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Buy This Stuff: Jewelry from Shift Studios

This weekend, Mama W and I went to the Country Living Fair. This might sound like it was full of everything you’d need to decorate your apple/sunflower themed kitchen, but it wasn’t like that at all. As my mom assured me, “It’s not tacky; it’s actually really nice.”

The fair took place at the Ohio Village behind the Ohio Historical Society. Mama W. warned me that there were a lot of vendors, and the woman wasn’t lying. We spent the majority of our day there, and only a portion of that time was devoted to eating pie.

All of this is just a rambly lead up to me telling you I bought some cool earrings.

In the Igloo Letterpress tent (they’re also a cool Columbus business, and I’ll be writing about them later!), I spotted some wooden jewelry from Shift Studios. I gravitated towards it because it was unique but not flashy, earthy but not hippie-esque (not that there’s anything wrong with flashy or hippie. Those are both aesthetics I enjoy!). I had a hard time deciding between earrings, but I ended up picking a pair pretty similar to these:

When I wore them to dinner with H. on Monday night, our (male) waiter complimented me on them. These earrings get attention, you guys!
There were also these lovely rings:

And this necklace, which I’m going to buy for myself because DO YOU SEE HOW GREAT IT IS? It’s a sand dollar! The woman running the tent was wearing one, and it looked absolutely beautiful.

Wooden jewelry, totally affordable, fantastically lovely. I’m going to buy everything in this store now, and so should you. Shift Studios is, according to their Etsy page, based out of Columbus, and it always feels good to support a local business. Check them out here and pick up a pair of earrings for yourself (but seriously, don’t buy all the sand dollar necklaces or else).