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Celebrity Crush: Young Jack Nicholson

Is there anyone on this earth more attractive than young Jack Nicholson? I think not. For a period of time, the man could do no wrong.

In one of my all-time favorite movies, Five Easy Pieces, he managed to look hot whether he was slumming it or classing it up in that black turtleneck.

He looked hot when he was in a mental institution.

He looked hot when hanging out with Antonioni.

He looked hot with a broken nose in a movie about water.

He looked hot in what is possible the most depressing (and definitely most misogynistic) movie I’ve ever seen, Carnal Knowledge. “Everyone is terrible”- the tagline for that movie.

He looked hot when he was in love with Angelica Huston.

Unfortunately, only one of those two aged well. Under no circumstances should you Google image search Jack Nicholson now, because you are just going to find a picture of a man on a boat eating a sandwich and you’re going to wish you could unsee it. Then you’re going to feel really weird about all these feelings you just had.