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I Had a (Book-Themed) Bridal Shower!

bridal shower table
I try not to talk about my upcoming wedding too much on here, but the truth is it’s kinda taken over my life lately. It’s only about a month away, which is causing me A LOT of stress. I plan on writing about the (not very fun, for me anyway) process of wedding planning soon, but today I wanted to tell you guys about one VERY fun aspect of getting married: the bridal shower!

Here’s why I liked my bridal shower: I didn’t have to do anything. Seriously, I just showed up. I’m lucky that my best friend/maid of honor also happens to be one of those people who’s SUPER great at planning things (unlike me), and she threw what will probably go down as the best shower in the history of showers. The only worry I had about it was that no one would show up (I didn’t want to invite very many people, because I didn’t want to obligate people to buy gifts, but then I got super concerned that I’d invited too few people and it would just be me and Cat and my mom in a room), but almost everyone could make it! I knew Cat could handle every other detail like a boss, and she did. Seriously, guys, this bridal shower was book-themed. The favors were bookmarks with a Lorrie Moore quote on them. I don’t think it could have been more awesome.
bridal shower bookmark lorrie moore

Also there were books covered in tissue paper and quotes from books (and Winnie the Pooh).
brial shower flowers

Oh yeah, and Mama W. made a cake that looked like a book.
bridal shower cake

As you can tell (by, you know, looking at this blog), I enjoy pink and yellow, so I was all about the color scheme. Also, Cat doesn’t hate me so she didn’t make me play any stupid bridal shower games. We did play The Newlywed Game, which I always actually love at showers, and I learned a lot about H. Namely that he thinks my nose is cute (?) and he can’t remember the first or last movie we saw together. Enlightening!

I will tell you all, though, that parts of the shower were awkward, and I think that’s true of any shower. Mainly I’m talking about opening presents while everyone watches you. When you’re no longer a child, there are blessedly few times you have to do this. Basically, it’s limited to bridal and baby showers. You know why? Because it’s weird! I genuinely loved all of the wonderful gifts my friends and family gave me, but it still felt so weird to hold them up in front of a group of women and say, “OH LOOK AT THIS! I LOVE IT! THANK YOU!”

Also, it’s just a strange experience to have a lot of people you know from different places all in one room. Like, your college friends and your aunt and your future mother-in-law, just all hangin’ out. It’s not bad, but it is unusual.

To be completely serious for one damn second of my life, my shower was a really special day, and I’m so glad I got to spend the time with some of my favorite ladies. You guys know how much I love positive all-female environments (a lot). Everything was wonderful, thoughtful, and beautiful, and I loved it all.

Oh yeah, and in case you wanted to see how attractive my friends are, here’s a picture of all of the girls I’ve known since high school. I also have a picture that includes my college friends, but that picture is on my mom’s camera and when I asked her to send it to me, she said, “I don’t know how to do that. Ask Alex.” Classic Mama W. But look how attractive!
bridal shower girls