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Baby Brother’s Blog

So you guys hear me talk about my brother Alex a lot. I don’t write as often about my youngest brother, Chase, because he hasn’t had a strong web presence…until now! Chase just started a blog. Called The Popinjay. About menswear. I know you’re like, “Kerry, we’re reading a blog called Welcome to Ladyville here, what are we supposed to do with menswear?” Well, I don’t know, you guys. Maybe some of you are guys. Or maybe you have brothers or boyfriends or male best friends or stylish dads or whatever.

Anyway, Chasey’s blog is great and it’s just very him. I doubt you know any other 17 year old boys who are even half as much into ties. Both my brothers now have blogs! Now if only we could get my parents in on this action. I bet my mom could write a great TMZ-style takedown of other kids’ parents (whatever, Mom, you know it’s true), and Alex has already hypothesized that my dad’s blog would be called “Pizzas I Have Eaten.”

Hannah and My Brothers

I can tell I’m trying to procrastinate when I start thinking about which sister from Hannah and Her Sisters my brothers and I are most like.

For the record, Chase is clearly Dianne Wiest’s character. That one was easy. I wondered for awhile whether I was Mia Farrow’s character or Alex was, but then I realized of course I would adopt a bunch of kids and then Michael Caine would leave me. So Alex is obviously Barbara Hershey’s character, the artist.

Obviously my work is going great.

My Dad

My dad is quite the artist. In the past, he’s made me a collage of pictures of Alex wearing an apron, a Pretty In Pink shirt, and now this:

This is truly some one-of-a-kind artwork. A regular Andy Warhol, that’s Papa W. Anyway, I love this picture so, so, so much and I’m going to display it prominently for as long as I live. Mostly I’m just glad Dad left my “beauty mark” intact. God forbid he photoshop that out.

Ghost Court: Baby Brother’s Blog

My little bro finally started a comedy blog and I couldn’t be more excited for you. I mean, it just wasn’t fair that you didn’t get to read and/or hear about the things he was writing before. Now you do! Isn’t this a wonderful world?
Alex is the funniest person I know (and everyone I know is funny, because that is a requirement for being my friend, obvi) and I laughed out loud several times while reading his first few posts. And if you weren’t already aware of his sketch comedy group, Baby Mountain, get hip to it. Here’s one of my favorite sketches…this actually made me feel queasy, and I have an iron stomach. Ladies like gross out comedy, too, y’all.

Ice Cream Party from Baby Mountain on Vimeo.