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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

I’ll be taking a blog break for the next couple of weeks because, let’s be real, is anyone going to be checking my blog on Christmas? I’ll probably post a couple of times in the next week or so, but on January 6th I’ll be back to my regular posting schedule! Until then, please enjoy the video for Do They Know It’s Christmas. This is one of the best/worst Christmas songs ever.

Why it’s the worst:
-The line “Tonight thank God it’s them instead of you” is sort of cruel!
-Is the fact that there’s no snow in Africa really such a heartbreak? Like, I don’t think “no snow” is a reason to pity people.
-This is a very 80s sounding song.
-Why did you even bring Phil Collins in if you were going to stick him on the drums?! Just hire a studio drummer. Phil should’ve had a solo!

Why it’s the best:
-The line “Tonight thank God it’s them instead of you” is delivered perfectly by everyone’s favorite weird humanitarian Bono.
-My favorite Georges, Boy and Michael, are both here.
-Boy George’s smoky eye is ON POINT. Pretty jealous of his makeup skills.
-This is a very 80s sounding song.

Basically, it’s great. Just don’t listen to the lyrics. Have a great Christmas, you guys! And remember that if you don’t have snow wherever you are, Boy George feels sorry for you.

Lady Tip: Be Nice to People Working Retail

Christmas retail
If you’ve ever worked retail, you probably experience sympathy pains whenever you step into a mall during the Christmas season. While there are pros to working in retail (like DISCOUNTS!), it’s not an easy job. Actually, it’s a super hard job. Out of all of the weird jobs I’ve had, working at a department store was one of my least favorites (ranking below “cook at a Christian summer camp” but definitely far, far above “loading trucks at a warehouse”).

For starters, you get the worst hours. You know those lovely evenings, weekends, and holidays that everyone else gets off? Not you! Those are the times you have to work! But worst of all, you have to deal with grumpy shoppers…and it’s holiday time, which means that everyone is, like, 50% grumpier! At least! And while you’d rather be at home with your family and friends, drinking various warm beverages, you have to deal with people who insist on using Traveler’s Checks (?) and asking you why they can’t use the gift card that they left at home, but really, they totally have one. Swear.

Also, this never happened to me, but I’ve heard several stories about retail employees finding poop in the dressing rooms. So just think about that next time you want to be bitchy to a retail clerk. That person might’ve cleaned up human feces earlier in the day. And don’t be like, “Parents clean up poop all the time!” because I think we all know poop duty is a little different when it’s a relative and not, like, some random dude at Macy’s.

So this holiday season, let’s all remember that the person behind the counter is a human being who deserves not just respect, but friendliness. Their job is hard and sometimes thankless, especially this time of year. Also, sometimes there’s poop.

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Merry Christmas!

We did it! Approximately a month of Christmas jams (I don’t remember when I started doing this)! Some (Alex) said it couldn’t be done, but just look at us now. I hope you are spending time with friends/family and not reading my blog right now, but if you are, the best gift I can give you is two of my favorite Last Christmas covers. Pas/Cal is an old favorite, and I just found Saskatchewan a few days ago. Enjoy, and I’ll see you all in a few days!