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Lady Tip #10: Visit Your Grandparents

If your grandparents are still here, I hope you’ll take the opportunity to visit them when you can. If that’s not possible, a phone call or a card. About a month and a half ago, I took H. to visit my grandparents because he’d never seen their house. My grandma literally took pictures off the walls to show him and my grandpa, as he always does, told zany stories about experiences that would be horrifying if anyone else talked about them (the Korean War, working in a steel mill, growing up poor, etc.).

A card takes a few minutes to send and costs, like, I don’t know…42 cents? Is that how much a stamp costs now? I don’t know, you guys, this internet connection is really spotty and super-slow so let’s just say it’s 42 cents. It’s so cheap, but it will make them happy.

Oh, and that picture is me and my grandparents. My grandpa was totally not into being in that picture, but look how happy he is! They are literally two of the best people I know and I feel pretty lucky to have them.