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Wednesday Link Party (on a Friday)

Did you think I forgot about Wednesday Link Party this week? WRONG! I just moved it to Friday, which is one of the perks of having your own blog. You can move days around and no one can stop you! Just TRY! Anyway, my week has been consumed with work. H. and I haven’t even been able to watch the X-Files, which is a next-level tragedy. But you didn’t come here to hear about how I don’t have time to watch David Duchovny, did you? You came for the links. Let’s get to it!

As someone who’s been involved in the planning process for some bachelorette parties, I can verify that this post on The Toast is hilariously, upsettingly accurate.

This article about Stephen King and his family of writers is perfect. If you haven’t read it, get ready for a treat.

I think I’m too old/square for 40 Days of Dating (and also I haven’t dated for, oh, 8 years, so…), but I can’t deny that it’s incredibly interesting.

Jim Rash has a new show where he interviews the writing staffs of shows. Note to self: see if we get the Sundance channel.

Hilary T. Smith interviews The Rejectionist (Sarah McCarry) about her new (YA!) book.

George Saunders gave the commencement speech for Syracuse and it’s exactly as earnest/moving as you’d expect.

This article about Grace Helbig made me want to work harder. The woman’s a machine!

Paleo diet alternatives: “Surprisingly, even the humble daddy longlegs is not really a spider. DO NOT EAT A DADDY LONGLEGS.”

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Wednesday Link Party!

girls take a trip
Did you guys think Wednesday Link Party was dead? Give me a break! Wednesday Link Party, just like vampires and my love for Prince, can never die.
Anyway, this has been a great week for me. I turned 27, which I’m pretty jazzed about. I had three birthday dinners in a row and Hollis threw me a little surprise party. It was the best! Now I’m trying to get back to my regular schedule. You know, the one where I don’t have a fancy dinner every night. Other than that, I’ve been moving my stuff into our place, which is just as fun as it sounds (so, not fun at all). Is there anything worse than moving? Yes, definitely. But moving still sucks. On with the links!

My friend Ashlee started a blog! Yay! Everyone should start a blog! I love it, and so will you, because she’s smart and funny and a great writer.

Since I just went to Hawaii, I’m extra in love with this Hawaii travel guide on Yes and Yes. Plate lunch! I want to go back!

This interview with author Claire Vaye Watkins is bananas, and it definitely made me want to read her book. Once you start tossing around words/phrases like, “grotesque” and “desert brothels” and “her dad was a Manson follower,” then I’m 100% in.

I’m loving this all-girl kick butt workout playlist on Gab White’s blog.

Stawberry Rhubarb Pie is one of Mama W’s specialties, and this Joy the Baker recipe is really making me crave some.

This post by a woman who tried Gwyneth Paltrow’s diet made me laugh.

“Like, it basically says, ‘I’ve got a ton of stuff to do, like shuck corn, and muck out a barn, but I’ve still managed to retain a femininity that glints in the most attractive and unexpected ways.'” – My Wedding Hair by the hilarious Emma Rathbone

-I’m pretty into this Anthro-inspired pillow tutorial from Stuff Steph Does. Also, yay for Columbus bloggers!

65 Books You Need to Read in Your 20s. I only have three years left; I’d better get cracking.

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Wednesday Link Party!

sato kanae
Oh, guys. It has been a week. I’m stressed to the max, but at least I have a sweet bachelorette party to look forward to this weekend. Cat’s planning it, and she won’t tell me what we’re doing. She’ll only say that she knows I’ll love it, and she’s never heard of it being done for a bachelorette party. Naturally, I’m going crazy trying to figure it out. Perhaps it’s some sort of exotic stripper she’s certain I’ll love. We’ll find out soon. On with the links!

Classic novels rejected by modern publishing houses: “How about adding a scene where Elizabeth Bennet accidentally places the winning bid on Mr. Darcy during a charity bachelor auction? Or maybe one in which Mr. Darcy gets locked out of his house wearing only his boxers as Elizabeth just happens to stroll by? More sexy misunderstandings of this sort are needed to hold reader interest.”

Listen, I hate using the phone. And I used to have a job where I basically just answered the phone! Anyway, this piece spoke to me because I have a “phone voice” and I write out a script.

Carrie isn’t complaining for the month of April. What a great idea! Honestly, I’m too much of a wimp to try it this month (complaining is my only outlet right now), but maybe next month!

Jane Pratt talks about xojane.

How to be better at failing.

Kelly Oxford talks about writing and Oprah and meeting Rihanna.

Watch Chris Hardwick and Julie Klausner play Pictionary! It’s just as charming as you’d imagine.

I hadn’t heard of Jen Michalski before, but this review of her book on HelloGiggles sounds like something I’d love.

I love Kristen Schaal more than I love most things in life, and I love this interview. Also, can I just say I couldn’t ever care less if something is real or not? I don’t know why, but that type of discussion is always incredibly boring to me. Like Catfish. Whether or not it’s real doesn’t affect my reading of that movie at all. I feel like that probably says something about our society somehow, but ANYWAY the point here is KRISTEN SCHAAL RULES.

This is the unique affliction of writing books: the endeavor is such that you can never entirely stop thinking about it. Picture the houseguest that is your novel, day after day, chewing cereal with his mouth open, his butt cratering the seat of your favorite armchair, and you will begin to understand.”

Lindy West gets real about misandry.

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Wednesday Link Party!

tuna valentine

Happy Wednesday, you guys! This week will go down in history as the week I FINALLY convinced H. to watch Steel Magnolias with me. It only took me 7 years. Now he finally knows what I’m talking about when I yell, “DRINK YOUR JUICE SHELBY!” every time he drinks juice. Anyway, enough about me and Steel Magnolias (I’m just kidding…there’s never enough Steel Magnolias). On with the links!

This is Jenna Dewan Tatum’s enchilada recipe. So, you know, Chan-Chan himself (Channing Tatum) probably eats these. So just think about that.

I know I kind of make fun of Lenny Kravitz a lot, but this totally serious article about his influence on one girl’s life is so compelling.

All about the link between running and sewing (or any creative discipline).

I came across this Billfold article during my “day job” research this week, and I love it: all about the importance of the “informational interview” and a picture of Tami Taylor.

My little bro Chasey is drawing his fancypants outfits over on The Popinjay.

Kate Spencer summed up all the reasons I love Lena Dunham so much in this beautiful post.

So I JUST now finished the You Made It Weird episode with Jessica St. Clair, and you guys, this one is extra great. There’s a lot of transcendental mediation talk.

I adore this post on living drama-free from Danielle LaPorte.

If you’re not reading and loving Smart Pretty and Awkward, then get with it! Each post is one tip to be smarter, one tip to be prettier, and one tip to be less awkward.

And finally, a little bit of self-promotion: I wrote a couple of things on HelloGiggles this week. Small Damages by Beth Kephart is a book you should all read, and Miss Jessie’s Quick Curl Creme is a product you should all use.

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Wednesday Links

As I’m writing this, the election isn’t over yet. So you know more than I do right now because you’re LIVING IN THE FUTURE! But the good news is, whoever wins, we still have Wednesday links. Is that good news? I don’t know. Let’s say it is. These will be either celebratory or commiserative. On with the links!

Haunted House-sitting by Emma Rathbone in The New Yorker is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a minute. It’s ridiculous how happy this made me.

-On HelloGiggles, I wrote about Claudia Varosio’s lovely movie posters. They’re absolutely gorgeous!

-Here’s some good advice on handling rejection from Gab White.

-A great video interview with Sarah from Yes and Yes. So many blog tips!

-I know I’m always telling you how great Eudora is, but seriously, her piece (A Letter to My Future Black Baby) on The Hairpin is killer.

-Anne T. Donahue’s Old Lady Movie Night articles on HelloGiggles are always great, but this one’s about THE WEDDING SINGER! I can’t possibly express my love for that movie in words, so I will let her express it, in her words.

-I love hearing about the cheap makeup that other people wear, and I especially agree with Joy the Baker’s nail polish picks.

-Since the weather’s been getting colder, I’ve been into soups, and this Slow Cooker Asian Chicken Soup from Carrie at Plums in the Icebox looks great!

-I probably don’t need to remind you about the great need in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, but I do know it can be very easy for me to forget how important it is for all of us to help out. With the election going on, I think a lot of us have kind of glossed over the fact that many people lost their homes. Maybe instead of buying that sweater you don’t really need, you can donate the money to the Red Cross. That may or may not be an example from my life. Whatever. Of course, any legitimate charity you donate to is great.

-Tons of Lady Comedy on Rookie!

-I saved the best for last. I know you all love Adam Scott as much as I do, and hopefully some of you love sitcom intros as much as I do. This side-by-side Simon and Simon intro (the righthand side starring Adam Scott and Jon Hamm) is the best of both worlds.

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