The Case of the Missing Waverly

Do you remember Waverly? She came into Smash’s life all smart and classy and mysterious, recited some poetry, then disappeared after Smash was like, “I can’t handle an incredibly common and treatable mental illness because all I understand is football.” The last we saw of her, Smash brought her some cake. And then…nothing. Where did she go? What did Smash say to her? Did she eat that cake? I have so many questions that will never get answers.
At least I know where the actress that played Waverly ended up. She’s in this movie, Pariah. Entertainment Weekly’s been writing about it in just about every issue for the past couple of months and even without the Waverly sighting it looks intense. A fun fact about Waverly (I mean, Aasha Davis) is that she was born in 1974 according to IMDB. That makes her 7 years older than Tim Riggins and only nine years younger than Coach Taylor. Nine years? IMDB must be lying to us.

A Great Way To Spend Some Time

For some reason, I’m kind of obsessed with Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s relationship. They’re like my Jay-Z and Beyonce. Did you guys know they met in high school? And they’re still together? And he puts her in his videos/on the covers of his albums? I’m pretty sure Paula Patton might be in the running for title of Most Beautiful Woman in The World because, seriously, have you looked at her lately? I know I’m asking you a lot of questions. Sorry. So anyway, she’s insanely beautiful, and I think Robin Thicke is attractive but I’m not totally sure because every time I look at him I just see his dad.

If you’d like to look at a photogallery of Robin Thicke and Paula Patton, here you go, feel free to die of adorableness. Also, here’s his video for Love After War, in which Paula Patton refuses to ever wear pants and I start to feel uncomfortable because this is basically softcore porn.

The Best Way To Spend Five Dollars

What does five dollars get me? A cheap take out meal? How about a letter from Marc Maron?

The Rumpus is starting Letters In The Mail, and it’s basically the coolest thing I’ve ever heard of. For just 5 dollars a month, you’ll get a letter “almost every week” from authors like “Dave Eggers, Marc Maron, Stephen Elliott, Janet Fitch, Nick Flynn, Margaret Cho, Cheryl Strayed, Wendy MacNaughton, Emily Gould, Tao Lin, and Jonathan Ames.”

Finally. All I’ve ever wanted in my life is a letter from Emily Gould or Dave Eggers. Get out those credit cards! This would be a good gift for a literary person in your life. Or you could just get it for yourself, like I’m doing.

Audrey Hepburn

I have nothing against Audrey Hepburn. I’m pretty sure I like her. She was a good actress, she was very pretty, and she did a lot of charity work. But I do find it upsetting that I’m supposed to idolize the look of a woman who could fit into her husband’s coat.

I can’t even fit into some of H’s clothes when he’s not wearing them, let alone when he’s in them. Once I accidentally put on his jeans (they got mixed in with my laundry, I wasn’t paying attention, don’t judge me) and while they technically fit, they mostly just looked like mom jeans.