Here are some things.

Here’s what’s been on my mind lately:

Gilmore Guys, the podcast. Alex has been on my case to listen to this for months. “I don’t know why you aren’t listening to it. You’re going to love it,” he told me, multiple times. I steadfastly refused! And then I listened to it this weekend and immediately fell in deep, hard love with it. If you love Gilmore Girls, you’ll love it. If you don’t love Gilmore Girls, you’re probably not reading this blog anyway. When they sing along to the theme song, I just sit there, by myself, smiling like a maniac.

My Misfit. H. got me this instead of a Fitbit, and while I am not usually one for brand loyalty (I will not bow to ~the man~, even when that man is selling fitness trackers), I really love it. Multiple people have asked me about my watch, but it’s not a watch! It’s a Misfit! And now those people have to listen to my 10 minute schpiel about how much I love it and watch a demonstration of the app!

-Romance novels. Before this year, I never really understood the value of reading “light” books as a form of escape. I’ve always been able to read the most upsetting, most disturbing books with no problem whatsoever. But for some reason, right now, I can’t even tolerate reading anything that stresses me out. So many things in my own life are wildly out of control; I need to read something with a happy ending I can count on. Enter: romance novels. There were so many times in the past couple of months that the only thought on my mind at the end of the day has been, “I need to read about people falling in love.” It’s been really fun to start learning about a genre I don’t know too much about, and in case you haven’t noticed, I deeply enjoy immersing myself in the types of books and movies that are often directed at women and maligned because of it (see: romantic comedies, YA, T. Swift). Sometimes I feel like defending typically female entertainment pursuits is my life’s work, and I’m completely here for it.

-Other books. Okay, so it’s not all romance novels, all the time. I’m also reading Kissing in America, a really lovely, emotional book by Margo Rabb, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at a bookstore event in Dayton a few weeks ago. Kissing in America is amazing and is also full of apt descriptions of anxiety/grief/etc. I’m also finally finishing up Bad Feminist–I got a bit stuck in the middle on the essays about books I haven’t read, but now I’m reading about movies/race and really enjoying it. Roxane Gay’s essays on The Help and Fifty Shades of Grey were particularly great.

-Going to book events. Did you know that I’m actually trying to leave my house lately? It’s true! I’ve been going to YA book events when I get the chance, and it’s been great. Stuff like this scares me and sometimes makes me feel like a big phony, but I’ve been really trying to a) be a better “literary citizen” (groan), b) meet other writers, and c) have more confidence in myself and my writing. On all counts, it’s hard. I really, really love meeting other writers (in general, people in the YA community are ridiculously nice and interesting), but it’s difficult to get over myself. I always assume no one will want to meet me, that they see me as a fraud or a weirdo or a small child pretending to be almost 30. What a gross attitude, me! It gets easier the more I do it, but it’s still hard. And lately, I’m just all about trying.

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  1. Mandy

    I’m trying out romance novels this summer too! So far – Eloisa James’ Desperate Duchesses was a hit and Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie was a bit less my style. Do you listen to the NPR podcast Pop Culture Happy Hour? They did an episode recently that was just about romance novels. It was a great starting point!

    And any particularly good romance recs?

    • heykerryann

      I LOVED that episode and that’s where I’m getting the majority of my romance novel picks! I’m just finishing up the Bride Quartet by Nora Roberts and I’ve heard really good things about Sarah MacLean.

  2. Jayne

    Based on your last paragraph: You should look up the term impostor syndrome. I totally relate to it, thinking people will discover I’m really not smart and I should probably be fired. Just so you know, though, I think you are a genius! :)

  3. Kaarin

    I’m a Gilmore Guys podcast fan, too! Finding other fans is shorthand for, “we like this which means we are probably kindred spirits.” They crack me up.
    My personal and professional mantra lately has been all about trying, too. Thanks so much for writing about it!


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