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Celebrity Crush: Macklemore

The time has come, my babies…the time for me to admit my crush on Macklemore.

Like most people who aren’t super into Seattle hip-hop, “Thrift Shop” was the first thing I heard by Macklemore. If you want to know what a huge nerd I am, here you go: I heard it on NPR’s All Songs Considered. I’m cool! Obviously, it’s a catchy song, but I didn’t really care about it either way. It just seemed like a novelty, and anyway, my dad liked it. Not that that means anything, because Papa W. has weird and wide taste in music (he recently purchased Daft Punk and Vampire Weekend albums, for example), but in general we don’t share a lot of musical faves.

And then I saw this picture, and NOPE. I was NOT into it.
macklemore thrift shop

Also, Facebook told me that my BFF’s crappy high school boyfriend liked Macklemore, and in the time I knew him, said high school boyfriend spent most of his time being a bigot. So I assumed Macklemore probably sucked.

Then, one day when I was listening to the radio (I know, I’m the last person in the world who listens to the radio) I heard the song “Can’t Hold Us” and I got obsessed. I put it on my workout mix and it was stuck in my head for weeks. Naturally, this led me to research Macklemore (research=looking at Wikipedia) and I found out all sorts of things.

Like, for example, that Macklemore isn’t some new artist. He’s been recording since 2000! He’s a recovering addict (who doesn’t love a recovery story?) and, as you know if you’ve heard this song, he supports gay marriage:

For most of us, the lyrics of this song are pretty “Well, duh.” But it is so awesome to me that people like that high school bigot and my dad are listening to this song. I mean, my dad quoted this song to me, and while that is a little LOL-worthy, it’s also just great. I’ll admit that this video made me get a little choked up because I’M A HUMAN BEING, OKAY?

Also, Macklemore is apparently super into Malcolm Gladwell/productivity stuff?

A lot of the album is about how hard he worked to get to where he is, and I can’t help but be into any album with that theme. That’s why I love Drake’s and Nicki Minaj’s first albums so much. Remember when Nicki couldn’t buy her mama a couch? Now she’s buying her mama a HOUSE, you guys. A house!

And, okay, Macklemore sort of looks like someone who would’ve gone to my high school.

But ALSO I do think he’s pretty cute, so whatevs.

On a musical note, I like the album. There are lots of funky instruments, his writing’s interesting, and I think he’s a good rapper. How could I NOT like an album that references gay rights, Malcolm Gladwell, and anti-consumerism? Let’s face it: I like Macklemore. I used to be ashamed, but I’m not anymore! He’s smart and fun and he seems like a genuinely nice person.

In conclusion, here’s the video for Can’t Hold Us. I mean, you can either imagine me running slowly/clumsily to it or you can watch this truly bananas video. Your pick.

Celebrity Crush: Harry Dean Stanton

You guys know that we’re never going to have super conventional celebrity crushes here on Welcome to Ladyville. Channing Tatum is probably never going to make an appearance (although I do love Chan Chan). Well, I realize that today’s celebrity crush is especially unconventional, but you know what? I’m pretty sure there are other Harry Dean Stantonites out there (that’s what I’m calling us. It’s better than Harry Deanians). Or at least I like to believe so.

Anyway, I have a total crush on Harry Dean Stanton. So sue me (please don’t sue me, although I seriously doubt you’d have much of a case). I once decided to watch every movie Harry Dean Stanton’s been in, but then I realized he’s basically been in every movie ever, so I gave up before I even started.

My crush originally developed when I saw him in Pretty in Pink–sure, Blaine, Duckie, and Steff (yes, Steff) were crush-worthy, but don’t forget Andie’s dad. Just look at him!
harry dean stanton-pretty in pink

He’s so good at having heart to hearts with Molly Ringwald.
harry dean stanton pretty in pink

Harry Dean also looked way fine in Paris Texas, a movie that’s mainly notable to me because it’s directed by Wim Wenders, who has the best name in the world.
harry dean stanton paris texas

He was also in Alien, a movie that played all the damn time when I was a kid (I grew up with boys).
harry dean stanton alien

He looks good in a cowboy hat, which isn’t something you can say about a lot of men.
harry dean stanton cowboy hat

But most importantly, Harry Dean Stanton looks wonderful with a cat. What more could you want from a celebrity crush?
Harry Dean Stanton

Celebrity Crush: Jason Schwartzman

jason schwartzman mustache

I first developed a crush on Jason Schwartzman when I saw him in Rushmore. When I rewatched it recently, I was surprised by how young he looked, and I kind of felt like a creep. But I was in high school when I originally saw it, so I guess it wasn’t all that weird that I had a crush on him.
jason schwartzman rushmore

I was totally onto something back then, because Jason Schwartzman turned into a full-fledged good-looking dude. But more than that, he’s a Celebrity Crush because he seems kind of awesome. For starters, he has great taste in ladies and lady-friends. Just look at him with our girl Zooey.
Chris Pizzello

And here he is with Kiki. You guys know how I feel about Kiki. She’s basically my favorite person in the world and I’m probably going to do a whole post on her someday. Anyway, you know a dude is solid when he has lots of girl friends, and Jason Schwartzman strikes me as that kind of dude. I mean, look at this:
jason schwartzman kikijason schwartzman kirsten dunst motorcycle

He was also in one of my Favorite Movies Ever (Even Though It Has Some Major Problems), Shopgirl. I love Shopgirl. I cried when I read the book, I cried when I watched the movie, and Claire Danes is at the top of her cryface game in this one. But more importantly, Jason Schwartzman is great in it. At first he’s not, and you’re going to be like, “Kerry, what are you talking about? This is the worst, not the best!” but you just need to hold out.
jason schwartzman claire danes

He was also killer in The Darjeeling Limited. I know it’s socially accepted to say you didn’t like The Darjeeling Limited, but you know what? I loved it. I have unconventional views on Wes Anderson movies, you guys. What are you going to do about it?
jason schwartzman darjeeling limited

He’s also on the cover of Bust this month. It’s a great interview and the whole issue’s stellar.
jason schwartzman bust magazine

Right now I’m sure you’re like, “I get it! Jason Schwartzman is great!” but you guys! There’s more! He also makes music as Coconut Records. I used to listen to the album Nighttiming at the beginning of my senior year of college when I drove home to visit my family, and now it always reminds of that long, boring, but strangely comforting drive.

Jason Schwartzman: in great movies, hangs out with great ladies, makes great music, sometimes has a great mustache. What’s not to like?

Celebrity Crush: Christian Bale (but only when he’s playing Laurie)

I refuse to acknowledge that Christian Bale ages, stars in other films, has an accent, or is probably a jerk*. I’ll always see him as Laurie in my head. I have an uncomfortably real crush on him in this movie. It concerns me because I’m pretty sure, somewhere deep inside me, I think Teddy exists.

Laurie with a book!

Laurie unsuccessfully trying to make Jo love him!

Laurie joking around with Jo! What a lighthearted spirit.

Laurie when they’re doing that weird circle dance at Meg’s wedding! I’m actually going to demand people do this at my hypothetical wedding.

Laurie with a mustache! NOT MY FAVORITE LOOK, LAURIE.

*So obviously today I saw pictures of him visiting a hospital, but I wrote this a few days ago and was mostly thinking of his recorded outburst. I don’t really know what he’s like as a person. Maybe he’s very nice! I’ll probably never find out.

Celebrity Crush: Young Jack Nicholson

Is there anyone on this earth more attractive than young Jack Nicholson? I think not. For a period of time, the man could do no wrong.

In one of my all-time favorite movies, Five Easy Pieces, he managed to look hot whether he was slumming it or classing it up in that black turtleneck.

He looked hot when he was in a mental institution.

He looked hot when hanging out with Antonioni.

He looked hot with a broken nose in a movie about water.

He looked hot in what is possible the most depressing (and definitely most misogynistic) movie I’ve ever seen, Carnal Knowledge. “Everyone is terrible”- the tagline for that movie.

He looked hot when he was in love with Angelica Huston.

Unfortunately, only one of those two aged well. Under no circumstances should you Google image search Jack Nicholson now, because you are just going to find a picture of a man on a boat eating a sandwich and you’re going to wish you could unsee it. Then you’re going to feel really weird about all these feelings you just had.