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As I’m writing this, the election isn’t over yet. So you know more than I do right now because you’re LIVING IN THE FUTURE! But the good news is, whoever wins, we still have Wednesday links. Is that good news? I don’t know. Let’s say it is. These will be either celebratory or commiserative. On with the links!

Haunted House-sitting by Emma Rathbone in The New Yorker is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a minute. It’s ridiculous how happy this made me.

-On HelloGiggles, I wrote about Claudia Varosio’s lovely movie posters. They’re absolutely gorgeous!

-Here’s some good advice on handling rejection from Gab White.

-A great video interview with Sarah from Yes and Yes. So many blog tips!

-I know I’m always telling you how great Eudora is, but seriously, her piece (A Letter to My Future Black Baby) on The Hairpin is killer.

-Anne T. Donahue’s Old Lady Movie Night articles on HelloGiggles are always great, but this one’s about THE WEDDING SINGER! I can’t possibly express my love for that movie in words, so I will let her express it, in her words.

-I love hearing about the cheap makeup that other people wear, and I especially agree with Joy the Baker’s nail polish picks.

-Since the weather’s been getting colder, I’ve been into soups, and this Slow Cooker Asian Chicken Soup from Carrie at Plums in the Icebox looks great!

-I probably don’t need to remind you about the great need in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, but I do know it can be very easy for me to forget how important it is for all of us to help out. With the election going on, I think a lot of us have kind of glossed over the fact that many people lost their homes. Maybe instead of buying that sweater you don’t really need, you can donate the money to the Red Cross. That may or may not be an example from my life. Whatever. Of course, any legitimate charity you donate to is great.

-Tons of Lady Comedy on Rookie!

-I saved the best for last. I know you all love Adam Scott as much as I do, and hopefully some of you love sitcom intros as much as I do. This side-by-side Simon and Simon intro (the righthand side starring Adam Scott and Jon Hamm) is the best of both worlds.

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