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Fictional Characters I Identify With

1. Liz Lemon

Recently I found out that a certain brother of mine said I remind him of Liz Lemon.
“That’s nice!” said H, who’s long had a crush on Tina Fey.
“I don’t remind him of Tina Fey, the gorgeous, successful, hilarious writer and actress,” I said. “I remind him of Liz Lemon, the frumpy, awkward sandwich enthusiast.”
Liz Lemon is a certain kind of person exaggerated for comic effect. And that kind of person is me. I often sing songs about what I’m eating, a la Liz’s rendition of “Workin’ on My Night Cheese.” I own a Snuggie (no Slanket, but close). Most strikingly, we share a wardrobe; on two separate occasions, Liz has worn a shirt that I own. Not a similar style of shirt; the exact same shirt. Like this one:

Liz’s wardrobe is often mocked, so this isn’t a point of pride.
The one thing Liz Lemon has that I don’t? A successful career!

2. Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids

I know the point of this character is to make us say, “She’s just like me!” But really, she’s just like me. Unfortunately, this isn’t a character anyone really wants to be like.
Her creative dreams are frustrated and she’s having a hard time pursuing them. Her best friend is getting married while she’s so far removed from that world that she doesn’t even know you have to make reservations at a fancy bridal shop. Everyone around her seems to have their lives together while hers is, basically, in shambles. I really coveted her hairstyle, then I read a review in Entertainment Weekly that referred to it as “disheveled.” Then I got that haircut anyway, because suck it, Owen Gleiberman!

3. Linsday Weir, Freaks and Geeks

It’s probably not good that I identify with the uncertainty of a high school girl, but I do. Lindsay Weir is constantly trying to figure out who she is and she makes the wrong decisions about half the time. Also, she wears a pretty sweet army jacket that reminds me of the green army jacket I’ve worn since my freshman year of high school.