Just Something to Think About

I know that rap gets a lot of (sometimes deserved) flak for portraying women negatively, while pop music escapes most of that criticism. But here’s a small point for all of us to consider:

Drake’s ideal woman owns a home, has her own money, has confidence (“>at least enough to overlook Drake’s past ways), is book and street smart, is independent, works hard, is “mature,” takes pride in her appearance, has a college degree (could be from Yale, is probably from Howard).

One Direction’s ideal girl has such low self esteem can’t even look up from the ground when she smiles. And that’s what makes her beautiful!

(For this purpose, I will ignore Drake’s weird obsession with women who are constantly trying to lose ten pounds and only eating salads)

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  1. Mandy

    Drake is my hip hop boyfriend. Seriously. And he was on Degrassi! How can you not love him?


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