Wednesday Link Party!

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Happy Wednesday, guys! The links today are kind of weird, so for that, I apologize. I was away from the internet for an extended period of time this week, so I don’t have as much to share as I usually do. But I still have some great links, because I am nothing if not dedicated to the Wednesday Link Party.

-Rookie is really killing it this week…here’s an amazing interview with Liz Meriwether by Emma Straub. Two cool ladies in one interview!

-Speaking of Rookie, Tavi was on Bullseye last week, and was insightful and interesting as usual.

A Writer’s Wardrobe is a fun tumblr about writers and fashion.

-You could probably do worse than writing advice from Joss Whedon.

-It’s, like, embarrassing how much I love the Psychadelic Furs. Back when I used to have Sirius in my car, I used to love how the DJ on Third Wave always called them the “Psych Furs.” Anyway, this song is one of my favorites and I listen to it all the damn time.

-I wrote this thing about how much I love BUST magazine on HelloGiggles. Seriously, guys, I love BUST.

-Laini Taylor on how to write a novel.

-I don’t drink beer if I can help it–I’m a cocktail gal through and through. So for the past year and a half, the 7 & 7 has been my signature drink. I’ve preached about it to everyone and converted quite a few friends. While I’ll never give up on the 7 & 7 completely, I think I may have fallen in love with a new drink: Gin and Ginger.

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