Welcome to Ladyville: The 2012 Highlights

It’s been a year, right? I mean, I think that regardless of what our personal experiences were this year, we can all agree that it’s been a year. I’ve loved working on the blog in 2012, writing weird posts, and meeting new internet friends. I have some big ideas for Welcome to Ladyville in 2013, and I’m super excited to start on them…but first, how about we take a look back on the best posts of 2012? And by “best,” I just mean “The ones I liked the most, but then again I have really weird taste and also I’m the one who wrote them.”

Did I Ever Tell You About That Time I Shook Mitt Romney’s Hand?–All about the time I, you guessed it, shook Mitt Romney’s hand.

What I Wish I’d Known When I Graduated From College: It’s okay to not know what you’re doing!

-I had a series called Bridesmaiding about being a bridesmaid, and I wrote about bad bridal shower games.

I Went to Prom, and I (Actually) Liked It: Turns out I legit loved my prom, even though I hated high school.

-I suggested you all start blogs.

An Excerpt from the Diary of Bess Marvin

-Sometimes, you just have to write fanfic about Lenny Kravitz and how much he loves tunics.

I love Taylor Swift! There, I said it.

-The quickest way to look put-together? Scarves, lipstick, and big earrings.

My Dream Wedding. “My dress is alternately described as “a stunning display of the grotesque” and “a touchingly macabre tribute to the works of Clay Aiken.””

I love AND hate Elizabethtown.

Super Beginner’s Writing Advice From Someone With a Small Amount of Success

-This year I started featuring guest Lady Tips, and Mandy from Oh Dizzle taught us all to Travel Alone!

-I found out that the quickest way to piss people off is to not get married. Then I got engaged a week later, but MY POINT STILL STANDS!

It’s been a great year, you guys. Thanks for reading my rambling tangents all year and not thinking I’m insane when I write things about Lenny Kravitz (whatever, he’s a gem). I’m so excited to see where Welcome to Ladyville goes in 2013!

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