This Blog is Now a Eudora Peterson Fan Site


Have you guys been reading Millihelen, the new Jezebel beauty blog run by Jane Marie? Most “beauty” blog are boring and/or prescriptive, but Millihelen has much more a ~*do yr own thing~* vibe which I appreciate. But, most importantly, it has videos from Eudora Peterson, a woman we all love. Every other week you can check out her Fashion What Ifs videos and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. There are three so far and, honestly, each one has been funnier than the last. The most recent one made me LOL many times.

And, as if that isn’t cool enough, Eudora was also interviewed on Splitsider recently! You just, just in case you needed more incentive to follow her on Twitter.

I’m always happy when I’m listening to, watching, or reading something by funny lady, but it’s even better when said funny lady is a part of my family. Hope you guys are cool with Welcome to Ladyville morphing into a Eudora Peterson fanblog because that’s essentially what is happening, sorry!

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