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Celebrity Crush: Christian Bale (but only when he’s playing Laurie)

I refuse to acknowledge that Christian Bale ages, stars in other films, has an accent, or is probably a jerk*. I’ll always see him as Laurie in my head. I have an uncomfortably real crush on him in this movie. It concerns me because I’m pretty sure, somewhere deep inside me, I think Teddy exists.

Laurie with a book!

Laurie unsuccessfully trying to make Jo love him!

Laurie joking around with Jo! What a lighthearted spirit.

Laurie when they’re doing that weird circle dance at Meg’s wedding! I’m actually going to demand people do this at my hypothetical wedding.

Laurie with a mustache! NOT MY FAVORITE LOOK, LAURIE.

*So obviously today I saw pictures of him visiting a hospital, but I wrote this a few days ago and was mostly thinking of his recorded outburst. I don’t really know what he’s like as a person. Maybe he’s very nice! I’ll probably never find out.