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Big changes are afoot! My lovely boyfriend’s been hard at work redesigning Welcome to Ladyville, and soon I’ll be able to show you guys. I can’t wait. These flowers (in my blog’s color scheme!) were an anniversary gift.

Christmas Jam: I Wish It Was Christmas Today

Why did I wait so long to post the best Christmas song (BESIDES LAST CHRISTMAS)? Seriously, I love this song. I know Julian Casablancas does a version. I know that. His version is fine, but this is obviously better. When this came out (how old was I? High school? Junior high?), I thought it was the funniest thing I’d ever seen, and I still kind of do.

Christmas Jam: My Favorite Christmas (In A Hundred Words Or Less), Of Montreal

One of the very best concerts I ever attended was Of Montreal at the Southgate House. The Southgate House is closing at the end of December, and even though I was probably never going to go again anyway, it makes me depressed. I saw so many great bands, singers, and comedians there: Sufjan Stevens, Sleater-Kinney, Minus the Bear, and Eugene Mirman/Andy Kindler/Marc Maron. I’m pretty sure Of Montreal didn’t play this song either time I saw them, but it’s a good jam nonetheless.

Lady Podcast: How Was Your Week with Julie Klausner

My love for Julie Klausner is well-documented. I just think she’s great. Intelligent, hilarious, a fabulous writer, a confident lady, and an inspiration to us all. Her podcast is just as fantastic. Sometimes I think it fell from Heaven as God’s special gift to me (for what? I don’t know. I’m not going to question a gift), because she manages to have all my favorite people talking about all my favorite things. For example, a recent episode featured Gabe Liedman talking about serial killers and cults. There is literally nothing I’d rather listen to.
Julie typically talks about strong female characters, reality TV, and Basset Hounds. What else could you want? Some of my favorite episodes include Patton Oswalt (they talk about their creative processes), Michelle McNamara (SERIAL KILLERS!), Ira Glass and his wife Anaheed Alani (too cute to handle), Maria Bamford (because Maria Bamford, duh), this story about Brett Butler that made me laugh out loud alone in my car, or you could just listen to The Best of How Was Your Week.
If you like comedy/laughing, you’re going to like How Was Your Week. This is one of the podcasts (like Professor Blastoff) I eagerly wait for all week. Every Friday, guys. Get ready to get obsessed.
As always, let me know about any great lady podcasts you’re listening to!

Christmas Jam: Another Lonely Christmas, Prince

If this sounds like it belongs on Purple Rain, that’s because it was the B-side to I Would Die 4 U (also known as one of my very favorite Prince songs). Somehow, I only found out about this song this year. I feel like the first 25 years of my life have been a waste. You know it’s a Prince song because there’s a line about banana daiquiris, because of course Prince drinks banana daiquiris. You can listen here.