Wednesday Link Party!

Happy Wednesday, guys! I hope you’re all having an awesome week. I’ve been eating pizza and reading a lot. Which reminds me…are we friends on Goodreads? We should be! You can see how weird my taste in books is. Enjoy the Michelle-less Full House intro above, and let’s get on with the links!

I made this lemon chicken for dinner earlier this week and it was so good!

An interview with Maria Bamford, who is perfect in every way.

On only reading authors of color in 2014.

A great profile of Lorrie Moore on The Millions.

I really loved this super honest post about changing dreams on A Beautiful Mess.

Emma Straub wrote about the power of saying yes on Rookie and I love, love, loved it. And I very much identified with this part: “You know how marathon runners eat a huge plate of pasta the night before a race? That was me, for my whole life. I was storing things up—unrequited love, ambition, drive, all of it.”

Did you know that The A.V. Club reviewed/recapped every episode of The X-Files? Well, they did, and it’s pretty perfect. I love reading these after we watch an episode. This is definitely one of the nerdier things I do, but I don’t care!

I’ve written before about how much I admire Emily Gould, and this piece about her writing career is just so wonderful. I will happily read about Emily Gould’s life for as long as she wants to write about it, and I can’t WAIT for her novel to come out.

Erin has another awesome interview in her Cool People series!

A FANTASTIC interview with Miranda July: “Sometimes I think about what it would take to actually write something mean about some woman’s work on Twitter or in a comment. It’s so inconceivable to me that I realise, oh, these people are really, really different from me or anyone I know.”

And finally, what it’s like to try the Pippa Middleton diet: “Haggis happens to be illegal in New York City. Apparently, you can’t eat lung here. This is not the land of the free.”

2 Responses to “Wednesday Link Party!”

  1. Aubrey

    I sent you a friend thingy on Goodreads so when you’re all “Who is this weird person with the scary eyeball profile picture?” That’s me. Also the lemon chicken looks amazing. Trying that soon!

  2. Erin

    Oh no way! I was looking for a lemon chicken recipe a few hours ago. Perfect! I’m trying to cook more. By more I men more than once every few months.I love the other fins. Thank you for including a link to my most recent interview! That makes me so happy!


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