I Did Valerie Bertinelli’s Workout DVD

I have a confession to make…I’ve been doing Valerie Bertinelli’s workout DVD.

Here’s the thing: I love the feeling I get from working out. I love that endorphin high (that’s kind of the point of endorphins), I love ever-so-slightly toning my muscles, I love that it staves of the blues, and I love feeling a bit sore the next day. What I don’t like is 95% of exercise.

I don’t have the body of a runner, okay? With my short, stocky legs, I have the body of a rollerskater or something. I’m afraid of gyms, and I’m not about to spend money on a membership. I also get bored very quickly, and I’m a huge baby. I need my workouts to be quick, private, and cheap. It sounds like I’m describing something shameful, and this is essentially how I approach my exercise routine. Years of being humiliated in gym class (I was literally that last-kid-picked-for-kickball cliche you see in the movies) have made me very self-conscious about my coordination.

So for me, DVDs are the way to go. I can do them in the privacy of my own home, and I can check them out from the library (or on Netflix, or on Youtube), so I have a near endless variety. Recently, I snagged Valerie Bertinelli’s Losing It. You either know Valerie Bertinelli from One Day at a Time (in which case you’re either old or me), or once being married to Eddie Van Halen, or, most likely, from losing a ton of weight on Jenny Craig.

Her workout DVD has two levels: “Losing It” and “Keeping Fit.” “Losing It” is 20 minutes, and “Keeping Fit” is 40. You know which one I picked, right? I get bored easily. 20 minutes!

Here’s the thing…I was expecting this to be a very, very easy workout, since it was basically described as exercise for people who are out of shape. But it was actually a little challenging! It wasn’t anything I couldn’t do, but it was almost entirely lunges. 20 minutes of lunges is definitely a workout, and it will totally make you sore the next day.

Was I a little embarrassed checking this out from the library? Did I feel silly doing it? Am I ashamed to admit it now? Did the video make me cringe because it tried so hard to make Valerie Bertinelli seem just like us? “Maybe” is my answer to all questions. But honestly? It wasn’t bad. If you have 20 minutes to spare, you could do worse than doing a bunch of lunges, crunches, and push ups with Valerie and her impressively blue eyed young trainer.

Maybe I’ll share some of my other favorite DVDs in the future, but they mostly involve Jillian Michaels. The woman is a machine.

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  1. Lucy

    Haha, I have about five Kathy Smith DVDs at home. Some yoga, pilates, and ballet DVDs round out the collection. I’m not particularly good at any of these things (flexibility continues to elude me!), but exercising at home is way more fun and convenient than in public.


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