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Something Great: Smart Girls at the Party

smart girls at the party logo

Chances are good you’ve heard of Smart Girls at the Party by now. How could you not? It involves Amy Poehler! But maybe you haven’t taken the time yet to check out the website, click around, and dig through all of the great content there. Well, lucky for you, I’m here to highlight why Smart Girls at the Party is my newest internet obsession.

Here’s a great description from the site: “This is where you might learn about something you would like to experience. You might learn about a woman you’d like to emulate. You might learn a new perspective or an unfamiliar custom or a new way to talk to yourself about something. It is our hope that you will learn more about your truest self.”

Smart Girls at the Party’s motto is “Change the world by being yourself.” There are two things I love about that motto. First, the BE YOURSELF bit. We hear “be yourself” so often that it’s pretty much lost all meaning for a lot of us, but I love that here, being yourself is presented as a journey and a goal and a state of being, all at once. And then there’s the “change the world” thing. I love that Smart Girls encourages girls to take their talents and interests and DO SOMETHING with them.

Here, in handy-dandy list form, are my favorite parts of Smart Girls at the Party:

1. Smart Girl of the Week. The site features a “smart girl” who has actually changed the world by being herself. Sometimes the smart girl is famous (Dorothy Dandridge, for example) and sometimes she’s not. Either way, this feature focuses on the girl/woman’s accomplishments and how she used her unique qualities to make a difference. Real role models, presented in a non-boring way.

2. Poetry! By Marge Piercy, no less.

3. Ask Amy. You’ve probably seen Amy Poehler’s great advice videos, where she honestly and kindly answers questions about all sorts of things that real girls worry about (and she never makes them feel like they should change).

4. College! There’s a big emphasis on college basics. What are dorms like? What’s it like to study abroad? What’s it like to have a roommate? You know, the stuff smart girls are actually worried about.

5. Books! There are lots of posts about books and reading and just learning, in general.

6. The Fort of Experience!

And finally, what I love most about Smart Girls: it’s about DOING. Whether it’s charity work or reading or making something or cooking or traveling. Basically, the site encourages girls to try new things in order to become more interesting and become their authentic selves. That’s some stellar advice, whether you’re in high school or, ahem, 26. I’m not ashamed to admit that I, an adult, am really and truly inspired by Smart Girls. I can’t think of many things more important than encouraging young girls to be smart, curious, and inspired. As I know from experience, being a girl is tough (I’m sure you remember, too!). We often talk about that, but I feel like many of us don’t really take it all that seriously. But when I remember the things I thought and said about myself in junior high, I feel so sad. Dealing with such weird societal pressure to look and be a certain way at such a young age is no joke. Smart Girls encourages girls to do more than just look cool or be attractive. It encourage them to actually do things to make themselves happy and make a difference.

If you love Smart Girls at the Party as much as I do, you can also check them out on Pinterest or Youtube!

Wednesday Link Party!

let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains

I hope everyone’s having a great week! Things have been a-okay for me lately. I picked out my wedding dress last weekend (more on that in a later post!), ate some wonderful sandwiches, and watched the season premiere of The Bachelor. I’d seen a few episodes of the season where Jerry O’Connell’s brother was on–what can I say? I had a crazy life in college–but other than that, this is my first bachelor experience. It’s weird. Also, I’m still not over my cold, but at least now I’m not stuck in bed. It’s the little things, you know? On with the links!

Carrie Brownstein gives some solid advice in O Magazine. “If you buy an item of clothing and you don’t wear it within a week, take it back.”

I read The Artist’s Way and did morning pages for awhile, but I let it slip. This article may have inspired me to get back into it.

How good does a peanut butter and hazelnut smoothie sound? The only acceptable answer is “so good.”

Alex emailed me this article and I love it: Be Wrong As Fast As You Can.

Sara Schaefer’s list of things to consider when submitting to write for a late night show is just good advice not matter what you’re submitting for. Some of it’s specific to late night shows, but things like “Follow the instructions” are good for all of us to remember. This is a great and super-interesting read!

Amy Poehler has great taste in books, you guys!

Paul F. Tompkins singing Skyfall. I could listen to this FOR DAYS.

Nancy Pelosi and ladies in Congress. Awesome.

Granola in a crock-pot is a thing?! I’m intrigued.

Image found via Smart Girls at the Party

Happy Weekend

Fun fact: I think of this R. Kelly song whenever I hear/say/read the word “weekend.” Unrelated: here are some pictures of Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch to inspire you.

Amy Poehler’s look in that last picture is basically how I look from November-April, except less pretty and less talented.
Pictures from this Rachel Dratch tumblr, which is worth a look. Rachel Dratch! We love her, right? Have fun, check back tomorrow for the link to my HelloGiggles post, and enjoy your freakin’ weekend (as R. Kelly would want).

The Funniest Song in the World: The Power of “Hold On”

For ladies of a certain age, “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips is a seminal piece of music. I’m right on the tail end of what I’ll call The Wilson Phillips Movement, but I definitely remember “Hold On” being played when I was a kid and all the girls singing along with it. This song has everything: angelic female harmonies, sassy background vocals, clapping, and some really solid advice.
In case you haven’t listened in awhile, Wilson Phillips implore us to “hold on for one more day and/break free from the chains,” while also posing such pressing questions as “Why do you lock yourself up in these chains?” and “Are you comfortable with the pain?” This isn’t just a song of encouragement and earnest questioning; the Wilsons (and the lone Phillips) also engage in some tough love. “You’ve got no one to blame for your unhappiness/ you got yourself into your own mess,” Chynna Phillips sagely reminds us. Preach it, Chynna.
It was only a matter of time before the women who loved this song grew up and started writing it into their comedy films. Here are three great “Hold On” scenes that always make me laugh. Okay, one of these movies was actually written by guys, but that’s the great thing about the power of “Hold On.” It transcends gender.

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle:

Because I value honesty, I will tell you that I saw this movie twice in theatres. It’s a little lowbrow, sure! It’s also absolutely hilarious half the time, and I don’t even smoke pot. My Celebrity Crush David Krumholtz has a small part, which maybe influenced my opinion.

Spring Breakdown:

I’ve been telling you to watch Spring Breakdown. Why haven’t you watched Spring Breakdown? Amy Poehler. Rachel Dratch. Parker Posey. Amber Tamblyn. Missi Pyle. Jane Lynch. Egg. Millie. A greater lady-comedy dream team was never assembled. I’ve tried to pinpoint my favorite part of this scene, and I can’t. I love Parker Posey’s admonishing finger-wag, and the way Amy Poehler gleefully shouts Carnie Wilon’s “No, baby!” line.


Of course! Hot damn, Chynna, you are looking better than ever. Bridesmaids is my favorite movie of the year so far (obviously), and this was one of the best scenes. Once at a friend’s wedding, my BFF and I dramatically gesture-sang Shania Twain’s “From This Moment On” to each other in a very similar fashion (I meant every word). She’s getting married next year, and while I’m not exactly promising I’ll do the same thing to “Hold On,” it could happen. Like, if I’m drinking, and the song just happens to come on, and okay maybe I’ll request it. We’ll see what happens in a year.

Ladies (and gents!), I hope “Hold On” has been as comforting to you as it has been to me. Strangely enough, I do feel kind of inspired when I hear it, like I’m ready to take control of my life and get rid of negative habits/influences. I can admit that to you because this is a Safe Space. In case you need a flashback, here’s the original video. Chynna sacrificed a lovely couch to make that vest, the least you can do is watch.