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Creative Lady Inspiration: Julie Klausner

“Pam (from The Office) is not intimidating, like one of those women who wears makeup and tailored clothes, and has a good job that she enjoys, and confidence, and an adult woman’s sexuality. There’s nothing scary about Pam, because there’s no mystery; she’s just like the boys who like her; mousy and shy. The ultimate emo-boy fantasy is to meet a nerdy, cute girl just like him, and nobody else will realize she’s pretty. And she’ll melt when she sees his record collection because it’s just like hers….and she’ll never want to go out to a party for which he’ll be forced to comb his hair, or buy grown-up shoes or tie a tie, or demonstrate a hearty handshake, or make eye contact, or relate to people who work in different fields, or to basically act like a man.”

On the serious: Julie Klausner’s book, I Don’t Care About Your Band, actually changed my life. Okay, “changed my life,” sounds a little dramatic, but what I mean is that she changed the way I thought about myself. Her book encouraged me to be a stronger woman, and to not change myself for men in any capacity (whether they be coworkers, friends, or boyfriends). She reminded me that I don’t have to dress like a guy in order to be smart, and if a man doesn’t take me seriously if I’m wearing a dress, then forget him.