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Thoughts: Wedding Edition

I guess livejournal-y blog posts are just what I do here now. Here are a few things that happened recently.

-H. and I were both in a wedding last Saturday. It was great. My favorite part of any wedding is the rehearsal, because I love that “everybody comes together as a team” feeling. It’s not one I get often, mostly because I’m terrible at being on a team. It’s not that I want to be terrible at it, but I often avoid working with other people on things because I’m afraid I’ll be the one to mess it up and ruin everything (this may be my low self-confidence talking). It all reminds me of how much I loved that last rehearsal before a band concert, or lining up to go on the field at halftime. All the is my hat straight?, get in line, here hold this, oh no it’s time stuff is always my favorite. The we’re all in this together of it all. Lining up behind those big double doors as the wedding music starts, the last moment before it all happens and everything changes. Hugging Cat and her dad right before I walked down the aisle, standing with my own dad and muttering, “Oh God, I hope I don’t fall,” clutching onto H’s arm before walking down the aisle Saturday to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It’s all good. It’s all my favorite.

-It was also my birthday on Saturday, making this probably the weirdest birthday I’ve ever had (except for when my birthday was the day after senior prom and my date got the bowling alley to announce it at midnight). I let myself relax for once and I had a few drinks and I danced a lot, and you guys, I am not a good dancer. I’m not a sober dancer because hi, anxiety, and I don’t enjoy doing things I’m terrible at in front of people. But honestly, I’m just so tired. I work 60-70 hours a week, I don’t sleep enough, and my nerves are so tight it feels like they’re going to snap. I told myself to forget about work for a few hours. I let myself get to “Good Charlotte is my jam” levels that night, which is a feeling-label I came up with after I went to bachelorette party at Put-In-Bay and, during a cover band performance of Good Charlotte’s The Anthem (a song I have no particular feelings about), I turned to Jayne and very seriously yelled, “THIS IS MY JAM!” On Saturday, every song felt like my jam. I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy as I was when those first few seconds of “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” started playing. I heard “Gangnam Style” and thought, Yes. Kesha played and I felt like I could fly.

-No songs will get people in their late 20s more excited than “Yeah” by Usher and “Hey Ya.”

-My husband’s signature song is “My Humps.” Yes, the Black Eyed Peas song. He requested it at the wedding and then rapped/sang the whole thing for us. Apologies to you if you’ve never heard your husband singing about his “lovely lady lumps” and threatening to “get you love drunk off my humps.”

-Weddings! They’re great. I know a lot of people aren’t into them anymore, but I still think they’re special. I still think there’s a value in making a promise in front of people. And I still cry, always, no matter what.