Today is the day: my first novel, LOVE AND OTHER ALIEN EXPERIENCES, is out!

The thing about having a book published is that it’s kind of like any other day. I mean, maybe if you have a launch party or something that will add some pizazz, but for me this is basically a normal day. So far no one has showered me with donuts, gifts, or one of those flower blankets that horses get when they win a race. But the day is still young, so I guess any one of those things could still happen.

Everything in me wants to turn this into just another day, and in a lot of ways, it is. Having a small child is a good way to keep yourself grounded, because a baby literally does not care about your book coming out. A baby just cares about whether or not you’re gonna feed him graham crackers and let him crawl on the fireplace, even though he knows he’s not supposed to.

But I know that this is a dream I’ve been pursuing for a long time, and this is a day I’ve been waiting for basically my whole life. Although people have already been reading ARCs, now many more people will be able to read the book and love it or hate it or use it as a coaster. And when I get a second to stop and think about it, that’s pretty exciting.

I’m very, very grateful for those of you who ordered the book, especially those of you who have already read it in ebook and purchased it again in paperback. I appreciate the support SO much. I have a few interviews that should be going up soon, and once they’re up I’ll share them here! Sidenote: book promo for me so far has mostly been scheduling interviews during my kid’s naptime. My life is very glamorous.

I have to go get a tiny person out of bed and give him a bottle, so until next time, here’s a link to read about the book, watch the trailer, and buy it if you’re so inclined.

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