Christmas Jam: River, Joni Mitchell

Hey, who feels like crying? I don’t know why I saved all the depressing Christmas songs for the few days before Christmas. This is my favorite Joni Mitchell song, as well as one of my all-time favorite sad songs. For the record, the Barry Manilow version of this song is not very good (what a surprise!). Also, I would recommend not reading the youtube comments on this one. You guys, I’m sorry, I’ll post something cheerful soon, I promise!

I Can’t Help Myself

Okay, guys, listen: I love Shit Girls Say. Obviously. For some reason that I can’t explain, there is nothing in the world funnier to me than when a man puts on a wig, does half-assed, non-glamorous drag and does a very realistic impression of a specific type of woman. That’s why I love John Roberts so much. I can’t explain why I find that funny any more than I can explain why I love pizza so much or why this one Pink song always makes me cry when I hear it in an Old Navy. It’s just magic.
While I do say a lot of those things, I really identify far more with Shit Gay Guys Say:

Probably that is my ideal friend, specifically for the sentence, “I rented Stepmom and Lily Tomlin’s one woman show!” To quote the gay best friend of this sorority girl who I used to live next to in my sophomore year dorm, if only.
Lines in that video I’ve said/often say/will say:
“I don’t even subscribe to Entertainment Weekly, they just keep sending it!”
“Have you seen my Niecy Nash impression?”
“Heartburn is on Netflix streaming?” (this was met with nothing but silence from my boyfriend, by the way)
“Julia Sugarbaker.”

This Isn’t a Style Blog: Leopard Print Coats

I’m pretty aware of which fashion trends I can pull off and which I can’t. That being said, I’m certainly not immune to lusting after things I’m 99% sure would look terrible on me. Right now, for reasons I can’t explain, I’m fixated on a leopard print coat. Actually, I can explain the reasons. They’re called these pictures.

It’s like an automatic way to be the baddest bitch in the room. My boyfriend, for the record, would hate this look, but show me a straight man who likes leopard print and you’ll be showing me a mirage because they don’t exist.

Modcloth is selling a nice looking, reasonably affordable leopard coat that, who knows, I might cough up the shekels to buy after the holidays. With my black feather hat, I think I might be edging into “weird old lady” territory.

Not-So-Secret Celebrity Crush: Young Bruce Springsteen

As I discovered recently, I kind of have a crush on young Bruce Springsteen. Nothing against old (or, I guess, “regular”) Bruce Springsteen, but young Bruce Springsteen was really bringing his misunderstood, working-class, flannel-wearing A-game.

When was this picture taken? Was it yesterday? I can’t even handle it. Actually, I can’t even tell if I think he’s cute or if I just want that outfit for myself.

Who does he think he is, Jess Mariano?

Everyone knows (or should know) that “white t-shirt” is the best look on a dude. Bruce knows.

Like a better looking Cat Stevens. Once again, do I just want this jacket? Maybe.

Not sure how I feel about this. I’m conflicted.

I’m going to make a calendar called “Cars and Bruce Springsteen.” Every month will be a picture of Bruce Springsteen leaning against the hood of a car.

I should admit to you that Born to Run is one of my favorite songs of all time. What can I say, I’m from a small town. It speaks to me!