Beacons of Positivity: Joy the Baker

All pictures are from Obviously. They are clearly way too good to be mine.

Something I say a lot is, “Life is hard enough as it is.” Usually I say this when a stranger is rude to me. Or when I (or someone I know) is stressing out about something that doesn’t matter. What I mean is this: life is hard. Really hard, a lot of the time for a lot of people. People die, they get sick, we’re lonely, we’re sad, we’re never gonna get on American Idol and meet Ryan Seacrest because we’re tonedeaf…just usual stuff like that. And I don’t know about you, but my default mode is Negative. I’m not a naturally positive person; if left to my own devices, I would sleep all day, eat my weight in cookies, and always assume the worst. I strongly believe that happiness is a choice. I wake up every day and think, “Today is going to be a good day.” I believe in positive affirmations. I believe in fakin’ it till you make it. I believe in reading self-help books on your Kindle (so if anyone asks what you’re reading, you can just shrug and say, “Murakami.”). Maybe it won’t be a good day, but if I tell myself it’s going to be a bad day? Then I’m pretty damn sure it will be.
So, life is hard enough as it is. Don’t make it any harder than it has to be. Don’t get so angry at the person that cut you off on the highway. Don’t keep checking the facebook page of someone you don’t like, just so you can make fun of them in your head (I’m way guilty of this one). And, whatever you do, DON’T READ NEGATIVE WEBSITES!
I go out of my way to find positive, uplifting, enlightening, funny, witty, and creative blogs/websites. So this is a feature where I’ll share some of my favorite beacons of positivity with you! Because we all need it.

Joy the Baker is probably my favorite foodblog. My friend Lauren shared this with me, and honestly, I don’t know what I did before Joy. She is like the Ina Garten of the internet: always reliable. She has a recipe for every occassion, and it is always. going. to. work. Also, the design of her webpage is beautiful, and she sprinkles little life lessons in her posts. She seems like a lovely person, and her podcast is also delightful. Like the website, it’s full of LIFE LESSONS. Mostly about the power of black tights, which I fully believe in. This week I made her cappucino cookies (with dark chocolate, not white chocolate) to celebrate Lauren’s vist, and I actually had to remove them from my apartment in order to stop eating them. I took all the leftovers to my parents’ and said, “I need to get these out of my life.” They were my main source of sustenance for 2 the baker cappuccino cookies
Next week, I’m making her Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Brownies to bring to work. They seem like dude food, right? brownies
Joy the Baker, thanks for being your fabulous self! You encourage me to stay positive and ride my bike more. Oh, and bake.

Tina Fey on Amy Poehler

“Amy was in the middle of some … nonsense … and she did something vulgar as a joke. I can’t remember what it was exactly, except it was dirty and loud and ‘unladylike.’

Jimmy Fallon, who was arguably the star of the show at the time, turned to her and in a faux-squeamish voice said, ‘Stop that! It’s not cute! I don’t like it.’

Amy dropped what she was doing, went black in the eyes for a second and wheeled around on him. ‘I don’t fucking care if you like it.’ Jimmy was visibly startled. Amy went right back to enjoying her ridiculous bit. (I should make it clear that Jimmy and Amy are very good friends and there was never any real beef between them. Insert penis joke here.)

With that exchange, a comsmic shift took place. Amy made it clear that she wasn’t there to be cute. She wasn’t there to play wives and girlfriends in the boys’ scenes. She was there to do what she wanted to do and she did not fucking care if you liked it.”

-from Bossypants, Tina Fey.

Just some besties, hanging out (with Janeane Garafolo, who is OBVIOUSLY also amazing):

Creative Lady Inspiration: Lady Gaga

“Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you’re wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore.”

I’ll admit that I was never really into Lady Gaga before. I didn’t dislike her, and I appreciated her over-the-topness, but her music always just left me cold. Until this album, which I am INTO. I first heard Born This Way when I was having a really bad day, and honestly? It helped. We need more pop songs about, like, bein’ ourselves and how God don’t make no junk.
The real gem on the album, if you ask me, is The Edge of Glory.

When I first heard this song, I was like, “HOLD THE PHONE, I need this album.” “Hold the phone” is something I say in my head a lot, because I am in a constant state of shock. I could listen to this song all day. That sax solo!

And, obviously, that quote from her is brilliant.