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Ladyville Book Club: Rainbow Rowell

Now that I’ve finished all of Rainbow Rowell’s books (even Fangirl, which doesn’t come out for a couple more months, because being a book blogger sometimes leads to awesome perks), I’m sort of depressed. Okay, really depressed, because she doesn’t have any more books I can read. However, I want to channel that reading-related depression into something positive, which mostly means I’m not going to stop until I’ve convinced all of you to read Rainbow Rowell’s books, even if it means I have to literally push them into your hands. Don’t think I won’t do it!

My first foray into the wonderful world of Rainbow was her YA novel, Eleanor & Park. Just like everyone else who read it, I loved it. It was real and romantic, smart and funny, and full of music. Also Park’s dad was repeatedly compared to Tom Selleck, which was a detail I just really loved. After I posted my review, I got a copy of Fangirl and fell in even deeper love. I mean, it might be one of my favorite books ever. It’s about a girl who writes fan fiction. And is a twin. And is in college but really bad at being social. And is in l-u-v with a ridiculously friendly guy (not a brooding guy, not a sensitive bad boy, not a rebel). It’s hilarious and just plain wonderful.

So, naturally, after all that I needed to pick up her adult novel, Attachments. YOU GUYS. IT WAS JUST AS GOOD! Good romantic comedy books can be difficult to find. I’m not saying they’re not out there, because they are, but it’s difficult to sort through the cliches and the generic smut (not that there’s anything wrong with generic smut). It’s always a delight to find a book that’s like a Nora Ephron movie, one that gives you hope and comforts you while also being clever and smart and creating unique characters. That’s what this book does (not to oversell it). Also, Lincoln is great. Oh, Lincoln.

One of the things I really like about Rainbow Rowell’s writing is that she always sees overweight women as people. Yes, sometimes they complain about their weight (just as we all, no matter what we look like, can always find SOME element of our bodies to complain about) but it is not the defining factor of their lives and it CERTAINLY doesn’t make them unattractive or undateable. They don’t have to lose weight to be happy or to get a guy; their weight is just another aspect of who they are. There aren’t a ton of other authors that can do this (although, if you want some recommendations, I would suggest Meg Cabot and Jennifer Weiner).

Also, Rainbow Rowell just gets what makes people attractive. It’s not their perfection or their movie-star good looks; I mean, when you’re in love with someone, you love the weird little imperfections in their face. Their slightly-too-big nose, their ears that stick out, their hair that doesn’t lay flat ever. Rainbow Rowell’s romantic leads have weak chins and widow’s peaks. They feel real in a way that many leading dudes just don’t.

Basically, Rainbow Rowell writes perfect books and I just want you guys to love them the same way I do. Go buy Eleanor & Park and Attachments right now, and FOR SURE get Fangirl when it comes out! And after you read them all, come talk to me about how great they are! Until then, I’ll just be rereading Attachments and getting overly emotional at the ending.

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