Lady Writer(s)

My friend (our friend!) Lauren wrote a wonderful article about the lovely Emily St. John Mandel for Overflow magazine. Lauren is the best writer/editor (double threat) I know, and Emily St. John Mandel wrote a book I absolutely loved called Last Night In Montreal. Nancy Pearl loved it, and you will too.
Emily St. John Mandel is kind of impossibly beautiful, right?

Right. Check out the article!

Three’s Company is the Best Show on TV

Freaks and Geeks is one of my favorite shows of all time, mostly because Lindsay Weir is the most realistic depiction I’ve ever seen of a teenage girl. I felt like Lindsay Weir every single day from the time I was 13 to the time I was 20, and I still feel like her a lot of days. This scene from F&G doesn’t feature Lindsay (or Kim, the baddest bitch you’ll ever meet), but it does feature I line that someone in my family says just about everyday: “Three’s Company is the best show on TV!” If you don’t know why we say it so much, then you don’t know how often Three’s Company comes up in conversation.

Artsy Craftsy

Isn’t this index card journal the best idea? I assembled my own (the one pictured is from the original post. Obviously my photography isn’t that pretty). The description from the site:

“The idea is very simple — flip to the current date and at the end of the day, write down something that happened. Some days it is big things like “Annie took her first steps.” Other days it is small, like “needed more than one cup of coffee this morning.””

For mine, I used a recipe box I love (a gift from my BFF!) and filled it with index cards. I guess I should probably use a stamp instead of just writing in the dates as I go, but you know me. I’ve only filled out a few days so far but I already love it! Predictably, everything I’ve written is about food. I imagine it will be really fun once I get past the first year.

Check out the tutorial on Design Sponge!

Celebrity Crush: Young John Travolta

I’m aware that I’m going a little out on a limb with this one. It is all too easy to find weird-looking pictures of current John Travolta, because that would be all the pictures of current John Travolta. He is always either bald, or goateed, or reprising Divine’s role in Hairspray, or being in Wild Hogs. So, yes, I do know that he is now a slightly puffier version of his former self. But that former self? Can we just admit to ourselves that John Travolta was a very attractive man in the 70′s and 80′s?

He had a good smile and some great hair.

Lest we forget, Saturday Night Fever wasn’t really the lighthearted dance flick everyone makes it out to be. It was actually a pretty dark movie about class and gang rape and, okay, some dancing. But John Travolta was good.

We’re still working on making the white t-shirt a “look” for dudes, right, guys?

Young John Travolta was definitely at his hottest in a movie I love that no one else seems to care about, Blow Out. Seriously, am I the only one on the planet who hated Blow Up and loved Blow Out? Probably. Only one of them featured John Lithgow. But also, John Travolta’s hair!

He has a blinding smile.

Also, there’s this. While Saturday Night Fever was actually a solid movie, the “sequel,” Staying Alive, was just a straight up dance movie. I love this movie and I think about it at least once a day. I wish I was kidding.

And in case you need video proof…well, here’s the intro from Staying Alive. This is how the movie starts. It does not even waste any time with exposition or character development, because Staying Alive knows all you wanna do is watch Johnny dance! Staying Alive is the best movie ever made.