Important Channing News

If the search terms for my blog are to be believed, Channing Tatum was not wearing his wedding ring on SNL this weekend. Seriously, A LOT of people are searching for this. Or just one desperate person. What a Tatum conundrum! Do you think his (probably huge) wedding ring would have just been a distraction when he was in sketches? OR IS SOMETHING MORE SINSISTER AFOOT? Someone needs to get to the bottom of this. And by “get to the bottom of this” I mean “stop caring about why Channing Tatum wasn’t wearing his wedding ring.”

Things That Have Scared Me In My Apartment

Pair of boots (thought they were an animal)

Tote bag (thought it was a person)

Neighbor walking by the window (thought he saw me dancing)

Boyfriend showing up outside my door (thought he was a murderer)

Mailman (thought he was a murderer)

Person doing laundry in the basement (thought he/she was a murderer doing laundry)

Unidentified high pitched noise outside (thought it was someone screaming while being murdered)

Lights going out suddenly (thought it was a murderer setting the scene, so he/she could murder me)

The thought that I might never achieve any creative success because I’m paralyzed by fear (or because I’m murdered)


So I guess the super bowl is happening now. As you could probably guess, I am a huge football fan. The guys in the outfits throwing the ball on the field…totally into it. My friends are always like, “Kerry, we get it, you love football, but can we please talk about something else now?” But with me, it’s all football, all the time. Tim Tebow. Peyton Manning. Another Manning. Drew Brees. Tim Riggins. Those are all names of football players, and only one of them is from Friday Night Lights. Try not to be too impressed. Yard lines. Fumble. Field goal. Penn State Sex Scandal. Rape culture. That is just some of the football terminology I’m intimately acquainted with. I’m sorry for using so many insider terms; I realize this is probably over your head.
Naturally, since I’m such a huge football fan, I wrote this article in my hometown newspaper all about football. “But this is actually more about the marching band and Friday Night Lights,” you might say. Shut up. Football.

Guess Who’s Hosting SNL on Saturday?

Everyone’s favorite average leading man…Channing Tatum!

I’m not sure what it is I like so much about Channing Tatum. It’s just…sometimes I want to eat white bread. Sometimes I want to watch a Channing Tatum movie. Just because something’s kind of bland doesn’t mean it’s not good every once in awhile. I am very excited to see Channing Tatum on SNL because I have absolutely no idea what he’ll be like. Although he was really great in this Dirty Dancing Cinemash with Charlyne Yi. Seriously, I could watch this all day.

I still stand by my assertion that Channing Tatum needs to be in all the romantic comedies. 2012: Make It Happen!