Welcome to Ladyville

Sometimes I find myself wanting to talk about “lady stuff.” And by “sometimes,” of course I mean, “all the time.” Since my work, home, social and romantic lives are dominated by men, I almost never get a chance to just shoot the shit with other ladies about the things that concern us. There are only so many times* I can find myself getting in an argument about Oprah Winfrey with a straight guy I just met before I realize I need an outlet.

By Lady Stuff, I’m talkin’ movies, books, and music by, for, and about women. I’m talkin’ writing. I’m talkin’ sewing, cooking, and how I don’t regard these activities as domestic oppressions but as  feminist expressions. I’m talkin’ that sweet rhyme I just made up. I’m talkin’ comedy. I’m talkin’ politics (probably not, unless you want to get all “the personal is political” in which case, okay, sure). I’m talkin’ all the stuff I don’t want to write about on our blog because Alex doesn’t care.

Welcome to Ladyville, my friends. I hope you enjoy your stay.**

*It was one time, and it ended in me yelling, “WELL JONATHAN FRANZEN DIDN’T HAVE TO BE SUCH A DICK ABOUT IT!”…a position I still stand by, although I admit I could’ve phrased it a little better.

**I promise I won’t say stuff like this anymore (jk. I will say stuff like this all the time).