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Lady Theme: One Day At a Time

In case you wondered what my childhood was like, there was a summer where I watched 2 episodes of One Day At A Time every day. Yes, every day. I know more about ODAAT than probably anyone else on this Earth, and I’m definitely not bragging about that. But I really, really loved this show and it bums me out that it isn’t really seen as a “classic.” It was groundbreaking…a single mom raising her two daughters on her own! Also, Schneider was totally the original Luke Danes (but a janitor instead of a coffee shop owner).

Poor, poor Mackenzie Phillips.

Lady Theme: Laverne and Shirley

All I’m saying is this is probably one of the best sitcom intros of all time.

But it ALWAYS makes me think of Wayne’s World, which (hear me out!) is a pretty lady-positive movie. I mean, yes, Wayne does treat crazy Lara Flynn Boyle kind of poorly, but the object of his affection (the lovely Tia Carrere) is so fierce.

Something I might as well tell you guys now is that I really, really love Wayne’s World (one and two). “A gun rack? Yeah, right. I don’t even a gun.” It’s classic.