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Lady Jam: Half-Breed, Cher

This was clearly a different time. A time when people used the word “half-breed” and sat on horses while wearing headdresses. Cher could probably still do this, though, and no one would blink an eye. “Oh, there’s Cher again, and…is she on a horse? Good for her.”

Office Style: Cher Edition

One needn’t relegate evening wear to evening-time! Any dress can be work-ready by adding just a few basic wardrobe staples and accessories. After your work day is through, you’ll be able to hit the town without missing a beat.

A bejeweled bikini might scream “dress code violation!”…

But wait! Cher adds a touch of modesty by layering a structured military jacket over the revealing garment. A dramatic collar draws eyes to the face and away from cleavage. A hat might seem stuffy, but a bright red feather shows personality. This isn’t your mother’s shako! Keep hair and makeup simple (as Cher does), and remember: vertical rhinestone stripes give the illusion of a slimmer figure.