Wednesday Link Party!

Happy Wednesday! Can you believe that, in a week from now, Christmas will be over? Yikes. But first things first–today is Alex’s birthday, and I’m super excited to celebrate with my family. Happy birthday, little bro! In that spirit, here are the Wednesday links…the CELEBRATORY Wednesday links.

-We should read all the book’s on Lauren’s Best of 2012 list. If it seems like I link to Lauren’s blog a lot, well…that’s because you would all be wise to take her recommendations. She’s never steered me wrong.

-This video of Bo Obama walking around the White House with his little perfect paws is too much for me to handle!

-I was SO EXCITED when one of my silly pizza tweets was an Illustrated Tweet of the Day on HelloGiggles. Maritza’s artwork is so cool.

-I’ve been wanting to make something like this ever since H. and I saw some on an episode of Property Brothers. Yes, I know it’s embarrassing that I just admitted to watching Property Brothers AND getting decorating ideas from it. I’m trying to figure out how to bring together H’s very masculine sense of style with my hyper-feminine mismatched sense of style, and I think this looks like a great start.

-HelloGiggles featured this GREAT interview with Tavi Gevinson.
“Keep your expectations low and know that this was never meant to be easy and the world is huge and people are many and now is such a small moment in time so learn about science and let it put everything in perspective instead of making you feel insignificant. But also, be okay with feeling insignificant. And also, consider what every situation is truly about, even if it’s unpleasant. This requires a lot of energy, so sleep often and don’t waste time on dumb websites or with bad friends who make you feel lousy.”

-Do you want to hear interviews with Dolly Parton and Judd Apatow in one podcast episode? Of course you do! Listen to last week’s Bullseye!

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