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Lady Inspiration: Rebel Wilson

rebel wilson

Have you guys read Vulture’s profile of Rebel Wilson? There’s so much great stuff in there, but here were a few of my favorite quotes:

On contracting malaria:“She was in intensive care for two weeks, and while she was under heavy medication, she had a vision. ‘I hallucinated that I was an actress,’ Wilson recalled now, ‘and that I was at the Academy Awards and I won. I got up and did an acceptance rap rather than a speech, and the crowd loved it. The image was so vivid and strong that when I came out of the illness, I saw it as a sign: I knew I had to become an actress.'”

On her mission statement for Super Fun Night: “‘So one day, I sat down and wrote a Post-it and put it in my Hello Kitty notebook, which I take everywhere. Whenever I feel down, I read the Post-it and remember why I’m doing the show.’
Her Post-it is a kind of mission statement: ‘The bigger purpose in all of this,’ Wilson wrote, ‘is to inspire girls who don’t think they’re socially all that—who don’t think they’re pretty and popular. To let them know they can have fun and exciting lives.’

On her clothes in Super Fun Night: “‘In the pilot, I was deliberately wearing a very tight white dress with horrible crisscross black stripes that is way too short, and I’m holding a clutch purse that is so tiny that it accentuates my size,’ Wilson told me later. ‘The women from wardrobe are lovely, but they don’t get that I want to dress as Kimmie, and Kimmie does not have the best taste. The girls in the show are at the bottom of the social pole, and it’s hard to communicate that to the network. It’s important they understand that comedy is not about looking good.'”

Rebel Wilson is amazing, you guys.