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Lady Jam: ‘All the Good That Won’t Come Out’ by Rilo Kiley

Recently, Annie posted about listening to Jenny Lewis, and I instantly felt my Rilo Kiley senses activating and all of a sudden I was listening to all of their albums on Grooveshark.

You know how certain albums just take you back to specific times in your life? Like, Jimmy Eat World’s Clarity makes me think of my senior year of high school, the Arcade Fire’s Funeral makes me think of my first year of college, and Ashlee Simpson’s Autobiography makes me think of the summer after high school (don’t judge me). Well, Rilo Kiley makes me think of my junior year of college, when I was extraordinarily anxious. If you’re thinking, “But Kerry, you’re pretty anxious now,” then you’re just lucky you didn’t know me in college. I am positively serene now compared to how anxious I was then. Anyway, I used to go to the library to write, and I would hunker down in a cube with my notebook and a Rilo Kiley album on my ancient iPod and feel sort of better and sort of worse for awhile while I wrote weird stories.

The Good That Won’t Come Out was (and is!) one of my favorites because it’s just so worried. It’s about being scared about the world ending, and scared about being sick, and scared about being in love, and scared about everything being hopeless and too late. Basically, it’s a song about anxiety, which was why I related to it so much. It’s still pretty perfect, and the whole album is great, too.

Oh, and Jenny Lewis is still a babe. Duh.

Lady Jams Lately

There was once a time when I kept up on music. I knew what was new, what was hip, what “the kids” were listening to because I WAS one of the kids. I worked for a radio station! But now I just listen to a weird assortment of things, most of them decidedly not hip. I really like soft rock. I really like lame 80’s jams. And, my dirtiest confession, when I’m writing I usually put on Taylor Swift’s latest album. Whatever! It helps me write! Don’t judge me!

Anyway, here are some relatively new-ish lady jams I’ve been enjoying, because every once in awhile I listen to things that are kind of current.

Kacey Musgraves, Merry Go Round

I’ve got a lot of feelings for this song, guys. I think if you’re not from a really small town, you might think this song is hyperbolic, but it’s pretty on the nose. It reminds me of home and it makes me really sad. Somehow it manages to be heartbreaking and nostalgic at the same time.

Lulu James, Closer

So Lulu James is insanely beautiful, and she wears some BANANAS clothing in this video. I love this song because it sounds like a perfect mix between what I listen to (sassy female vocalists) and what H. listens to (a lot of French electro). Seriously, when I go into his office it’s like, “What sort of foreign club did I just walk into?” Anyway, this song is great.

The Crystals, He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)

Okay, you got me. I had to list an old song! I can’t help it! I enjoy girl groups and I enjoy weird things, and this song fits the bill. A song that takes an upsetting stance on domestic violence AND it’s produced by Phil Spector, noted abuser/murderer? Yikes. I just love how this song sounds so beautiful, yet its lyrics are truly disturbing.

So that’s what I’m listening to these days, guys. I mean, when I’m not listening to Taylor Swift. Whatever! No shame!

Lady Jam: “All I Want,” Joni Mitchell

Is there any song that describes the often-contradictory feelings about relationships better than this one? I’m not a Joni Mitchell super fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I did fall a little in love with her after reading Girls Like Us (if you haven’t read it, what are you doing reading this blog? Go find a copy and read it right now!). This song is pretty perfect, and if there’s a woman who doesn’t relate at least a little bit to it, then frankly I don’t understand her.

Lady Jam: 110%, Jessie Ware

This song’s been stuck in my head for a couple of days now:

‘110%’ is catchy, but it’s also weird enough to be a little edgy. It exists in that dreamy middle space between a slow song and a dance song; in a way, it kind of reminds me of 80’s new wave. Jessie Ware herself is ridiculously gorgeous, and the woman knows how to wear a defined brow. What can I say, I’m jealous.
If you’re curious about her (she doesn’t seem to be very big in America yet), here’s an interview on HelloGiggles. I like that she mentions listening to and/or wanting to work with Burt Bacharach, Frank Ocean, Aretha Franklin, Kanye West, and Jackson Browne. It all makes sense, doesn’t it?