. Luke should have proposed. Rory and Logan should have gotten engaged and maybe decided to get married in a year. I mean they could have done one last fast forward episode showing luke and loralie getting married. Where Logan and Rory reconcile and Logan is getting a stable job in new york and Rory gets an opportunity to work or the times (new york v near stars hollow) Rory could visit stars hollow at least once a month… :(

  26. jacky

    I completely agree. I’m just so angry that Amy Sherman-Palladino left for the last season. I get how contracts could have gotten mixed up because of the merger of the two network channels, but whoever made the decision to let her and her husband go ended up killing the show. In season 7, I noticed a drop in pop-culture references and witty responses. It just wasn’t the same. And the entire plot development for all the other characters? TERRIBLE. Like everything was just so uncharacteristic and it felt like so out of the blue. I’m just so aggravated that the show didn’t end on better terms. And to be honest, maybe if Amy and David stayed on longer the show could have been extended to at least 9 seasons. I just can’t believe after 6 seasons of well-written plot and dialogue the show has to end like this. It just makes me so upset. Although I did find the farewell party very cute and heartfelt. Ugh. I hope there’s a movie or at least a better ending or something to fix all these terribly tied up loose ends. However, I get that a lot of the actors now are older and doing other shows but I just feel like a show this incredible needs to go out with something bigger. It deserves a tribute in which Amy Sherman-Palladino writes the plot and has a hand in directing. Sigh, sadly I don’t know if that day will ever come. For now I’ll just have to settle with watching the pilot as the ending and admiring how young they all looked just 7 seasons ago.

  27. Sarah

    First of all let me say what an accurate article that you wrote! I wholeheartedly agree with everything especially that warm blanket feel. I loved watching GG. It was my escapism from studying and long, draining days of school and work…. So when I got home I would put on GG and forget about it all. However that feeling eventually faded closer in season 7. I no longer felt that warm, happy feeling. The show started getting dull and started to drag. The season finale was by far the stupidest thing ever. Even my mom pointed out how ridiculous the idea of one man sewing all those tents and tarps together over one night really is.
    I think the Barack Obama campaign was so stupid and unnecessary as you said. Rory is actually stupid for rejecting Logan’s proposal and the thinking that he will be okay continuing a long distance relationship. It obviously doesn’t work like that. I feel that at the end of the show Lorelai Gilmore should have alreast been married or engaged instead of showing her as single.
    I feel that after watching 7 seasons of the show I don’t really know what happened with any of the characters.

  28. Monika

    I just finished watching the entire series on Netflix, and I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking the ending was lacking. Season 7 should definitely have reunited Luke and Lorelai sooner, instead of taking the whole marriage to Chris detour. I would have loved to see Luke propose, and their wedding would have made a much better finale moment (especially if it wasn’t held under a ridiculous patchwork tarp).

    As for Rory, I’m OK with her ending the show single (she’s young and starting her career). I think I would’ve been disappointed if she’d said yes to Logan. However, as others pointed out, the writers really glossed over that breakup in a totally unrealistic way. Either way, in my mind she eventually winds up with Jess in the future.

    • Judy Mayville

      I agree…I have rewatched season 7 several times…what a crappy season, left us with no closure….hated the shot of Luke and Loralia kissing because the camera pans to the top of theirs heads…wtf you cut off the greatest kiss ever…ughhh then in the diner she Loralia says Hello old friend, Luke asks what will you have and she says well gee I dont know and he smiles and says take all the time you need…well that doesnt tell us are they together???? So can’t wait for the Netflix gg revival to come out to finally have some closure…

  29. Carolina

    Oh my gosh YES to everything in this article!! I also just finished the series on Netflix yesterday and walked away SOOOOOO empty and disappointed. The entire final season was a complete and total fail.
    I wanted to punch the TV when the whole Lorelai/Christopher marriage FIASCO happened. What. The. Hell. It was so completely unrealistic and unbelievable. It went entirely against Lor’s character to agree to marry Chris and do it WITHOUT Rory. No. Just no. She would NEVER get married without Rory BY HER SIDE as her MOH. Ugh I will never get over that horrific plot fail. What should have happened when they were in Paris was that Lorelai came to her senses about how this whole thing with Chris was wrong and that she was still pining for Luke. She should have broken it off (for the umpteenth time) with Chris, ran back to Stars Hollow and given Luke the what-for. Not a freaking ultimatum (that was super unfair she did that to him), but a serious confession of her feelings – both that she loved him and that she was disappointed in him dragging his feet AND her apologies for hurting him by sleeping with Chris two seconds after he turned down her very unfair ultimatum. Everyone know Luke and Lorelai belong together, and they SO clumsily threw them together in the last moment of the last episode and that is not how it should’ve gone down. We wanted to see more struggle, more rawness, more *actual* working out of their issues and settling back into their destined relationship. And YES a real, romantic, freaking awesome proposal from Luke! Gah! *deep breath*

    Moving onto Rory. Let me just say this again. What. The. Hell. How could the writers once again so thoroughly screw up a character?? Her being so nonchalant after her breakup with Logan? Ridiculous. Outlandish. All the wallowing she did after Dean and then her obvious heartache after Jess… then following the breakup of her most deep and long-lasting relationship, she’s just… eh, mildly sad. “it comes in waves.” Give. Me. A break. Oh, and it completely goes against Logan’s character to walk away from the relationship too. He was SUCH a fighter for Rory and their relationship. He would’ve done something more, said something more…
    Personally I really wish that Rory would have accepted his proposal. I mean, I do think she would have taken him outside to discuss the pros and cons and sure, even taken a few days to mull it over. Very like her. BUT turning him down… not the right move for her character or for the show. I always saw Rory as a great combination of the two world she came from – the independent, down-to-earth, Stars Hollow Lorelai side of her, and the classy, well-established, conservative side of her grandparents. I think accepting Logan’s proposal would have been a great “marriage” if you will, of these two sides. She would have had a beautiful life with Logan, but he would always push her and support her to pursue all of her career and personal goals as well. And vice versa. They were great for each other in that way. I hate that everyone says “I’m glad she ended up single, she was too young, her career ahead of her, etc.” because it’s just such a reflection of the current cultural shift we’re struggling with – that a woman has to choose between career and family. Why CAN’T she be married AND an amazing career woman? Just because Logan’s family sucked and expected a Huntzberger to be a stay-at-home Stepford wife, doesn’t mean Logan ever did. He hated that aspect of his family and never did anything but completely support Rory in her career goals. At the time of the proposal, Rory had nothing tying her down – no job prospects at all! It was the perfect time for her to “jump” as Logan put it, and go have an amazing adventure in California. Even if she did end up landing the Obama campaign job after accepting Logan’s proposal, they still could have made it work. And when the campaign trail came to a close, she could have settled back to CA with Logan and found an awesome writing gig out there at a great paper, now that she had credentials.

    Whew. Gosh that was a load off my chest!! haha as others have stated, the final season should have been written by the fans!! lol I’m basically going to erase the whole 7th season from my mind and stick with *my* version of how it ended. :)

    • Niki


      I just finished watching the season finale fifteen minutes ago and I read through this entire board feeling the exact frustration everyone else had, even though I obviously have my own vision of how I wished it would have ended. I was going through everyone’s posts contemplating whether I should reply, but once I saw yours I knew I had to! I could not agree more with you about the rushed and clumsy ending for Luke and Lorelai, which I think most of us can agree gave us no satisfaction after such a weird season of them not confronting each other with their actual feelings.

      Now Rory and Logan is where you had me, because most of the posts I have read have been about how Rory and Jess belong together, but I completely disagree. I was completely invested in Logan and Rory’s relationship, and with all they had been through this marriage proposal was not something that could have just broken them up. I think it would have been amazing for them to either of gotten married or at least stayed together because they were truly in love! The last two and a half seasons were filled with obstacles they overcame and how they both made each other better people through their support and love for one another. And yet they ended it with Logan abruptly asking her to marry him and an even more hasty ending where he just walks away and she isn’t even the least bit heartbroken. She literally refers to him once in the season finale, with might I add the most half-baked sentiment of missing him in feelings that “go and comes in waves.”
      I did really adore the bon voyage party and seeing most of Stars Hollow and Emily and Richard, but overall I just feel like it left me incomplete, with so many questions unresolved.

    • Renee

      I am completely aware that I’m almost ten years too late to be joining the Gilmore Girls party, but after that utter disappointment of a seventh season and series finale what is a girl to do but mourn the loss of her new favorite show on an internet blog.
      Carolina, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Lorelai and Luke have always been meant for each other, and although Christopher’s frequent visits were necessary to the plot line in the earlier seasons, it was not the writers’ place to make him the reason for the failure of a perfectly good relationship. I also agree that she never should have accepted the marriage proposal from Chris and instead used that moment as a wake up call. I am hoping and praying that the revival provides the fairytale wedding we all envisioned for Luke and Lorelai, featuring Rory with her rightful beau, Logan.
      They’re also the perfect match, let’s face it. Why in the world did the writers spend all of that time on Logan when she was going to turn him down all along? They clearly had options regarding the proposal, and I agree wholeheartedly that his reaction to her declination was completely out of line with his character.
      Thanks for putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) on your thoughts, because I certainly needed to hear that I was not alone in my disapproval of the way that LoreLuke and LoRy were finalized. ASP was clearly robbed of her vision, and I am anxiously awaiting for the re-vamp (although I have nowhere near as much perseverance as you all who have been waiting nine years. Kudos to you.)

  30. Haily

    100 percent agree. I didn’t finish the final season when it was actually airing. Having been a longtime fan of the showing I was suddenly finding every episode too boring to get through and I was in college at the time so not a lot of time to waste on a show I kinda wanted to watch. ..anyway so I missed the whole last half of the final season. I have watched reruns on abc family several times and unknowingly watched the season finale. It was so very much written like an everyday episode that I never knew it was the finale. I just thought I always missed the final episodes until one day I actually google what the final episode was and realized that I had seen it…huge disappointment. I was so glad to hear that other people felt the same way I do. I didn’t know about the writers leaving but now it makes sense. I do wish they could have held it together for the last season

  31. new gg fan

    As a new fan and someone who watch all 7 seasons in a short period of time to help pass my 1st trimester nausea, I have to admit I grew attached to the characters. The last 2 episodes nearly tanked the entire series for me…but I’m working through it! Ha! The one couple who seemed to actually be a match for each other, Rory and Logan, walked away from the relationship in such a lame way. The way the characters and relationship were written for 2.5 seasons really would not have responded that way so it wasn’t great writing. Logan fought for Rory consistently and Rory was crazy about him and better for having him in her life. The relationship was written in a way that they had a ton in common, pushed each other, weren’t threatened by each others accomplishments and loved each other like crazy. AND, they were the only couple who were able to say they were sorry to each other time after time and work things out (unlike most of Loreli’s relationships).

    My take – lame writing in the end, but the rocket at the end gave me hope that they would wait for each other until the timing was right…like the next day when Rory got on the bus as someone else suggested. There would be Logan with a grand gesture and all would be right again in Stars Hollow. Cheers.

  32. Michelle

    The season finale was a let down. I was hoping Luke would propose to Lorelai and take her on that boat trip he had previously planned with April.

  33. Patty Peterson

    Wow….I recently binge watched and am at the final season…….I am pissed with every episode! Will not watch anymore:(. What a let down

  34. Courtney

    I just watched this whole series on netflix and the finale was sooooo disappointing that I wish I hadn’t watched it. It’s strangely comforting to find that a lot of other people feel the same way!! Why didn’t Rory marry Logan???? Who says no to handsome, charming, billionaire boyfriend???!! There’s not a great newspaper in California? I’m all for feminism and career but did the whole thing have to be so heartless? And Lane hates sex with her husband and has twins? And that never gets better? I’m glad Luke and Lorelai kissed but I need much more than that. The last episode was an EPIC failure. I want a do-over!!

    • Marina

      Omg yes! Why the hell did she say no to Logan?! They didn’t have to get married right away. They could just get engaged. Everyone in the show and on here kept saying how young she is. She’s not THAT young, she’s a college graduate, and he’s 25. It’s a perfectly acceptable age to get engaged. Yeah, it’s so realistic to say no to a hot billionaire who you’re in love with. There was just no good justification for this break up. They love each other, he wants to marry her, he’s super nice and mature, he has a plan for their relationship, he can support her until she finds a job, she has no job lined up, he is super supportive of her career and promised that if she found a job he would go where she goes, and there is no one else in the picture… Lorelai kept talking about this spidey sense that you’re supposed to have before you marry a guy. She claimed to love Christopher and he was totally great to her and yet she didn’t have that magical feeling so she dumped him. Same thing with Rory. If you love someone, and he is good to you then you will want to marry him, period.

  35. Nadja

    Just finished the show for the 4th or 5th time … Uuugh…..
    NO! Lorelai and Luke – NO, he messed up. Friends – okay. Lorelai – Chris – Wedding – Divorce : well, Wedding without audience – NO! But it Thema felt alright. And all of a sudden divorce! Are you mad? Or as we say in Viennese: are you bored in your head? Rory – Logan: he, in the end, was perfect. No need to get married. Take your time girl. Go and conquer the world. Then Sit down and have a familiy or so. Thats the Way we do it today. Lane, well, that’s how real life can be.
    But honestly – they just made that up to come to an end quickly because they knew they couldn’t do the Show without the Palladinos!!!!!!

  36. JWash

    It’s refreshing to read that so many others share my thoughts about the Gilmore Girls finale. Also after reading a recent article where Lauren Graham explained that the cast had no idea that the show wasn’t returning for an 8th season makes complete sense. I propose that there be a Gilmore Girls movie or Netflix can pick up a couple seasons so the fans can catch up with the characters and/or have closure.

  37. IS

    I just re-watched the GG. I thought that since I will be 30 soon, I would watch again and see how my perspective would change regarding the ending. And I agree with much that I have read. The ending I feel was a serious of events with little heart. That is not to say I didn’t feel anything watching the ending, obviously the characters force their way into heart and head making you invested in their lives. So I felt the whole the daughter is leaving home, but only because I love and know the characters enough after 7 seasons to understand what they are feeling.
    Rory lands a job last minute, I’m guessing they were going to milk the fact that she didn’t get her dream come true like everyone else around her but since the show was cancelled they couldn’t leave her unsuccessful since it’s been the central part of her story line since day one. I just don’t feel that it was believable. I know most people don’t get their dream job right after graduating but Rory isn’t most people, that’s what the show has been trying to show. Plus she already had her “bad times” with sleeping with married Dean, stealing a boat and quitting Yale, and not talking to Lorelai. I would have preferred her to get a job answering the phone at the NY Times while she works her way to the top, rather than some online writing job following a campaign that didn’t seem to fit in with her dreams. Plus she is a graduate from an Ivy league school, she would have gotten at least a decent offer somewhere else.
    Which brings me to Logan! When I originally watched the show while it aired, I loved Logan and couldn’t believe the refusal of the proposal. I quickly forgot all of his mistakes and was smitten with him. As I re-watched, I still loved Logan but I saw all of his flaws as well. I think the allure of Logan is that he changed for Rory, and everyone knows you can’t make people change. So the fact that he changed because he wanted to is what makes me love him today. He was a flawed character but still with a good heart trying to make himself better. Dean was ok, but not enough to be able to live in Rory’s high class lifestyle. Jess I really didn’t see the appeal at all this time around. I think he treated Rory the worst and tried the least to be a part of her life. When we see him again successful and having normal conversations with friends he seems ok, and the fact that he loved her all those years is endearing, but that is all. I think there was too much baggage to make that work. Logan messed up several times but realized it right away and apologized and moved forward. I understand that the writers were trying to say that Rory has a strong head and is going after her career and all that, but that doesn’t mean she cannot have a loving relationship. I actually think it was a disservice to the character. It shows she is following in her mothers footsteps by pushing people away and ruining a relationship she had worked so hard on. The only situation that it would have been believable for her to break up with Logan was if she HAD gotten her real dream job at the NY Times, because then she would be giving up her biggest dream for a man and that would not have been ok. But that was not the case she didn’t even have a job and she said no. That being said I think they shouldn’t have made Logan propose in the first place. They only did this so they would have a reason for the breakup, and be able to show a strong woman she is. It would have been better if they had just left it at them going with the flow and take things one step at a time. It would have been fair to make Logan wait for her while she was on the campaign job, just like she waited for him when he went to London. That way the future was open to what the fans wanted. You could imagine them staying together or breaking up depending on how much you liked Logan. And of course to top it all off she doesn’t even show emotion. She herself told Lorelai that “these could be the ones” on their trip to Martha’s Vineyard and she is willing to break up so easily and with so little pain, not believable. The other peeve is that I see it difficult for Logan to find someone who will put him in his place when needed. His name alone will attract all kinds of doormats that are just looking for name and money. They balanced each other out well, each pushing the other a little out of their comfort zones. In my imagination they keep in touch, date other people, and eventually get together after a few years when they are in coincidentally in the same place again. Ok now done with them lol. Lorelai and Luke I’m ok with. I always wanted them together and at least I know they will be. It needed a little more from them, you know Luke telling her it had always been her and her telling him what she told the shrink, that she had never loved before him. But at least we saw that they did get together. I actually liked Chris, but always preferred Luke with Lorelai. I just hated that they made her marry him if it wasn’t going to work out. Make them date, get engaged but geez why so much drama. I think they were both to blame in the breakup and I don’t hate Chris for his part.
    I wish there was a better relationship between Lorelai and Emily. At the end of the day the show was about Rory and Lorelai, first and foremost and to a certain extent their relationship with Emily. Emily had her bad moments but Lorelai also instigated. I know their relationship should never be perfect but they should have had a better way of dealing with eachother. I think that was probably the saddest ending of all. We know Emily loved Lorelai and Lorelai hurt her by running away, but I would have liked to see Emily finally forgive her for doing that and Lorelai admit that maybe it wasn’t the nicest thing to do either no matter how much she was suffocated. At the end of the day they are family and seeing them be at least learn to learn to disagree would have been nice. Emily should have softened slightly and Lorelai should not fight her mothers world as much. I don’t know how they could have done it but I would have loved to see it. Just like all those little moments when they seem to move forward and then Emily snaps back to her OCD tendencies leaving Lorelai perplexed.
    I wish there was a way to know what the original writers would have done with the ending; if we could just read an alternate ending from the people who came up with the show it give wonderful closure, I think.

  38. S

    I watched the series twice, and both times I couldnt get over the fact of marriing Christopher and leaving him after one fight… that was so unrealistic that I almost stoped watching the serries, paople do not quit on marriage that easy… in one moment Emily says to Lorelai that she needs to work on her marriage, but she didnt… And the end was horrible… a lot of stuff happened in just one season, but what do I know as my ex girlfrend said: “You are just a guy, u dont get it.”

  39. Renee

    Lorelai should have been in therapy to try to understand the mistakes she has made. Lorelai, should have either sat down and talked out her differences with her parents and found a middle ground or just let that part of the life go. After the first relationship Lorelai had with Max, Rory’s school teacher. This is when she should have had the realisation that she has a problem! Lorelai needed a lot of therapy and should have taken the time to get it. That would have been a good plot line for Lorelai, that could have been very interesting and funny. Luke should have talked Dean out of getting married, due to Dean not dealing with his feelings for Rory. Luke could have advised Dean to go away to college, so he could better himself and go over Rory. Rory should have never had sex with her married ex boyfriend. Rory should be nothing, but a distant friend if that to Jess, he was a horrible person though he may have changed. Jess was self destructive and should have never been Rory’s boyfriend. I think a lot of things could have been done differently to make this show much better. Rory and Logan, were a good match to me, both have the rich family background and they supported one another, no matter the situation. I don’t understand how a intelligent young lady with morales could have slept with her married ex boyfriend. How could the writes of this show have some many love triangles for a young intelligent lady (Stupid). It’s like mother like daughter; Lorelai pasted her bad relationship judgement on to her daughter. Why have Rory’s father Christopher, be such a loser in the beginning of the show and a success for another woman that leaves him with a baby. These women had gone through a lot already, why so many ups and downs with the men they were involved with. I get the life changes and family problems some what, but why all the problems with men. The writes of this show made life for these women and the men they were involved with such a trial. Why? People can be happy and have some problems, but why both of the Gilmore Girls? I was saddened, with all the drama with the men it make me almost hate this show I used to love to watch! I just finished rewatching on Netflix and the show left me sadden at the fact the Rory’s mother couldn’t be happy with her daughter marrying a trust fund kid, why not he was good to her. Lorelai needs much therapy; before she will truly be happy, and let her daughter be happy in good healthy relationship with a man with money. Lorelai is selfish when it comes the Rory and has past on her bad judgement to her. I think it would be good if Rory was to live apart from Lorelai, so she can grow into her own person. Rory did well when she was in college away from Lorelai, growing into her and finding her way with her relationship with Logan. Just my thoughts! the show started out good, then all the men problems, left me sick to my stomach. Life is not this complicated, only if one love drama and self destruction.

  40. Nancy

    Lauren should not be producing…seriously. I’ve never seen such a horrific finale. What’s the purpose? What does the ending mean? How do we interpret it? Do the producers think it was fair for the fans to watch 7 seasons and be satisfied with Luke and Lorelai kissing? There were many wrongs in so many levels at least the ending for Parenthood was a true finale and the fans were satisfied. As Romeo said to Juliet rather blatently, “O, wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied?” Gilmore Girls Producers, “O, wilt thou leave [us] so unsatisfied?” You have definitely lost our vote.

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  42. Allison

    Seriously, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who hated the finale. What the heck was that terrible kiss with Lorelai and Luke? It looked like they didn’t even like each other. And really we only got to see them kiss for a second and the camera pans up to the terrible boring goodbye party! What a let down after watching so many seasons and hoping for them to get together in a real and emotional way for once and for all. No one seemed to really care at all Rory was leaving. It was all “Welp, bye!” I expected to see at least some emotion from the characters, but it was more like watching cardboard cutouts. And I can’t believe Rory was so nonchalant about her break up with Logan. Again, cardboard cutouts. I wish I hadn’t seen it and stuck with what I imagined the finale would be.

  43. Tonna

    Not that the finale wasn’t really terrible but hello? worst finale is obviously how i met your mother

  44. Ashley

    All I wanted was Luke and Lorelai to get married under the Huppa Luke made and for Rory and Logan (or Jess I loved them both) to end up together in the finale. Is that too much to ask for.

  45. Jen

    Completely inconsistent with the characters. Rory is so in love with Logan and says no? Lorelei and Luke are “so right together but don’t get back together”? Stupid stupid stupid shit and waste of my time. What about Kirk and his girlfriend? They couldn’t even give us closure on that? And Miss Patty? Why did she lose so much so weight? So many inconsistencies. I’m sure Lorelei actually put whole coffee beans into her coffee Brewer at one point. Total bull. Thanks for nothing.

  46. Helloe

    Logan proposing was one of the highlights of the show, that by far was the clear mistake when Rory said no, they should have got married and built there life together- the whole season 7 really evolved around their relationship and the love they had for each other and they just through it away in the final two episodes, if they don’t get back together in the revival once again the show would have failed to satisfy the viewers..

    • Suzanne

      Absolutely! As soon as I read about the reunion/revival shows that are planned my first thought was, finally they are going to FIX the horrible way the show ended! I not only want to see that Rory and Logan get married (hopefully the actor can get a break from Good Wife to do this), but that Lorelei finally grew up, got a clue and maybe some therapy! I watch the reruns all the time while I’m crafting and cleaning etc. and have realized that she is just as egocentric as her mother – and really with no excuse. Her mother is simply a product of her social class upbringing. Lorelei rejected that and everyone in the show thinks she is so wonderful, but why? She is insensitive, almost never does something really helpful for someone else but constantly asks others to do things for her, make exceptions for her, etc. She is not a bad person, just totally unaware of her hubris. I could write a lot about this but I’m cutting myself off. I really no longer care who she marries because unless she changes she will make any husband miserable.

  47. LORENA

    Yesterday, before sitting in front of the TV, as me and my 10 years old did happily every night for the past months to watch GG, I told my daughter: “tonight mom will cry”. I didn’t. But the discomfort with the show had started since a girl was sent out of nowhere to be Luke’s daughter. Lorelai and Christopher coming back from a fake Paris surprisingly married. Everything in the last season was out of place. Today I sat in front of my computer to find the opinion of other people. I found here that I am not the only one who absolutely hated the last season and specially the last episode, but I also found the answer: the original writers abandoned the fans and the replacing writer… well maybe he should go find a job at Donald J. Trump’s campaign bus.

  48. Luna

    YES YES YES. I litteraly cried of anger in front of my TV just watching the story crumble to pieces. Fine, Rory thinks she’s not ready to be married. BUT you just CANT make them break up out of the blue right there without Logan crying or arguing or saying a SINGLE word except for “Good-bye Rory” with a small smile. A SMILE. One time they broke up and he drowned her appartement with flowers and coffee and fancy fruit but she is not ready to get married and he says FINE LETS BREAK UP. No. Thats just not ok.
    I say their revival better fix things up a little because I am never watching that last seasob again!!!
    (Thanks for allowing me to express my hatred somewhere, I’ve been meaning to let it out a while ago šŸ˜‰

  49. Kay

    The last two seasons seemed out of character – Lorelei is so in love with Luke that she try’s to force him into running off and getting married “right now” and the minute he says he has to think about it she runs off and sleeps with her ex– really? The writers made her look like a weak indecisive tramp which was out of character for her- and I’m sorry but I don’t get the whole Rory and Logan thing- it seems there was ZERO chemistry between these two actors I mean ZERO- and who would want a boyfriend that calls her Ace all the time- I found Logan to be a pompous smile too much aggravation! I watched this show on Netflix and would actually fast forward through Logan’s scenes – just didn’t seem like a person of Rory’s character would be remotely interested in an idiot like Logan and those annoying friends of his that followed him around like puppies – please very unrealistic – I loved Luke but I laughed when the show tried to make off that one man sewing a bunch of tarps together in one night was even remotely possible! All this being said I’m looking forward to the new episodes they are coming out with – written by the original writer- I’m hoping Rory ends up with Jess- by far the most interesting one she dated and they have a ton of chemistry – should be fun to see what happens

  50. Anita Bath

    Just wrote long rambling comment agreeing with most of you, and then accidentally closed the page before submitting the post.

    Soooooo many things wrong with the finale, and Season 7, and all episodes before. I don’t know why I binge watched it. Probably the same reason most people can’t look away from horrific car accidents or take a deep second whiff of that way-out-of-date milk even though the first sniff was almost fatal.

    I’ll post again tomorrow – I can hear all of you cheering that welcome news – but I’m over-tired and goofy. Tomorrow I’ll be needing a lot of coffeecoffeecoffee.

    Okay – one thing for now. That restaurant in Paris? Worst set ever. Loved the cheesy view of the Eiffel Tower in the background. Plus that restaurant obviously uses only 500 watt bulbs in every light fixture.

  51. Kitten Diotima

    I agree with almost everything you said. Altho, I think some of the stuff that happened earlier in the series contributed to the horribleness of season 7 and the finale, but that’s no excuse for how badly things turned out at the end. Making Lane pregnant, seriously? Why would the (mostly) male writers think that we fans would want to see this tortured character get cut off at the knees right when she’s FINALLY getting freedom and living her dream. I mean, it’s awful, tragic, heartwrenching, and not in a good way, but in a bad way, in a weeping tears of frustration, anger and horror way; what a ridiculously bad choice. Breaking up Lorelei and Luke tho, that’s on ASP, and i think that was a VERY bad decision. It’s not like GG survived completely on the sexual tension between those two characters and would’ve suffered if they got married. And personally, i generally avoid those kindsa shows, coz i just find it too frustrating when a potential relationship never happens, and the tension drags on and on. It’s not very adult nor realistic. I thought Lorelei and Luke’s relationship was wonderful, i LOVED seeing them together, and their life together was fun to watch. Breaking them up made no sense to me whatsoever, and April, i’m sorry, she added nothing to the show. That whole plotline, with April’s mom, and the custody hearing, i don’t think anyone wanted to see that, it took us out of Stars Hollow, and into a place where we were constantly reminded of Lorelei not being with Luke. Also, Rory and Lorelei were estranged for too long in previous seasons, that plotline dragged on. One of the few things the season 7 crew did get right tho, was having Rory NOT get married – that would’ve been a disaster in my opinion. Rory was someone who had always focused on her education and career, and I, for one, think 22 is a bit young to get married in this day and age. Rory belonged out in the world, being a writer, doing grunt jobs, not padding after her wealthy hubby, taking whatever bones he threw her. I guess i’m stupid, coz it makes sense to me that Rory would be following Obama for her online newspaper – that wouldn’t mean she’s on the bus with Obama or anything, it’d she’d be trundling along after the bus, probably having to pay for her own meals and other extras, sleeping in THE worst, most flea-bitten, cheap hotels, and getting a crap salary. That i can believe. But, back to Lorelei – it’s like, the show practically PROMISES us a marriage between Lorelei and Luke in the pilot, it promises us a wedding in the first season, it promises us a wedding when Luke proposes. And then finally there is a wedding – BUT WE DON’T EVEN GET TO SEE IT! Ugh, that was so frustrating, i couldn’t believe it. Plus, I was waiting alllllll thru the seventh season for Lorelei and Luke to get back together and get married so we could see the wedding we’d been waiting for, the wedding we’d been promised, and not only do we NOT get a wedding, we only get to see them together for a minute, kissing. Just that one kiss. That’s it. Seriously? I read in the comments that the writers didn’t know the seventh was going to be the final season until late in the season, but i think they should’ve gotten Luke and Lorelei back together sooner – despite all the bad history between them, they both loved each other, you could see it, it was seeping out of their pores, i don’t think it would’ve been difficult to get them back together. And then they could’ve eloped at the end or something. The sewing together of the tarps and tents was pretty ridiculous, and i really don’t think it would’ve taken such a huge grand gesture on Luke’s part to get Lorelei back, i think that could’ve happened more easily. I liked the Richard moment with Lorelei, but, yes, i agree, Emily is the one we really needed to hear say something nice to Lorelei – but instead they have Emily RUIN the Richard moment by interrupting him constantly. We waited for the Richard moment for seven seasons, and it’s ruined by Emily, rather than giving us the Emily moment we NEEDED even more. Instead, they make it appear that Emily has not changed at all, that she STILL has no idea who Lorelei is – that crack about wearing nice clothing to dinner, and thinking that Rory imposed a dress code on her mother infuriates me every time i think about it. It was stupid and mean. Emily thinking that Rory made sure Lorelei dressed properly for dinner shows that Emily STILL doesn’t know her daughter, just as she said in season 1. Seven seasons, and that character has no growth. Just awful, and stupid. Idk what ASP had planned for season 7 – i can see where she might resolve the Christopher thing so that Lorelei could move on finally, coz there’s no way that Lorelei could end up with a man like that, i don’t think. I can see where ASP would’ve kept Rory single at the end, coz she always had Rory choose her own path, over throwing away what she wanted to chase some man. However, in the final episodes, the breakup with Logan seemed entirely too painless. It was like Rory’s break up was simply a plot thread to be tied, but her tears and heartache over it would’ve just gotten in the way of her going away party, and the writers ruining Lane’s life, and getting Lorelei back with Luke, and the Richard moment, and getting Rory on the bus. So, no tears for Logan. All in all, season 7 is incredibly disappointing, and the finale is the most disappointing finale ever.

  52. Anita Bath

    Sorry I was gone a few days longer than promised. I’m sure you’re all devastated.

    Where was Paul Anka in Season 7? (The dog, not the singer.) He must have been in a few episodes, but not many. I didn’t like Paul Anka, but you still wonder who was in charge of continuity. (Isn’t Paul Anka a kooky and wacky name for a dog? That Lorelai is such a nut!)

    Back to beating a dead horse, but that Paris restaurant was more overlit and less romantic than a Denny’s.

    Rory and her mother were wayyyyy to close IMHO. If Rory were a boy they’d be Norman Bates and his mother. But Rory is going to go away and travel the country in buses and planes. What happens on the second day of the tour when she misses Mommy too much and asks if she can come join her? Actually nothing would happen because everyone loves Rory and Lorelai so much.

    And Rory is so entitled that she believes she *deserves* a job at the “New York Times.” When the Rhode Island paper turns her down she almost explodes with self-pity. (If this show had just ended a year later – once the economy had started tanking…) And I’m not a journalism student, but I would imagine most top papers require (or required) a Master’s Degree.

    If rain was predicted, why didn’t they move the Bon Voyage party indoors? If they still wanted a barbeque they could have put the BBQ right outside the door with a few small tarps over it.

    Christiana Amanpour (spelling error, I know) being a guest at the Inn on Rory’s last day there – now ain’t that a co-inky-dink! And C.A (who doesn’t usually do this) is so impressed by mousy little Rory that she gives Rory her card, her email, her twitter, her personal phone number, her home address, etc. Sheesh!

    I don’t really care if Rory had agreed to marry Logan, but proposing to someone on any important day is moronic because there is no guarantee that the person being asked will say “Yes.” If they say “no” then that special day is ruined forever.

    Moving on from Season 7…there is so much to say. Rory and Lorelai were much too close. Poor little Rory was so homesick on her first night at Yale that she called Mommy to come and stay with her. And of course Mommy did just that. But if Babette had come by and asked to borrow a couple of aspirin Lorelai probably wouldn’t have bothered to even answer the door. (From what I can tell Stars Hollow is about 10 minutes from New Haven. I went to school hundreds of miles away from home. Was I homesick my first night? Yes. Did I deal with it? Yes.)

    Lorelai in general was just too kooky and nutty and wacky for me. That shtick got real old real fast. As Luke once told her, “You’re practically a cartoon character.”

    If Rory was an angelic little bookworm while growing up, how did she come to know so much about TV and movies from the early 70’s? Come to think about it, how did Lorelai? I’m guessing Lorelai was born about 3 years after I was, but she knew as much about 70’s stuff as I did. And I can’t imagine Emily and Richard letting her watch all that TV. Unless they just let the nanny raise her.

    And poor little rich girl Lorelai. I’ll bet at least 75% of the kids in the country have disappointed at least one parent. I know I did. But I didn’t let it ruin my life.

    Their diet? I have a sweet tooth and consider myself a junk-food junkie, but thinking about what L and R consume daily makes me want to barf. If someone in real-life ate like that they would weigh 500 lbs. And be out of money.

    What does AS-P have against Koreans? Was she raised by an evil Korean step-mother? (And I’m not bashing step-mothers or Koreans.) Koreans also go into some kind of frenzy if they all somehow know that there aren’t enough chairs ready. After the ceremony they all load up on food and get out ASAP. No receptions for them I guess! And what does she have against 7th Day Adventists? (And I’m not a 7th D.A. myself.)

    To be honest, the odds of Lane’s band becoming financially successful to the point where it could support four band members and several children is unrealistic. Oddly enough the show ended at the same time as both newspapers and musicians were hit hard by everyone on the internet who feel entitled to get everything for free. The “best friend” thing with Lane is also ridiculous. They never see each other.

    From what I could tell, every class Rory took at Yale had to do with English or poetry. But she did work at the paper. Could a real journalist chime in on that and let us know how truthful that is? (Well, she did take a course in economics. Conveniently taught by her grandfather.)

    Rory’s life is so sheltered that it is beyond funny. She held one job in 7 years. She didn’t know colleges like lots of extra-curricula’s until Paris told here about it.

    She spends a day working with a Habitat-for-Humanity type charity, and since that is such an unfeminine thing to do Lorelai makes her a hammer covered with feathers and glitter and sequins. No need to look butch when swinging a hammer! Also, both L and R hate all sports in general. Because that’s exercise. And a little butch. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as Seinfeld said.

    Why do they keep Michel employed? Does he have some info that could blackmail one of them?

    Michael DeLuise has to be one of the worst actors in history. The man couldn’t portray falling if you pushed him off a cliff. (Okay, I stole that quote from Dave Barry.) The episode where he runs around yelling “I’m in es-ca-row!” non-stop is the world’s worst collision of bad writing and bad acting.

    Never cared for Jess. But to be fair he wasn’t awful. Just rude and surly and whiny and self-pitying. He stalked Rory until he got her, and then quit paying attention to her. But he turns his life around by writing a short novel and getting a job at a place that sells short novels. Obviously a cool place. So cool that it made Rory say “This place just makes me want to create something.” High praise indeed. (Sarcasm font.)

    Doesn’t the Dragonfly Inn look exactly like the Walton’s house did? And does it look like it is too small to hold that many rooms?

    Maybe I’ll continue later.

    Oh – wait – one last thing for now; Luke is such a nice guy that he helps out Sooki (what a kooky name) when she’s pregnant. And to show her gratitude she has a sample of everything he makes sent to her so she can check up on him. Way to show trust Sooki! If I were Luke I would have walked out immediately as soon as I’d found out what she was doing.

    Also, do the people of Stars Hollow realize that if they just ignore Taylor he’ll go away? And why is everything in town covered with white lights? Maybe they tried to do that do Paul Anka and it killed him.

    Oh well. More later.

  53. Anita Bath

    Oh – one of the worst violations. They stole the “We were on a break!” concept from “Friends.” That’s the justification Logan uses to explain to Rory why it’s okay that he slept with several women. And Rory is sad. For a few minutes. Then she forgives Logan.

    That line (WWOAB!) and concept just plain belong to “Friends” and “Friends” alone. And (spoiler alert) at least Rachel had the good sense to break it off with Ross, and he’d only slept with one woman. Didn’t break it off permanently, but at least long enough to be realistic.

    And why is every song ever written by a Hep Alien member like, a, you know, cool blend of The White Stripes mixed with Hendrix mixed with the Kinks meets Blondie meets Peter Gabriel meets Peter Frampton with a fusion of The Ramones and Pat Benatar mixed with David Bowie and Nirvana and Madonna and shades of Johnny Cash with a touch of the early Rolling Stones and the spirit of Buddy Holly mixed with Miles Davis?

  54. Anita Bath

    The whole April subplot was tacked on and unnecessary. Luke is consumed by his jealously for Christopher and tells Lorelai that “he can’t stand the fact that Christopher is in your life.” Or words to that effect. Lorelai tells Luke that Christopher will always be in both of their lives because he’s Rory’s biological father. Luke and Lorelai agree to never lie to each other about anything in the future. And two nano-seconds later, Luke finds out he has a nutty and flaky daughter! She’s a pathetic nerd who wanders around in such an awkward bike helmet that the helmet is probably more dangerous that riding bare-headed.

    Luke takes the word of some unknown “DNA Specialist” and accepts April as his daughter as soon as he visits the science fair. And of course, he doesn’t tell Lorelai squat. Hypocrite alert! Obviously he believes that although he would never sleep with April’s mother, Lorelai has such a lack of control she would sleep with Christopher at the drop of a hat. Oh, wait, he’s actually right about that. Never mind!

    Luke is a nerdy and bumbling father who thinks a hygiene kit is a great birthday gift, but for some reason April becomes cool – or at least less of a nerdy freak – just because everyone loves Luke for unknown reasons. Despite the fact that he’s a work-a-holic, and despite his police record, April’s school district lets Luke chaperone a bunch of ‘tweens to Philadelphia. Obviously the school district never sent out anything about a dress code, because Luke shows up looking like a grubby version of one of the Archie Comic Gang.

    After the world’s fastest custody hearing, the court grants Luke shared custody of April based (apparently) solely on Lorelai’s glowing “character reference” letter. Christopher is right. It is about 70% love letter and 30% fact-based character reference.


  55. Beth

    I realize I’m a little late on this bandwagon. I just finished binge-watching all 7 seasons, and like most of you, found the finale to be lacking, but honestly, I didn’t think it was THAT bad. And it left a lot to the imagination. Everything can’t always be tied up in a bow at the end of the day.

    So “grieving” for the show, I took to google and YouTube and found a wonderful cast panel interview done by Today (Gilmore Girls Cast Reunion (Full Interview) | TODAY). Link is below but if that doesn’t work, go to YouTube and search the title.

    If you haven’t already seen it, it’s a must to watch. Although the revival was not a done deal at that time, Amy did talk about the issues surrounding the last season, and a revival would answer a lot of questions. Lauren Graham said that when they shot the final episode, they didn’t know it was the last. This would make a lot of sense as to why we all felt that everything was left hanging.

  56. Heather

    GG is one of my fav shows ever. I lost track of how many times I’ve watched, though I just finished my first complete rewatch in a while. The only eps I really didn’t remember much (because I didn’t like them at ALL) was the last season & a half. I know the situation why but still, it was bad. I can’t remember how I thought about the finale originally (I don’t think I loved it but I didn’t hate it?), but I just watched it yesterday & bawled my eyes out.

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