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Badlands: The Most Stylish Movie I’ve Ever Seen About Murderers

Recently I watched Terrence Malick’s Badlands because Alex kept telling me I would like it, and I trust his opinion (but only enough to watch something several years after he recommends it, apparently). He was right! It was great! If you ever want to talk about Badlands (especially the scene with the fish in Martin Sheen’s room, SERIOUSLY WHAT WAS HAPPENING?), I’m available. But until then, let’s talk about how great Badlands looked.

Kit and Holly may be some truly messed up people, but damn it if they don’t always look great. Even when they’re living in the woods and on the run from the law, they still manage to look fly.
badlands woods

Apparently Sissy Spacek was actually in her 20s when she played 15 year old Holly, but I totally would’ve believed you if you said she was 12. Either way, her dresses are pretty amazing.
badlands dress

And, I don’t know, I’d probably wear this dramatic eye look.

Too bad only Martin Sheen is around to appreciate this.

Too bad only Martin Sheen is around to appreciate this.

And speaking of Martin Sheen…

He even looks hot holding a chicken.

He even looks hot holding a chicken.

I mean...

I mean…

I should probably find him less attractive because he’s a murderer. And I hate to play armchair psychologist and diagnose a fictional character (because that is a very boring way to watch a movie), but let’s get real: he’s psychotic. It makes it a little better if you look at this behind the scenes photo of him and Terrence Malick (ol’ Terry!). See? Totally not really a murderer!



But even aside from Martin Sheen being the most attractive murderer ever, this is a great movie. The tone is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, it’s totally weird, and it’s just beautiful. Check out Sissy Spacek’s house, which might just be my dream house (never mind that it meets an untimely end):

And it’s just a truly gorgeous movie in general.
badlands bridge
badlands martin

Badlands is a movie I could watch a million more times and always find something new. What about you guys? Have you seen it? Do you want Sissy Spacek’s weird eye makeup? Is Martin Sheen super hot? That last one was an easy question. You’re welcome.

Lady Style: Kirsten Dunst

Oh, Kiki. You guys know I love her. Not only was she awesome long ago in films like The Virgin Suicides and Eternal Sunshine, but she continues to make weird and interesting film choices.She always looks like she couldn’t care less about what’s happening around her, which is a quality I admire and respect. I kinda feel like she’s the next Parker Posey. Also, her style is bananas in the best way. Typically I don’t feature current, skinny, blonde women on Lady Style because that’s not really my look, but Kiki’s so unconventional that I can’t help loving her.

First off, girl knows how to wear a braid crown and look super-feminine.
kirsten dunst braid crown

But she can also look great in a menswear-inspired look.

She’s clearly unafraid to wear yellow, which I really appreciate. I wear yellow multiple times a week (in fact, if I were Shelby in Steel Magnolias, I would call it “my signature color”), and people reliably tell me that they “just can’t wear yellow.” Whatever, y’all! We can all wear yellow if we believe in ourselves. Look at Kiki in this yellow outfit that looks like a sofa in a good way.
kirsten dunst yellow stella mccartney

And a gorgeous yellow shirt that I covet.
Kirsten Dunst Leaving The Chelsea Handler Show

Oh, and this bold and beautiful yellow dress. You go, Kiki.
kirsten dunst yellow dress

She’s dressed kinda like an 80’s secretary in this outfit that I LOVE.
kirsten dunst long skirt

And then there’s this dress, which totally stole my heart because SO MANY PATTERNS! Apparently it was by Miu Miu way back in 2010.
Kristen Dunst and her boyfriend Jason Boesel enjoy a romantic stroll in SoHo

Mostly what I love so much about Kiki is that she seems to truly not care what other people think about fashion. She rarely wears a bra. She often wears unfeminine styles. She’s doesn’t mind that yellow is commonly regarded as an unflattering color. She’s just doing her, which is a fashion philosophy I can get behind.

Lady Style: Liza Minnelli

liza minnelli
There isn’t a version of Liza that I don’t love. Young Liza, old Liza, in-between Liza…she’s just great. Mostly what I love about her is that she’s always herself. As the daughter of Judy Garland, how could she have turned out any differently? Liza’s always wearing heavy makeup and copious amounts of sequins, and I appreciate that level of drama. Most people would tone down the eye makeup or the sparkle, but not her. She’s just Liza with a Z, you know? Drake might think she’s prettiest when she’s chillin’ with no makeup on, but Liza just does not care (fun fact: Drake wrote that song about Liza Minnelli. Who knew?). She’s just doing Liza.

Just look at this gold dress. Just look at it! So shiny!

Of course Andy Warhol photographed her, because he knew a good thing when he saw it. Why don’t we all wear scarves over our heads as glamorous fashion statements?

PETA would not even mess with Liza for wearing fur because they’d be all, “Girl, you’re too fabulous.”
Liza Minnelli Fur

I’ll really know I’ve made it when I’m wearing a red sequined dress and sitting on Elton John’s lap in a limo. If only, you know?
Liza Minnelli and Elton John London 1983

Liza also stars in one of my favorite-ever romantic comedies, Arthur (not the one with Russell Brand, duh). This movie is truly BANANAS for a lot of reasons. Mainly because the main character is a barely functioning alcoholic and no one ever seems to care, but also because Liza is the love interest. She is quirky with a q, but not in the fun-and-zany-but-still-conventionally-hot way of today’s leading ladies. She’s much weirder than that. For starters, she steals a lot of things and she wears this outfit. I want to live in this movie.
liza minnelli arthur

Of course you would wear a red sequined dress to your wedding, Liza. Of course you would.

Proof that Liza is still amazing: she shot these pictures recently with Terry Richardson. Terry Richardson may be a creepo, but he clearly realizes greatness when he sees it.
liza minnelli terry richardson

And she has a sense of humor, too. Remember when she was Lucille 2 on Arrested Development? I would wear this outfit too, btdubs.
liza minnelli arrested development

I love Liza because her idea of glamour and beauty seems based around her preferences. She doesn’t seem particularly concerned with the male gaze; her look is never sexy. I’ve never heard a dude be like, “That girl’s pretty hot. She’s a real Liza Minnelli type, you know?” although if I did, I would demand we become BFFs immediately. Liza doesn’t look like anybody else, and she makes the most of that. She emphasizes her unique features instead of trying to hide them. She doesn’t try to look “natural” or “demure.” She’s loud and proud and always covered in sequins, and I love her for it.

Lady Tip #9: Scarves, Lipstick, and Big Earrings

Hopefully by now it’s become obvious that most of my “lady tips” are really just “human tips.” I mean, we could all stand to bake something for our guests or self-promote. This tip, though, is really just for the gals (or for guys that dress effeminately, which is definitely okay in my book. Do you!).

95% of the time my look could be described as “disheveled.” And that’s being charitable. Sometimes some of my friends will say nice things about my “style,” and it always cracks me up, because typically I’m wearing an outfit made up of something my mom gave me for my birthday, something my boyfriend bought me for Christmas, something leftover from high school, and something I bought from Target 5 years ago. In addition to that, I slap makeup on my face with all the finesse of an ambitious toddler and my hair resembles a bird’s nest. I’m a mess, most of the time.

But here’s something important: with just a few accessories, you can make it look like you’re trying to be disheveled. You know, like you’re a super-rich Olsen twin or a bohemian hipster instead of just a lazy girl who wears the same cardigan every day. All you need is a scarf, lipstick, and big earrings.

The scarf does a couple of things. First, it hides a lot of your clothing. We’re talking a big scarf, here. Big enough to hide a stain on your shirt if you spilled coffee on yourself (not that I’ve done that). A scarf also says to people, “Oh, this? I picked this up when I was backpacking in whatever foreign country people backpack in.” No one needs to know you just don’t have the constitution to backpack.

The lipstick is important and misunderstood. Just by wearing lipstick, you look like you have it together. So few people wear lipstick that when you do, you look like you’re something special. You’ve done nothing but rub some colored goo on your face, but you’re saying to the world, “I’m confident enough to make my lips an unnatural color. I totally didn’t almost have a breakdown in a Target family dressing room while trying to buy pants last night!” Personally, whenever I see a girl with a bold lip, I think, “Now there’s a gal who has her shit together.” You can make people think the same thing about you. Lipstick commands respect, I promise.

And now for the earrings. The bigger, the danglier, the sparklier, the better. They’re just as great as a scarf, and they also distract people. Much as birds are drawn to shiny objects, so too are people to your jewelry. This is especially true of men; they’re like magpies.

A scarf, lipstick, and big earrings…they’re the difference between looking disheveled and looking like you tried to be dishevled.