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Things I’ll Say to Defend My Clothes on My Episode of “What Not to Wear”

“But it’s so comfortable!”
“That’s from my grandma!”
“This t-shirt used to be my dad’s!”
“I’ve had this since high school!”
“That only cost fifty cents!”
“What if I need a denim skirt someday?”
“I might need that for a Halloween costume.”
“I’ve had this since junior high!”
“That used to be my brother’s!”
“What if I lose all my other pairs of jeans and I need to wear those flare legs?”
“I’m gonna turn those into cut offs.”
“My mom wore this in the 80s!”
“That reminds me of Cher!”
“What if I need pink boots someday?”
“But I like denim jackets!”
“I can fix this hole.”

Stacy and Clinton don’t approve of the Niagra Falls t-shirt my dad bought in the 80s.