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Monday Links

How to be Confident Without Seeming Like an A-Hole on Yes and Yes. Although, honestly, everything on Yes and Yes is great, so you’re probably reading it already.

“What can I do now that’ll continue to divert & protect me from that One Big Thing I actually want to do?”

Rookie interviews Carrie Brownstein. My favorite people in one place!

My friend Christine told me about Kitties and Bullshit/ and I’m in love with it.

On being a guy who watches Gilmore Girls. I’ve written about how my brother and I watch GG together, and my experience has shown me that all the coolest guys appreciate Stars Hollow.

I Saw Katy Perry’s Concert Documentary and I Liked It

I’ve always had the most casual interest in Katy Perry’s career. You know, stuff like, “Oh, I like some of her songs, no big deal.” While I firmly believe that Teenage Dream is one of the best pop songs ever written and I definitely love her look, I wouldn’t ever call myself a Katy Perry fan. But after seeing Katy Perry: Part of Me in 3D, I have to amend that. I’m a straight up Katy Perry believer.

I mostly wanted to see it because of the Russell Brand stuff. I can’t help it, I love relationship drama, and celebrity relationships are no different. This is a teensy bit embarassing to admit, but a few weeks before Katy and Russell announced their divorce, I actually said this sentence to my brother: “If Katy Perry and Russell Brand ever split up, I’m going to be so upset.” And I kind of was! I know some people think it’s pathetic to be upset about a celebrity breakup, but I don’t think so. I think it’s just basic psychology. When you find out that someone you always assumed was happy actually isn’t happy, it makes you question your judgments about your own happiness. Or maybe that’s just me.

Either way, I was very pleasantly surprised by how much else went on in this documentary. I love hearing about women who work hard, and Katy Perry definitely does. She’s had a singular dream (to be on stage, wearing a sparkly costume, while people sing along with her) her whole life, and she made it happen. She had so many setbacks (growing up really religious, getting dropped by multiple labels) but she never stopped. And now look at her. I said now look at her!

Other highlights of the movie:

-Katy Perry’s grandma was adorable

-Katy Perry’s cat is named Kitty Purry, so….there’s that.

I really loved this movie and I’ll probably end up seeing it again. I’m available for rewatches, guys.

Let’s Be Blog Friends

I wish everyone I knew had an online presence. Once, I absentmindedly found myself thinking that I’d like to post something on Hester‘s Facebook wall. I can’t do that. Do you know why? Because Hester is a cat. Although, if she did have Facebook, her profile would no doubt be super interesting. Likes would include crumpled blankets, my dad, trying to get people to give her milk, and eating the catnip in my mom’s flowerbed. Dislikes would include bacon, no one ever giving her any milk, and trying to figure out who’s whistling.

Since Hester’s never going to figure out how to use the internet, I’ve got to set my sights elsewhere. So let me know…do any of you have blogs? Hopefully all of you have blogs! Everyone needs one! Start one today!

Please, let me follow your every move. Share a link to your blog in the comments so I can check it out! Then maybe I can send you angry emails when you don’t update often enough for me, like I do with Lauren. Fun!

Image via TFD

Cat and Girl

Way back in my college days, my roomate (heeey, Liz!) bought me an autographed copy of the Cat and Girl book. I immediately fell in love with it and soon after that felt really dumb, because Cat and Girl is an internet comic that’s been around forever and I knew nothing about it. I will never be hip.

Cat and Girl is written/drawn by Dorothy Gambrell (read her interview with Bitch!) and it stars, as the title suggests, a cat (Cat) and a girl (Girl). If you like things like feminism, postmodernism, literature, technology, or pop culture, then you will like Cat and Girl. Basically if you like being smart and laughing, and I would hope you like both of those things, then you will like Cat and Girl. Cat and Girl mentions things like hipsters, The Golden Girls, and Richard Brautigan. This comic is one of my favorites because it perfectly captures how I feel about the orderliness of school lunches.

Dorothy Gambrell also writes/draws Donation Derby, which details how she spends the money she receives in donations. I’m barely being hyperbolic when I say that there’s nothing I care more about than what people buy at the grocery store, and this delivers. Check out Cat and Girl now so you won’t feel as painfully unhip as I do. I’m just trying to help you people out.