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Lady Style: Diana Ross

While my previous style icons were ladies (and Princes) I’ve admired for years, I am just starting to get in to Diana Ross. I’m discovering what this guy already knew: Diana Ross has always had fabulous hair, makeup, and style.

This photo looks like it was taken yesterday. I want to try this look with my hair.

The different hairstyles in these pictures suggest that she wore this rhinestone bodysuit on more than one occasion. Rhinestone bodysuits, as Cher would gladly tell you, and the height of glamour! Don’t relegate them to “wedding dress status” and only wear them once.

While I believe that all ladies are beautiful in their own way and that any of us can look glamorous with the right hair and makeup, you have to be born with some seriously bananas bone structure to look this glam in a tshirt and jeans.

The eyelashes!

I can’t even wrap my head around what’s going on here.

The more I look at this, the more I think I need to buy some false eyelashes.

This is Diana Ross doing the whole, “Oh, hello. I didn’t see you come in!” thing.

Finally, here’s the ultimate Diana Ross picture to go out on. She just caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and can’t believe how great she looks.

Office Style: Cher Edition

One needn’t relegate evening wear to evening-time! Any dress can be work-ready by adding just a few basic wardrobe staples and accessories. After your work day is through, you’ll be able to hit the town without missing a beat.

A bejeweled bikini might scream “dress code violation!”…

But wait! Cher adds a touch of modesty by layering a structured military jacket over the revealing garment. A dramatic collar draws eyes to the face and away from cleavage. A hat might seem stuffy, but a bright red feather shows personality. This isn’t your mother’s shako! Keep hair and makeup simple (as Cher does), and remember: vertical rhinestone stripes give the illusion of a slimmer figure.

Things I’ll Say to Defend My Clothes on My Episode of “What Not to Wear”

“But it’s so comfortable!”
“That’s from my grandma!”
“This t-shirt used to be my dad’s!”
“I’ve had this since high school!”
“That only cost fifty cents!”
“What if I need a denim skirt someday?”
“I might need that for a Halloween costume.”
“I’ve had this since junior high!”
“That used to be my brother’s!”
“What if I lose all my other pairs of jeans and I need to wear those flare legs?”
“I’m gonna turn those into cut offs.”
“My mom wore this in the 80s!”
“That reminds me of Cher!”
“What if I need pink boots someday?”
“But I like denim jackets!”
“I can fix this hole.”

Stacy and Clinton don’t approve of the Niagra Falls t-shirt my dad bought in the 80s.