Merry Christmas!

As I mentioned earlier, Alex and I love to watch Christmas sitcoms on Christmas Eve. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we’ve seen some good ones (Wings, Frasier) and some bad ones (Family Ties, or anything that uses A Christmas Carol’s plot). The crown jewel is the episode of The Fresh Prince where Aunt Viv lets Will decorate their house since it’s his first Christmas in Bel Air, and wouldn’t you know it, he does things a little differently. An episode that’s also pretty great (and that completely defies the “No Christmas Carol” rule) is this Sanford and Son episode. Merry Christmas, guys!

Christmas Jam: I’ll Be Home for Christmas, She & Him

I’ll admit it. I don’t really like a lot of “classic” Christmas songs. Singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer feels, to me, like singing the ABCs. Give me a Last Christmas any day! But I really love I’ll Be Home For Christmas, and it’s made me tear up on more than once occasion (despite never having been away from home on Christmas). Let’s just pretend my extreme emotional outbursts are a charming part of my character.

I hope you’re all having the best Christmas possible and spending time with the people you love. I’m extremely lucky to have spent the past two days seeing lots of my favorite friends (including people I only get to see a few times a year), and now I get to spend a several days with my family. Enjoy all your holiday traditions! For my part, I’ll be watching Christmas sitcoms with Alex tonight and trying to rearrange the letters of my mom’s stocking hangers. Merry Christmas!

In Which I’m Conveniently Reminded About the Murakami Book I’m Getting

When my mom and I were out Christmas shopping a few weeks ago, she bought me a book that was on the sale table at Barnes and Noble. “Forget you saw this,” she said to me, which is what she always says when she buys me a present while I’m, um, present. The thing is, I actually did forget what book she bought me, like she used that special Men In Black memory-erasing flashlight or whatever that was (I haven’t seen that movie since junior high). Until yesterday, when she asked, “Hey, who did I buy that book with the bird on the cover for? With a Japanese sounding name?”