Who Wants To Be Pen Pals?

When I was a kid, I was crazy for letters. A lot of this had to do with the fact that I lived in a small town, the internet didn’t exist, and I spent a lot of time by myself. Letters really were a window into the world outside the ‘ville. I found pen pals in the weirdest ways…through magazines, mostly. I’m almost positive magazines don’t offer this option anymore; “normal” kids probably don’t spend a lot of time writing letters because, you know, the internet. Also there were these little books, I don’t remember what they were called, that you would write your address in and then send on to another person. Then the last person would send it back to the original address, and that person would have a whole book of addresses. Also, sometimes you would include stickers, because hello, stickers? Don’t you remember how stickers were the coolest?
Anyway, I am ready to try my hand at pen palling again. Do you want to be my pen pal? Imagine this said in the saddest, loneliest voice possible and maybe that will change your mind. It’s true that in the past my letter writing has been inconsistent at best, but I’m ready to dive into this head (pen?) first.
Send me an email at welcometoladyville(at)gmail(dot)com and let’s start writin’!

Note: if I get emails from anyone who sounds even remotely like a stalker I will shut this bitch down. You guys know how I am.

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A Question

Do you guys ever think that dating Steve Martin would be like dating Steve Martin’s character in Shopgirl?

“Excuse me, Miss, would you like to be in an unequal, toxic relationship? I’LL TAKE ONE OF EVERYTHING!”-Steve Martin

“Can you see that? It’s the demise of your self-worth.”-Steve Martin

“I’m sad because I don’t know how to love :(“-Steve Martin

“Hold still while I strangle you. Metaphorically and, you know, literally.”-Steve Martin

For the record, I love Steve Martin. This movie made me cry (“Big surprise, bozo.”-You), and the book was really fantastic, too. He seems like he wouldn’t be a very good boyfriend, though. I mean, there’d be a lot of banjo, for starters.

Lady Theme: Laverne and Shirley

All I’m saying is this is probably one of the best sitcom intros of all time.

But it ALWAYS makes me think of Wayne’s World, which (hear me out!) is a pretty lady-positive movie. I mean, yes, Wayne does treat crazy Lara Flynn Boyle kind of poorly, but the object of his affection (the lovely Tia Carrere) is so fierce.

Something I might as well tell you guys now is that I really, really love Wayne’s World (one and two). “A gun rack? Yeah, right. I don’t even a gun.” It’s classic.

Screw You, J. Crew

I just spent 45 minutes taking in a boxy thrift store denim shirt so that I could recreate a shirt I saw at J. Crew.

This is the face of a woman who just saved herself $90. Also this is the first post of my new blog called “Screw You, J. Crew,” wherein I just recreate their outfits out of stuff I find for almost free. Seriously, it’s a denim shirt. Give me a break.

Places I’ve Fallen Asleep

At my computer

Standing up at The Knitting Factory while a band was playing

In a movie theatre

At my desk, pen in hand

On many, many sofas

On the floor while working out

On my parents’ living room floor

On my boyfriend’s office floor

Occasionally in a bed, if I can make it to one before passing out


A few nights ago, I spent the night at my parents’ house. The next morning, I got this text from my mom while I was at work:

“I just thought it was weird that you were laying upside down on your bed fully clothed huddled under a comforter with all the lights on at midnight. I wish you would have taken some cupcakes.”

So that’s what life is like for me lately. I fell asleep upside down, AND I forgot to take cupcakes.

Image via Daily Mail