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Wednesday Links (on a Thursday)!

-Do you guys read Rookie? I hope so, but if not, you should certainly start. I loved this post on faking it till you make it, they have FANTASTIC playlists that usually end up being my writing soundtracks, and obviously Ask a Grown Man is great (everybody knows about the Jon Hamm one, but they’re all wonderful. Um, Hannibal Buress?!). In case you wondered, why yes, I do want to write for Rookie so badly that it physically hurts sometimes.

This post by the great Kate Spencer is about sexual harassment, unwanted touching, and just the shit that we all have to deal with when people do not respect that our bodies are our own property. “When I’ve explained sexual harassment to men in the past I’ve been struck at their confusion over why it is a big deal. How is someone whistling at you threatening, they ask? Here is what they don’t understand. Those moments, which may seem insignificant and small, create an unsafe environment in which women are forced to live. Last month, after I yelled at some men in a car who made kissing noises at me, I was terrified to then walk down a quiet downtown street out of fear that they’d circle around in their car and hurt me. These moments force us to operate in a state of fear. They define who is in control and who can have their control taken away.”

-Did you know that Modcloth has an online literary journal?

-You Made it Weird is not strictly a Lady Podcast, as it is hosted by a dude, but Pete Holmes often interviews delightful, hilarious ladies. Like Shelby Fero! She is only 18 and she has the work ethic of…someone not 18. When I was 18, I was pretty busy bitching about things, whining, and ignoring my own mortality.

-I really enjoyed this post on The Conversation.

-My parents bought me The Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook for my birthday, and I’m in love with it! It’s adorable.

-Some delicious recipes I want to try: Nutella Donut Muffins and Citrus Bars (lemon, lime, or grapefruit)!