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The Mindy Project Style

the mindy project clothes

Over the past week I’ve developed an obsession with The Mindy Project. After watching True Detective, it’s been nice to watch something that isn’t about murder (oh, and that actually features a female character who isn’t paper thin and/or dead). Anyway, there are about 5 million reasons why I love The Mindy Project, but right now I want to talk about the clothes. The clothes!

I really and truly hate shopping, and I don’t even like looking at clothes online or in magazines because (astrology comment warning!) I’m a Taurus and I like fancy things, so I generally end up wanting everything I see, getting that gross itchy materialism feeling, and then getting obsessed with things I can’t have and feeling guilty about wanting things that ultimately will not contribute to my happiness or make the world a better place. I’m a really fun person to hang out with, OBVIOUSLY.

But Mindy’s clothes are just such a dream that they’re really bringing out my inner fancy lady. Everything’s so colorful and some of it’s wacky enough to remind me of Carrie Bradshaw’s weirder outfits. She even makes me want to consider pencil skirts again, even though I know that my body type just makes pencil skirts look obscene (the problems of having birthing hips). She’s always wearing sequins and glitter and mixing patterns and I JUST LOVE IT ALL. I mean, just look at this ensemble!
the mindy project fashion

I found this wonderful Tumblr, The Mindy Project Style, that provides links to all of Mindy’s awesome outfits. Of course, this made me realize that everything she wears costs like a million dollars, so I guess I’ll just have to be content with the more colorful things I can find in my closet (like two dresses from Anthropologie, a few things from J. Crew, stuff I’ve had since high school, and a bunch of things from Old Navy even though I always say I’m going to stop shopping there).

If you’re as into this stuff as I am, you’ll probably also like Taylor Swift Style and What Would Zooey Deschanel Wear?

I Need Your Help: Shopping Edition

Recently, I promised myself that I’d stop buying clothing at Target and Old Navy (unless I have a major emergency and need to buy something immediately). The thing is, I like the clothes from Target and Old Navy. I think they’re super cute. But the problem is that they fall apart really easily and get stretched out, and I’m tired of having a closet full of things that are basically unwearable after a few washes. The final straw was when a t-shirt I bought from Old Navy got a hole in the sleeve after I’d worn it once.

Oh, and then there’s the fact that Target was 95% crop tops all summer. I’m an old woman. I can’t wear crop tops.

So anyway, I need to find new places to shop.But here’s the thing: I don’t know where to shop, and I hate aimlessly “looking around” for new stores. Spending an entire afternoon, wandering around looking at things, sometimes not finding anything…for an impatient person like myself, that’s hell.

So how do I find out where I can buy clothing that’s at least kind of well-made but isn’t a million dollars? Right now I shop at Modcloth (but sometimes it’s so overpriced!), Anthropologie (ditto!), and Macy’s. But I need to branch out.

Where do you guys buy your “I’m a grown up lady” clothes? Your casual hang-out clothes? Your fancy work clothes? Please, let me know in the comments. I need you guys. I’m helpless.

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Lady Style: Kirsten Dunst

Oh, Kiki. You guys know I love her. Not only was she awesome long ago in films like The Virgin Suicides and Eternal Sunshine, but she continues to make weird and interesting film choices.She always looks like she couldn’t care less about what’s happening around her, which is a quality I admire and respect. I kinda feel like she’s the next Parker Posey. Also, her style is bananas in the best way. Typically I don’t feature current, skinny, blonde women on Lady Style because that’s not really my look, but Kiki’s so unconventional that I can’t help loving her.

First off, girl knows how to wear a braid crown and look super-feminine.
kirsten dunst braid crown

But she can also look great in a menswear-inspired look.

She’s clearly unafraid to wear yellow, which I really appreciate. I wear yellow multiple times a week (in fact, if I were Shelby in Steel Magnolias, I would call it “my signature color”), and people reliably tell me that they “just can’t wear yellow.” Whatever, y’all! We can all wear yellow if we believe in ourselves. Look at Kiki in this yellow outfit that looks like a sofa in a good way.
kirsten dunst yellow stella mccartney

And a gorgeous yellow shirt that I covet.
Kirsten Dunst Leaving The Chelsea Handler Show

Oh, and this bold and beautiful yellow dress. You go, Kiki.
kirsten dunst yellow dress

She’s dressed kinda like an 80’s secretary in this outfit that I LOVE.
kirsten dunst long skirt

And then there’s this dress, which totally stole my heart because SO MANY PATTERNS! Apparently it was by Miu Miu way back in 2010.
Kristen Dunst and her boyfriend Jason Boesel enjoy a romantic stroll in SoHo

Mostly what I love so much about Kiki is that she seems to truly not care what other people think about fashion. She rarely wears a bra. She often wears unfeminine styles. She’s doesn’t mind that yellow is commonly regarded as an unflattering color. She’s just doing her, which is a fashion philosophy I can get behind.

Screw You, J. Crew

I just spent 45 minutes taking in a boxy thrift store denim shirt so that I could recreate a shirt I saw at J. Crew.

This is the face of a woman who just saved herself $90. Also this is the first post of my new blog called “Screw You, J. Crew,” wherein I just recreate their outfits out of stuff I find for almost free. Seriously, it’s a denim shirt. Give me a break.

New Shirt

I usually try to avoid dressing in anything cute (because I get carded for R-rated movies, really) AND putting pictures of myself on the blog, but here you go. I figured I can break some rules because this shirt features my favorite food…ice cream. With sprinkles!