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Baby Brother’s Blog

So you guys hear me talk about my brother Alex a lot. I don’t write as often about my youngest brother, Chase, because he hasn’t had a strong web presence…until now! Chase just started a blog. Called The Popinjay. About menswear. I know you’re like, “Kerry, we’re reading a blog called Welcome to Ladyville here, what are we supposed to do with menswear?” Well, I don’t know, you guys. Maybe some of you are guys. Or maybe you have brothers or boyfriends or male best friends or stylish dads or whatever.

Anyway, Chasey’s blog is great and it’s just very him. I doubt you know any other 17 year old boys who are even half as much into ties. Both my brothers now have blogs! Now if only we could get my parents in on this action. I bet my mom could write a great TMZ-style takedown of other kids’ parents (whatever, Mom, you know it’s true), and Alex has already hypothesized that my dad’s blog would be called “Pizzas I Have Eaten.”

Wednesday Links

-I post about Alex’s blog all the time because I love it. Here I go again! Check out this hilarious post.

Texts from Little Women. I don’t have words for how much I love this.

-Another one from someone I know in real life! You should really be reading Eudora’s blog because she is a smart, funny, fashionable lady who also happens to be a great writer. Here’s a perfect post to start with.

-Alex sent me the link to this Lifehacker article about Felicia Day. What’s better than learning about how talented, crazy-productive ladies get it done?

-I don’t shop too much on Modcloth (mostly because I don’t shop too much anywhere), but now that they have a collection by A Beautiful Mess…well, maybe I bought something. Maybe.

A book from a former Jezebel editor that sounds like it’s basically about working for Jezebel. I’m in!

-Friend of Welcome to Ladyville Lauren wrote something a few weeks ago about TIGHTS. I love Lauren’s blog! Also, Lauren just got engaged this week. Mazel tov, you crazy kids.

-Julie Klausner wrote a little something about the Lifetime Steel Magnolias, which is waiting for me on my boyfriend’s DVR. I just need some time to get ready for it, that’s all.

Let’s Be Blog Friends

I wish everyone I knew had an online presence. Once, I absentmindedly found myself thinking that I’d like to post something on Hester‘s Facebook wall. I can’t do that. Do you know why? Because Hester is a cat. Although, if she did have Facebook, her profile would no doubt be super interesting. Likes would include crumpled blankets, my dad, trying to get people to give her milk, and eating the catnip in my mom’s flowerbed. Dislikes would include bacon, no one ever giving her any milk, and trying to figure out who’s whistling.

Since Hester’s never going to figure out how to use the internet, I’ve got to set my sights elsewhere. So let me know…do any of you have blogs? Hopefully all of you have blogs! Everyone needs one! Start one today!

Please, let me follow your every move. Share a link to your blog in the comments so I can check it out! Then maybe I can send you angry emails when you don’t update often enough for me, like I do with Lauren. Fun!

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For Your Entertainment

One of my best gals just started a blog! Jayne is one of the funniest people I know and she’s a great writer. You will probably like her better than you like me, in which case I will be sad, but then I’ll understand. But then, after I understand, I’ll get really angry.
Go read Jayne’s blog!