I’m Writing a Book!


I am so, so happy to share my news with you guys: I’m writing a book!

HOMECOMING will be published by The Studio at Paper Lantern Lit. Writing it is such a joy because it combines so many things that are close to my heart. Anxiety. Falling in love. Facing your fears. Homecoming, of course. And I really, really hope it will make you laugh a lot.

I just wrote and deleted about a thousand cheesy, dumb things so let me just say: I hope you read it, and I hope you like it. I’ve wanted to write a book ever since I learned how to write, and I’m so glad that this is my first one.

This Week on My Romantic Comedy Blog

something borrowed

I am four weeks into my year of romantic comedies and oh man did I ever pick a doozie of a 4th movie. By which I mean I picked a terrible fourth movie. I’m so used to loving every romantic comedy, even the awful ones, that this experience really shook me to my core. You can read all about my impression of Something Borrowed on A Year of Romantic Comedies.

This Blog is Now a Eudora Peterson Fan Site


Have you guys been reading Millihelen, the new Jezebel beauty blog run by Jane Marie? Most “beauty” blog are boring and/or prescriptive, but Millihelen has much more a ~*do yr own thing~* vibe which I appreciate. But, most importantly, it has videos from Eudora Peterson, a woman we all love. Every other week you can check out her Fashion What Ifs videos and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. There are three so far and, honestly, each one has been funnier than the last. The most recent one made me LOL many times.

And, as if that isn’t cool enough, Eudora was also interviewed on Splitsider recently! You just, just in case you needed more incentive to follow her on Twitter.

I’m always happy when I’m listening to, watching, or reading something by funny lady, but it’s even better when said funny lady is a part of my family. Hope you guys are cool with Welcome to Ladyville morphing into a Eudora Peterson fanblog because that’s essentially what is happening, sorry!

The Things I Want to Write

Have you noticed that I haven’t been writing on this blog even half as often as I used to? “No, Kerry, because we all have lives that don’t revolve around you,” you say as one. Well, okay, guys. Maybe you DON’T CARE, but I will explain my absence anyway: I’ve been doing a lot of non-blog writing, and that gives me less time for this blog. I do love Welcome to Ladyville, but I also love writing other things. And, because writing begets writing, all I can think about now is all the stuff I WANT to write. So here’s a list. Some of these are more serious/more practical than others.

-About 15 million YA contemporary romances, because these are probably my favorite things ever and I just want to be Meg Cabot (aka write all the time and live in Key West).

-A girl detective series, like Nancy Drew but the detective is Bess and she messes everything up constantly. Or maybe the main character is George and she barely even gives a SHIT about yr dumb mysteries.

-A screenplay with my brother Alex, because we’re both writers and we need to be more like the Duplass bros (or the brother/sister team who wrote Our Idiot Brother).

-A blog with Lauren because we email each other multiple times a day and, I know I’m biased, but our emails are so great that it’s a real shame they aren’t shared with the world. But they’re probably 50% shit-talking, so maybe it’s best that no one else reads them.

-A short story that’s good enough for Rookie.

More fanfic about Lenny Kravitz because I’m only human and I really do love him/make up stories about him in my head all the time.

-A blog about romantic comedies (whoops, I’m already writing that).

-A YA/MG book in diary format because those were always my favorite growing up (and, again, I just want to be Meg Cabot).

-Romantic comedies that aren’t YA.

-A TV show set in a small town full of quirky characters like Hart of Dixie. One where everything always ends up pretty happy at the end of each episode, and also Jason Street is involved.

-Those mysteries that are all about food and have, like, a picture of pie on the front and a recipe in the back? Have you ever seen those at the library? They look fun. Also I’m obsessed with mysteries because I love them and CONSTANTLY tried to write them as a child. The murderer was always the next door neighbor.

-A series about four bffs, because Sisterhood the Traveling Pants is perfect.

-Updated Baby-Sitters Club books. I remember a LOT of details and I can totally do it. Mallory might be “mysteriously” absent and/or this series can turn into the murder mystery I always wanted to write.

-Anything you will pay me for, basically. Give me $$$ for words, please.

A Year of Romantic Comedies

I’ve written about my love of romantic comedies once or fifteen times here on Welcome to Ladyville. They’re my favorite movies and I take them just as seriously as most people take Oscar contenders. So, of course, I had to start an entire blog just to write about them.

A Year of Romantic Comedies is my attempt to watch 52 romantic comedies. So far, so fun. I’m enjoying this so much that I sort of want to devote my life, not just a year, to watching romcoms.

You can read my introduction and check out my first post on The Wedding Singer, which is basically a perfect movie.

If you have any movie suggestions, I’d love to hear from you! Send me an email at welcometoladyville@gmail.com or find me on Twitter @KerryAnn.