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Screw You, J. Crew

I just spent 45 minutes taking in a boxy thrift store denim shirt so that I could recreate a shirt I saw at J. Crew.

This is the face of a woman who just saved herself $90. Also this is the first post of my new blog called “Screw You, J. Crew,” wherein I just recreate their outfits out of stuff I find for almost free. Seriously, it’s a denim shirt. Give me a break.

Favorite Columbus Places: Sew to Speak

As any young or stylish crafter knows, it can be hard to find cool fabric. That is, fabric that doesn’t look like something you’d see on an Americana wall hanging. There’s definitely a time and a place for that sort of thing, but what about when you want something hip for your curtains, skirts, or pillows? Jo-Ann’s, despite formerly having “fabric” in their name, offers a really woeful lack of fabric diversity. So when I found Sew to Speak I was so excited, and then I promptly spent all of my savings on fabric.
Sew to Speak is an absolutely adorable tiny little shop in Clintonville. It’s packed with patterns for things you actually want to make and fabric you actually want to use. Whereas I tend to wander the aisles of Jo-Ann’s haphazardly, just looking for something I don’t hate, at Sew to Speak I love EVERYTHING. Last Christmas my boyfriend bought me fabric from here, and it was one of the best presents I’ve ever received (he gave me the fabric for the left pillow pictured above; I picked out the fabric on the right).
Here are some fat quarters I bought last week for some wall art I’m making.

If you’re looking to learn how to sew and you need some motivation, definitely stop in to Sew to Speak to pick up some cute fabric. Maybe it will inspire you, OR maybe you will just become a tragic fabric hoarder like me. But it’s really nice fabric, so who cares.
Also check out the Sew to Speak blog, where you can find lots of tutorials and ideas!


I don’t pretend to have a good style, but I certainly have a style. When I was a kid, my mom often told me my clothes didn’t match. The thing was, to me, they kind of did. Fortunately or unfortunately, I take the same approach to decorating my new place. Although I really admire those calm, serene apartments that are all beige and grey and tidy and immaculate, that is so far from anything I could ever maintain. Sure, it would be nice to feel like I’m on vacation all the time, but that’s not my life at all. I want my apartment to reflect my life and my personality, which means I want it to be bright and colorful and kind of rough around the edges and maybe a little bit dirty and also just sort of weird.

Much as I’d like to just plop an Anthropolgie window display in here and call it a day, my nonexistent budget doesn’t really allow for that. That means I’m stuck with thrift stores, the Target clearance aisle, stuff my mom buys for me at auctions, and things I already own. Who wants to accompany me on this thrifty decorating journey? You do? Fantastic! If you said you don’t, I’m sorry, I can’t actually hear you through the computer screen and your refusal to go along with me is going to really derail the direction of this post, so here we gooooooooo…

First things first, I bought this unicorn painting at a Goodwill several years ago for 70 cents. To this day, it remains one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I hung it at (a peeing dude’s) eye level over the toilet, so that anyone who is so lucky to use my bathroom will be reminded that a truly magnificent lady lives here.

I had these bird paintings I bought at T.J. Maxx back when I moved into my last (oh so wood paneled) place. I know, I know, put a bird on it.

Whatever, guys. Anyway, the gold frames were super not doing it for me, so you know what that means….PAINT TIME!!! Painting stuff is the easiest way to feel creative without really doing anything. I’d recommend it.

I chose blue and yellow, because those are My Colors.

This is so much more exciting to me than a gold frame. Am I just too easily excited? We all know the answer is yes.

After seeing this fall garland tutorial on one of my favorite crafty blogs (seriously, check it out. If it doesn’t cheer you up and make you feel like getting out your glue gun/sewing machine/pinking shears, then you have no heart), I got some felt and stitched it up while watching Parks and Rec and New Girl on Hulu. Ta-da! Fall mantel!

That mirror won’t be propped up there forever. I promise.

Lastly, the best decoration by far is a vase of lovely flowers in My Signature Color from my boof.

Thrift Store Find: Crazy Print Dress

One of the best things about learning to sew is that you’ll be able to alter your own garments. You’d be amazed how much your world will open up once you learn to hem or take things in a little. Like this dress, for instance. When I pulled it off the rack at Goodwill, it was floor length and a few sizes too big. For about five dollars and an hour of my time spent shortening it to right-above-knee-length and taking in the bodice a bit, I have a totally wearable dress that I feel like I could find at some hipster store for $50.

Okay, maybe you think the print is a little crazy. But that’s the beauty of thrift store shopping; if I decide I think something is monstrous, I’m only out a few dollars and I can always donate it back or cut it up to use as scraps for another project. I liked the way this dress turned out, though, and guess what? So did a sales clerk at J. Crew! “Your outfit’s really cute,” she told me, leaning over the table of $45 dollar scarves I was looking at with no intention of purchasing.
“It’s from a thrift store. SUCK IT, J.CREW!” I yelled before ripping a scarf in half and running out of the store. Just kidding. I said thanks.