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Podcasts I Love

My life lately has consisted of mostly writing, with occasional breaks to hang out with my dog. Wake up, go to my writing-related job, come home, eat dinner, work out if I’m smart, and then write other things (book, book reviews, HelloGiggles articles) until bed. It’s great and awesome and literally my dream, but does it make for interesting blog posts? It does not, which is why Welcome to Ladyville has been pretty silent. But I can share with you the podcasts I’ve been listening to when chopping vegetables or driving to work. They’re mostly writing related because, well, welcome to my life.

Lit Up
I’ve written before about my love of Emily Gould, so of course I’m going to be into any podcast she’s involved in. Lit Up, which she cohosts with Angela Ledgerwood, is “a podcast about books, writers and all things literary where no topic is off the table and no conversation is too weird, too personal or too controversial.” What I love about Lit Up is that it’s not snobby at all. Like, I don’t necessarily want to hear someone talk about “craft,” but I do want to hear Hanya Yanagihara talk about the cover of A Little Life or Heidi Julavits talk about Gordon Lish being a jerk. Interesting writers telling interesting stories? I’m in.

First Draft
A podcast all about YA? Of course I want to listen to this. The fabulous Sarah Enni interviews YA authors and gets into the down-and-dirty stuff I always want to know about. It makes me feel so much better to know that even seasoned YA authors have the same worries and struggles that I do. Some of my favorite episodes include Veronica Roth, Amy Spalding, and Katie Coyle.

Judge John Hodgman
Okay, this podcast isn’t about writing, but John Hodgman and Jesse Thorn are comforting presences and I love listening to them dispense fake internet justice. H. and I carpool to work (yeah, we’re that couple) and listen to JJHo on our drive because it’s basically the only thing we agree on. We end up laughing out loud a lot (if you’ve never listened to the show, do yourself a favor and start with Father Gnaws Beast…it might be the hardest I’ve ever laughed at any podcast). Also, I saw John Hodgman speak at the Akron-Summit County Public Library last year before I’d really started working on my book, and I was really down in the creative dumps. But seeing him made me feel so much better and so creatively invigorated. Was it the Ayn Rand costume? Who can say.

Lady Podcast: This Creative Life

If you’re into YA lit, then you probably know Sara Zarr. Everyone (myself included) seems to agree she’s pretty much The Best. Sweethearts is one of the most complex, heartbreaking books I’ve ever read, and The Lucy Variations (which I just finished!) is stellar, too. Basically what I’m saying is that Sara Zarr is great and you should all be reading her books. BUT! She’s also killing it on the podcast front, and if you’re a creative type you need to check out This Creative Life.

In each episode, Sara talks to a writer–most often a YA writer, but not always–about what they do. They talk about their work in real-life terms that are neither depressing nor fantastical. I mean, personally I hate hearing about writers who say their writing is just a job, like just a thing they clock into and get done and that’s it. But I also hate hearing authors say their writing is this dreamy, magical thing that just sort of flows through them and gives them no trouble at all. The podcast presents writing as something sort of in-between…a job, yes, but a job that sometimes has small spots of magic.

Some of my favorite episodes are those with Stephanie Perkins, Bennett Madison, and Tara Altebrando. And I’m currently listening to Aaron Hartzler’s episode and loving it. I don’t know, guys, they’re all good. I love hearing writers talk about their processes, their inspirations, and their challenges. If you’re into that, This Creative Life is gonna be your new favorite podcast.

Links, Links, Links

-NPR has a list of the Top 100 YA novels (as voted in by readers). I don’t understand their criteria, but whatever, genre means nothing.

-After reading this interview on The Hairpin, I have to read Catilin Moran’s How to Be a Woman.

-You’ve probably heard the terrible news about Tig Notaro’s cancer diagnosis. Obviously I don’t know her personally, but I had the pleasure of seeing her last year at the Comedy Attic and she was absolutely fantastic. I laughed until my stomach hurt. She’s such a ballsy, brave, funny, wonderful comedian and I wish her nothing but the best in her treatment.

Becoming Stephen King on the Awl.

-I’ve been listening to a lot of extra great podcasts lately, including Kulap Vilaysack on the JV Club, Mark Duplass on WTF, and Scott Aukerman on Totally Laime.How Was Your Week was especially good this week, because Julie interviewed Gabe Liedman and Alison Rich, who talked about The Conversation.

Item(s) of the Day(s)

This week I took the opportunity to write about some things I love on Hello Giggles.

-You all know how much I love The JV Club. I took that love public on HG, and I don’t want to brag, but Janet Varney herself may have tweeted me. I just think she and the JV Club are so great, you guys! Check out the post and, for pete’s sake, start listening to the podcast already!

-Another lady I admire is Nancy Pearl, and yesterday I wrote about her amazing book Book Lust. This was a gift from Lexie, who is one of the best gift givers I know. He sees right into your soul, then gives you the perfect present (example: this year he gave me a Jeni’s gift certificate and a picture of Jack Nicholson).

Apparently, I am only interested in books and adolescence. But I kind of knew that already.

Lady Podcast: Totally Laime

Everybody, I have a new favorite podcast! I mean, in addition to all of my other favorite podcasts. It’s Totally Laime, which at first I just liked. Then that like grew into love, which then grew into this sort of weird thing where I need it to be on when I’m driving. I just love it so much! Totally Laime’s hosts are Elizabeth Laime (get it?) and her husband Psychic Andy. In each episode, they “interview” a comedy guest, wherein “interview” means “talk to them about Oprah.” They have amazing, funny guests (Megan Amram, Aubrey Plaza, Paul F. Tompkins, Marc Maron) and also a dog. Elizabeth went to Miami for a year and sometimes she tells stories about it, which I love. She doesn’t even trash talk it, surprisingly (Miami, as much as I love it, kinda wears its faults on its sleeve). Also, Elizabeth and Andy seem to have a great marriage, which I find encouraging because I read a lot of contemporary fiction, which exists only to make us hate marriage. Totally Laime has a really loosey-goosey format that lets the guests talk about things you probably wouldn’t hear on any other podcast. My favorite episodes so far have been Casey Wilson, June Diane Raphael, and Paul Rust. I have a HUGE comedy crush on Paul Rust (uh, have you heard his music?) and this episode just solidified it.

Another fun thing is that Totally Laime uses Blingees, which I am a BIG fan of. Girl, you don’t even know how much I Blingee’d in college. I miss those days.

In case I haven’t convinced you to give it a listen, you can watch the welcome video. Check it out!