New Shirt

I usually try to avoid dressing in anything cute (because I get carded for R-rated movies, really) AND putting pictures of myself on the blog, but here you go. I figured I can break some rules because this shirt features my favorite food…ice cream. With sprinkles!

Lady Jam: Half-Breed, Cher

This was clearly a different time. A time when people used the word “half-breed” and sat on horses while wearing headdresses. Cher could probably still do this, though, and no one would blink an eye. “Oh, there’s Cher again, and…is she on a horse? Good for her.”

Because Obviously I Wish I Had Zooey Deschanel’s Wardrobe

As you probably know by now, I love the show New Girl. My boyfriend and I watch it together every Tuesday night, although I think we’re watching it for different reasons. I mean, yeah, we both watch it for the laughs, but he (like most dudes) has a little bit of a crush on Zooey D., and I (like most girls) just want to wear all of her outfits.

The coolest thing about her clothes is that they are actually semi-attainable most of the time. I mean, okay, I am not actually going to spend $168 dollars on this dress from Anthropologie, but I did see it up close when I was there last weekend (not buying anything, touching everything and pretending it was mine, thinking about what it would be like if my bedroom was in the giant tent-thing they had set up in the middle of the store). Anyway, if you spend every episode of New Girl whispering, “Ohhhh, I want that dress,” then I have the sites for you!
What Would Zooey Deschanel Wear?
Fashion of New Girl
You’re welcome, ladies. Let’s all buy some clothes we can technically afford but still can’t really afford.

PS- These were shorts the whole time! I really thought this was a skirt!